Paul Collis


Born in Greater London.
Art school in the sixties.
The next few decades spent at ad agencies creating TV commercials in London, Milan, New York and San Francisco.
Some fishing here, some photography there.
Latest project: The Scottish Movie, a tale of  Shakespeare, Macbeth, theft, revenge — and Hollywood.

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The Wrinkly

The Back Flap

Mike Lewis wants ‘out’. Out of his meaningless career in broadcast sales, out of his shallow relationships with materialistic women, out of the youth-centric, big city rat race. Unfortunately he has no idea where ‘in’ is, until he discovers an idyllic retirement community in Florida that promises a peaceful, sunny life of golf and hobbies. On a whim he signs a contract for a house, and only afterwards does he read the small print: he has to be over 60 to join the enclave. Trouble is, he’s 39.
Painted into a corner, he engages the help of a movie-makeup artist and a gerontologist and cons his way into the club. But, once inside, he finds that paradise also has its share of problems – crime, cross-generational lust, an unforeseen identity crisis…



The New Podler

Sacramento Book Review


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