The Indie Reviewers List

This page provides links to where Indie books are reviewed. If you review Indie books please go here and I’ll add your link to the list.

To be on this list the Indie Reviewer has to be:

  • Actively posting reviews
  • Review eBooks
  • Not charge for their reviews
  • Not be affiliated to a publisher
  • Have submission guidelines in place for an Indie author to submit an eBook
  • Putting a link back to TheIndieView on their site

If someone asks you for a paid review let me know and I’ll take them off the list.

I try to keep the list as current as possible, but if you encounter a site that hasn’t updated reviews for a couple of months then let me know. I’ll take them off the list.

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Prolific Indie Reviewers (alphabetical order)

To get into this category review at least weekly, be honest, fair and free and actively posting links to the Latest Indie Book Reviews Page.

BigAls Books and Pals

Underground Book Reviews

Reviewers NameWebsiteReviews Genre/sSubmission GuidelinesReviews postedDate Added (y/m/d)
A. FaeTruth About BooksAll except non-fiction and erotic fictionReview PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Goodreads2015/02/08
A.C. Haury, S. DonahueThe Snarky BibliophilesAllBook Review GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/11/07
Adrean MessmerSplatterhouse 5Horror, fantasy, YAReview PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/01/02
Aidan WilliamsThe Sports Book ReviewNon-fiction Sports books. "I read and review sports books on all sorts of sports. No fiction books please."ServicesBlog, Amazon, Facebok2014/02/17
AlishaThe Brainy BookshelfParanormal Romance/Urban FantasyWant A Review?Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/02/17
alisha montgomeryThe Bohemian HousewifeAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/11/19
Amanda ClarkMy Own Little CornerRomance, Christian Fiction. "I won't review erotica, horror, westerns or MOST sci-fi and self-help type books"My Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/12/22
Amy RogersScience ThrillersScience and medical thrillersEmailBlog2011/02/20
Andi Schellinger and Melanie MarshFang-Freakin-Tastic ReviewsFantasy. "We will also review science fiction, horror, supernatural, and Paranormal."Book RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/29
Anela DAmid the ImaginaryFantasy, Science-Fiction, Dystopian, ParanormalReview PolicyBlog, Facebook2015/04/10
AnnaRead Between the LinesParanormal, Erotic/Erotica,Dystopian,Steampunk,Urban FantasyReview RequestBlog2014/05/04
Anne GloverRegency ReaderRegency Romance, Historical RomanceReview SubmissionsBlog2012/10/24
Annette GisbyZipper RippersM/M Romance and erotica.
This blog is for Male/Male romance and erotica.

Most genres of M/M or erotica are accepted. Things NOT accepted are vampires, werewolves/shifters etc.
Review/Promo OpsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/08/06
AntScience Fiction and Fantasy Book ReviewsSciFi & FantasyEmailBlog2011/08/07
AparnaDoodles, doodles, everywhereAll ("Genres I love to read:
- Dystopian
- Sci-fi
- Paranormal
- Fantasy
- Horror
- Chick lit
- Clean romance
- Nonfiction (photography/art/architecture/technology/craft books and magazines)
Graphic novels
Illustrated children's books

I don't usually read:
- Mystery
- Crime/Thriller
- Autobiographies/biographies
- Memoirs
- Erotica
- Titles with religious undertones)
Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook2014/03/25
Aparna SinghDoodles, Doodles, Everywhere"Dystopian, Sci-fi, Thrillers, Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Chick lit, Graphic novels, Manga, Manhwa, Contemporary fiction, Romance, Nonfiction (photography/art/travel/architecture/technology/craft books and magazines), Illustrated children's books"Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2015/03/08
AshLady A., Literature Junkie ExtraordinaireAll (except with religious or political content)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/02/22
AshleyAshley's BookshelfAllReview RequestBlog2011/01/24
Ashley AWordsweheartFantasy, YA, Science Fiction, Dystopia , Historical Fiction , Contemporary. "I only read YA books and sometimes once In a while NA, I don't read erotica, or adult books."Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2014/10/22
Ashton, Jodie Rae, Lo, and TriciaFalling in Fall"Falling In Fall reviews from the following indie romance genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, and BDSM."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/09/20
Audiobook ReviewerAudiobook ReviewerHorror, Science Fiction, Zombie, Post Apocalyptic. No erotica. Audiobooks only.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/02/17
BabsBabs Book BistroRomance, Western Romance, Historical Romance, Cozy romance, Cozy mysteriesRequest a ReviewAmazon, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook. 2011/02/20
Babus AhmedAjoobacats BlogCrime Fiction, Psychological ThrillersGuidelines for Submitting Books for ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/07/16
Barbie riccaBarbie the Book LoverRomance, Apocalypse, YA, dystopian, crimeAboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/03/27
BeeWriterbee's Book ReviewsAll ("Science fiction, Fantasy, and Short Stories go to the top of my list, but I will review a little bit of everything, including Poetry. I am not likely to review any Erotica.")Review Request GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari2014/09/19
Bela MontezLivin' la vida LatinaMust be about a Latina/o, written for a Latina/o, and by a Latina/o. See submission page for acceptable genres.Submissions Page2014/06/25
BigAlBigAl's Books and PalsAllSubmission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, and at their option, reviewers may post their reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, and other review sites.2011/05/07
Bob MilneBeauty in Ruins"I primarily review fantasy, but also review action-adventure, horror, and science fiction."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/04/21
BookangelBook AngelAll. "Books will be chosen to review from those submitted to the site. We will only review 15/PG-13/family-friendly books. Good reviews may be cross-posted to goodreads at author request. There is also a free reviews anthology e-zine that comes out on Smashwords. We're currently arranging a trial review column in a local paper to start 2015."For AuthorsBlog2014/12/18
Books On The KnobBooks On The KnobFantasy and science fiction, mystery and suspense. Check guidelines.Review PolicyBlog2011/01/24
Brittany DanielsBookishly BrittRomance, New Adult, Young AdultAboutBlog, Goodreads2014/11/10
Carole StevensGadget Girl ReviewsHorror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, crime, mystery, action adventure. ("Im happy to consider any books and I particularly love dystopian, post apocalyptic genres. ")Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook2014/01/12
Carrie SlagerThe Mad ReviewerAll, Young Adult. I don't review erotica, spiritual or religious fiction/nonfiction, poetry and any unpublished works. I'm open to most genres, but crime, detective and horror fiction are not my preferences.Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/05/17
Catherine GriffinUnlimited Book ReviewsFantasy or Science fiction. Must be available on Kindle Unlimited in the UK. No horror, no erotica, no vampires.Suggest a BookBlog, Amazon2015/01/29
Cathi ShawCathi ShawFantasy, Young Adult Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/13
CathySCath 'n' Kindle Book ReviewsAll GenreEmailBlog2011/11/06
Charlotte CyprusWriting MadnessRomance. "I enjoy romance the most, but I will also accept fantasy and science fiction. No children or Christian books."My BookshelfBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/12/18
Charlotte JainIndieYAYAYA, Middle GradeReview Contact FormBlog, Amazon,Goodreads2014/10/02
Chiquita and White ChicaThe Chiq BlogRomanceReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2014/04/09
Chodi Kid booksChodi Kid BooksChildren's Picture Books (books aimed at up to 2nd grade).My Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/14
Christina EscamillaChristina EscamillaAllSubmission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/07/09
Christy KnocklebyChristy's Houseful of ChaosChildren's, middle-school, historical, nonfiction. No profanity or erotica.ContactBlog, Amazon2012/12/04
Claire WarnerLiterary MusingsAllReview Policy and SubmissionBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/11/19
Courtney BaumanBook Review by Courtney BaumanAll GenreOn WebsiteBlog2012/01/28
CraigCS fantasy reviewsFantasy, speculative fictionEmailBlog2011/07/03
Crystal MarieCrystal's Many ReviewersAllReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/06/05
Crystal RantsCrystal's Random ThoughtsGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and Autobiographies
Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/04/22
Crystal, MargaretBook ExplosionsYoung Adult, mysteries, thriller, suspense and some paranormalHow to Submit!Blog, Amazon2014/06/25
Cynthia SheppCynthia Shepp Book ReviewsI am interested in most genres except non-fiction. I have a fondness for YA and Paranormal, but I also love Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thrillers, Romance…well almost anything really, as long as it is fiction. I am not fond of horror books or dungeons and dragons fantasy books, though I do enjoy some types of fantasy.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, Facebook2012/06/14
D A BaleD A Bale"Thriller, suspense, and mystery are my favorites. I don't do much horror and I'm not a strictly romance reader, though if it is a romance with a mystery attached I'll consider that. No erotica."Interview/ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/02/10
Dan JacksonLand of Children's BooksChildren's BooksReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/05/04
Danielle ForrestThe Eternal Scribe"I'll review paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. My only exemptions are please no children's or middle grade books."Request a Book ReviewBlog, Amazon,Goodreads, Shelfari2013/10/08
Danielle UrbanUniversalCreativityInc14Romance, Cozy MysteryFree Book Reviews for AuthorsBlog, Amazon, Facebook2014/06/05
Delaney DiamondRomance Novels in ColorRomance (specific requirements, read review policy.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/08/25
Denise RaphaelEmpty MirrorWe review mostly nonfiction books (occasionally literary fiction and poetry) which relate to the arts. Music, art, literature, film, biography, memoir, and criticism are all accepted. Ebooks are accepted, though we do prefer printed books. Review PolicySee review policy.2013/03/22
devinair_reviewsdevinair_reviewsDetective, Crime, Romance, YA, fantasy to a certain levelReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/10
DJ SakataBooks and BindingsRomance, Women's Fiction, cozy mystery, contemp, literary fictionReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/27
Don GrantGut Reaction ReviewsI review all genres except romanceMy Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/26
Donna McBroom-TheriotMy Life. One Story at a Time.RomanceReview PolicyBlog
Drue HoffmanDrue's Random ChatterRomance. "My list of favorite authors and book series is too long to list and I LOVE finding little or unknown authors with great stories to tell. I don't always go and grab the most popular or bestselling author."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/08/21
Ebony DreamsEpically RomanticRomance
Other Genre
Romantic Erotica/Erotica
I review all types of romance with the exception of sweet romance and young adult romance (though some exceptions may be made for sweet romances/YA romances).
Review PolicyBlog, and TheRomancereviews.com2011/11/06
EisahOh! LeanderAll. "I like most fiction. I don't intend to take religious literature."Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari2015/01/02
Elena LinvilleElena Linville's Tower of WindsScience Fiction, fantasy, horror, prarnormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.

I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice."
Submission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Facebook2015/01/02
Erica LaneFantasy Book Lane"I will review fantasy (both epic and urban), paranormal, and science fiction."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/11/30
Erin HenriksonThe Reader's Hollow"We review the following genres: Urban Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Horror, High Fantasy, Dystopia, YA, NA, Science Fiction, Mystery, Historical, Steampunk, Thriller & Paranormal.

We don't normally accept erotica but are growing in reviewers every day. What we do NOT accept are children's books, non-fiction & cook-books."
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/08
Ermisenda AlvarezErmilaDystopian, post-apocalyptic, zombie. (I am looking to review more dystopian, post-apocalyptic, zombie themed novels. While I enjoy all genres, I am very specific with my taste in mystery, crime, and fantasy but with dystopian, etc. I am more open to try new types of books. I don't review erotica either or books with heavy religious themes.)Book ReviewsBlog, Goodreads2013/08/11
ESRREat Sleep Read Review"We are a review site reviewing only New Adult and Adult romance. We also accept erotica."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/01/29
Fantasy Book CriticFantasy Book CriticAllReview PolicyBlog2011/01/24
Fantasy MuseFantasy MuseI generally read fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, crime and the occasional romance

I won't review erotica or any other genre not listed above.
Book Review RequestsBlog, Amazon2013/06/13
Fictional Real WorldFictional Real World"I only accept YA Contemporary, Contemporary Fiction, Poetry, Memoir, Literary fiction for review. I don't read or write reviews for Christian fiction.

I only accept ePub formats (my e-reader doesn't support MOBI and pdf copies are uncomfortable to read on it)."
Review and Rating PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing 2015/01/02
GABixlerReviewsBook Readers HeavenAll(At bottom of page)Blog, Amazon, Facebook2012/12/04
GaeleI am, IndeedI review everything BUT Horror or graphically violent novels.Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2012/10/24
Genesis SheliGenGen's Book BlogRomanceReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2015/01/29
GerryGerry B' Book ReviewsGBLT fiction, non-fiction, Canadian history, WesternEmailBlog2012/01/07
GraceBooks Like BreathingRomance, YA, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

Will review erotica, has a strong preference for romance novels--historical, paranormal, western...all forms.
No political or religious books, will accept only certain non-fiction titles.
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Alibris, and LibraryThing2011/07/03
Graveyard RoseThe Haunted Grave BooksI like to review YA best. But I am open to any genre that will spark my interest.Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2013/05/17
Guinevere & Libertad TomasTwinja Book ReviewsFantasy, Science fiction, YA, MG,NA, Chick Lit, Horror, Adventure, Romance. (Our mission is to spread love for Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal and YA books that feature POC, LGBTQ, Differently abled, Plus sized and Alternative Faith in novels.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything2013/11/16
Heena Rathore P.The Reading BudWe review all genre except erotica, political, historical and non-fiction.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/02/22
Helena KendrickLove Reading RomanceRomanceReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/06/07
Henk-Jan van der KlisHenk-Jan van der KlisAll Genre
Other Genre
Religious; business
Contact FormBlog2011/11/06
Hines and Bigham's Literary TrystHines and Bigham's Literary TrystRomance, Fantasy, Erotica. (Love sweet and sexy vampires (not freaky and scary ones), werewolves, shifters. Mix those with an 18+ romance and we definitely want you to send it our way!)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/11/16
Hungry MonsterThe Hungry Monster Book Review"The Hungry Monster Review is a book review blog. Book reviews consist mostly of science fiction, fantasy and horror, but other genres accidentally get gobbled up sometimes when the Monster gets worked into a feeding frenzy. The monster gets distracted easily so the blog is designed to be simple and easy to read to keep the Monster focused. The Hungry Monster is always open to book review requests. He has a craving for anything that fits within the science fiction, fantasy or horror genre and especially enjoys the taste of indie books, self published, or books by new authors."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/05/25
Ingrid HallIngrid Hall"We will review all genres everything from light and fluffy romance to the bizarre and experimental. We review a lot of stuff that other reviewers won't touch!"Review GuidelinesBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2013/09/08
IolaIola's Christian ReadsChristian Fiction (I review Christian fiction and some non-fiction from big publishers, small publishers and self-publishers. Where possible, I also post reviews to and My personal favourite genres are Romance and Romantic Suspense, but I also enjoy a good mystery and speculative fiction.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Other2012/08/01
Iris HunterParanormal CravingsParanormal Cravings is a book review site that features paranormal and fantasy literature including, but not limited to: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, Sci-fi Romance, Alternative Romance, Paranormal Erotic Romance (18+). Please do not submit any novels that would not be classified as such. Any requests that do not fall into these categories will be ignored. I DON'T review: Horror, Sci-fi books without romance!Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
Izy FortressA Fortress of BooksRomance (see submission policy for more details)PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/12/18
J. B. GarnerJ. B. Garner - Musings of a Starving Author"The only things I won't review: Non-fiction and straight up porn. EVERYTHING else is welcome!"Starving Review RequestsBlog, Goodreads2014/10/22
J. David CoreThe Lupa Schwartz Mystery BlogMystery, Science fiction (not fantasy). I am not particularly interested in the horror genre, but I could be persuaded to review a good zombie story. Vampires of the non-sparkly variety might also warrant a review. Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/07/22
Jacqueline DriggersThe Leisure ZoneScience Fiction, western, romance, mystery, paranormalAboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/09/20
Jalyn ElyJalyn ElyYA - "I generally like YA speculative fiction, but I've been known to review anything that catches my eye. Please no erotica, homosexuality, or excessive profanity."Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/04/21
JaneDear AuthorRomanceFor AuthorsBlog2011/01/24
Jane KelseyJane KelseyFantasy, Horror, Dystopian, RomanceReview Policy and ContactBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2014/05/04
January GrayJanuary Gray"All but Romance, Paranormal, Horror and Self-help. I have detailed, but simple Guidelines easy to find on my blog!"GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/11
Jason P. CrawfordBeyond the Curtain of RealityFantsy/Science Fiction. "I'll review just about any sub-genre of the above, but I'm partial to contemporary fantasy right now (so, urban, PNR, paranormal, etc)."Submission Guidelines (top/right of page)Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/10
Jayahree RoyJayasree's: A New Dimension in ReviewRomance, Crime, Religion, Speculative.AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/02/08
Jeff KivelaButtonholed Book ReviewsHorror, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, Psychological/Horror, Dystopian Young Adult, Crime/Legal novels, Contemporary Literatures ( some pre-World War II )Request a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/08
Jeff LeMasterNo End to BooksAll except fantasy, romance, and eroticaReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook2013/05/27
Jeffrey MillerJeffrey Morrow MillerFantasyBook ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, Facebook2013/09/20
Jena GregoirePure TextualityAllReview PolityBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
Jennifer GarciaItalian Brat's ObsessionsRomance, HistoricalReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/01
Jennifer LaFon, Jennifer Harried, Shannon GirardBook Bitches BlogRomanceReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/04/25
JessiThe Book CoveMature YA romance, contemporary romance, supernatural/paranormal, Historical "We primarily review the genres listed. Sometimes something out of those genres pops out and we take that on. Mostly New Adult and Adult aged books. Some mature YA and dystopian YA."Review and Promotion PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/03/11
JessicaJess resides here | ReviewsAll Genre
Other Genre
bizarro, short stories, erotica
Review PolicyBlog
Jessica NottinghamHopelessly Devoted BibliophileScience fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

I'm a very eclectic reader and will give anything a shot, although I don't usually accept non-fiction books.
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari2012/04/04
Jim McleodGinger Nuts of HorrorHorrorReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads,Facebook2013/07/06
Joanie ChevalierJoanie Chevalier"Favorites: Thriller, mystery, crime, suspense. I don't review erotica, torture/gruesome murder."Book Review SumbissionBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, Facbook2015/04/10
John BirdNowhere TribuneNon-FictionAboutBlog, Amazon2015/01/29
John SwensonJohn SwensonScience fiction, FantasySubmission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/01
JP WilderJP WilderHorror, Dark Fantasy Heroic and Epic Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, (No Romance, please) Thrillers and MysteryContact Me for Boo ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Facebook2015/02/10
Just Another Rabid ReaderJust Another Rabid ReaderAll GenreReview PolicyBlog
KarenBook Troll's Real Escape Book BlogYA, MG, Children's, some non-fiction, contemporary, fantasy, some romance, NO EROTICA.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/10/22
Katherine JenkinsKatherine's Corner"I love reading anything and everything! However, I'm not keen on erotica, but I am willing to consider anything."Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2014/08/01
Katrina M WhittakerPage FlipperzAllEmailBlog2011/08/07
Kayla de LeonThe Bookish Owl"Historical Fiction, Young Adult, History"Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/04/20
Kim DyerArkham Reviews"I will review any genre of fiction provided that it is targeted at Young Adults. I also consider Middle Grade fiction so long as it still holds appeal for older readers."About this BlogBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari2014/07/16
Kimber Leigh WheatonOnce Upon a YA BookYA & New Adult only. Adult books (no erotica) can be submitted to the same email/contact form but will be featured on another site, Kimber Leigh Writes, if accepted.PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/11/07
Kitty JonesKitty Jones Bookshelf"Romance, erotica, fantasy, urban fantasy, si-fi, new adult, and really anything that sounds good"ContactBlog, Goodreads2015/04/10
Knightengale BooksKnightengale BooksAll Genre
Other Genre
Historical Fiction, Biographies
Although I will read just about anything, I dislike gore, profanity and graphic romance.
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Lulu or Smashwords2011/12/18
KristenReadfully"Women’s Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction; Clean/Inspirational Romance; Christian Fiction; Mystery/Suspense; Lighter Crime Fiction; Young Adult. I do not read and will not review the following:
Dark/Gory Crime Fiction
Most Fantasy (though some fantasy elements/magical realism accepted)"
Review PolicyBlog, Facebook2015/02/08
Kristen NoelPretty Little PagesRomance, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, and Fantasy. "I'm a huge fan of YA and NA. I usually shy away from reading pure erotica. I'm also open to interviews, guest posts, and giveaways."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything2014/04/09
Kyla AlyannaBook Buddies PHAll except Memoirs, Anthologies, Non-Ficiton, and EroticaReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2014/06/07
Larry EisslerParanormal Author Larry EisslerAll. "Although I typically end up reviewing specific genres of books (usually paranormal being one) I am open to all genres excluding erotica. I prefer not to do erotica because my intentions are to keep this website/blog available to all ages including Young Adult. I will review books with adult themes, but if your cover has a naked man on it there's a chance I might decline."My Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/12/11
Lilaina OsbornOn Writing"I accept adult fiction in the following genres (or any mix of the following)
- fantasy
- historical fiction
- Christian
- science-fiction
- romance
- military"
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/19
Lindy Lu Book ReviewLindy Lu Book ReviewRomance, Paranormal RomanceSubmission instructionsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/08
Lisa and Leann ReavesTwo OpinionsAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/09/19
LucyLucy's Lit Lovin' Blog"I prefer romance books and all sub genres including erotica. Please check out the guidelines for any other genre."Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/05/25
LucybirdLucybird's Book BlogI mainly read contemporary fiction with a little historical, mystery, psychology and YA thrown in. It's rare I accept YA requests as I need to be in the right mood, and the same with chick-lit but will read requests.Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/11/15
M. J. JoachimM.J. Joachim's Writing TipsAllRecommended ReadingBlog2013/06/04
Maria LazarouObsessed by BooksRomanceReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/10/22
MariannaA Lust for ReadingWill review contemporary romance, erotica, new adult romance and historical romance. Not reviewing paranormal romance at this time.ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/07/22
MarigoldVersus BlurbAll. "I pretty much like everything except erotica. I am not in any way adverse to sex in a book (as long as they consenting, I'm okay) I just don't have much of interest in a story that's only about the sex. Having said that, I'm willing to try anything. Maybe one day I'll suddenly like erotica, who knows?"Yes, I'm taking Book Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/12/18
Marii MarreroLa última páginaRomance (Note that blog is in Spanish. They also post their reviews to Goodreads in English.)FAQBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2013/05/17
Mary FanZigzag TimelineI only review books I think I'll enjoy (ones whose blurbs and preview pages draw me in), so if I respond to a review request, it's because I already like what I see :-)AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2012/10/24
Mati RaineSteampunk Sparrow's Book Blog"I read 'All Genre' with the exception of erotica and horror. My favorite Genres are Fantasy, YA, Steampunk, Dystopian and Sci-Fi, but I am always open to look at new books. My blog is not primarily Indie books, but I happily accept submissions from Indie authors."Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/11
Matthew D LorentzenThe Writings, Verse & Reviews of R.R. HowroarChildrens, Middle Grade, and Young AdultGuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Facebook2015/02/22
Melanie SazegarCovered in Books"Don't review erotica or romance. Don't review children's books (YA is OK).
I prefer books with action, adventure and female protagonists."
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/11/10
Merrill R. (Rick) ChapmanRule-SetScience fiction, FantasyGuidelines on upper rightBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/01
Michelle WoodsCranky Author's Book BlogRomance, YA Romance, FantasyReview PlicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2015/02/10
Millie WalkerBook Bird FictionMust be Clean - no erotica. Only YA and teenage fiction please but any sub genre.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/08/21
Miss RikiRefreshingly RikkiNew Adult, Young AdultReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/07/06
MkPopcorn ReadsAll, Young AdultSubmission GuidelinesBlog, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Twitter and Facebook2011/08/07
Morrighan RoseElysian FieldsFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult. "I'm open to read anything, although I tend to lean towards the young adult spectrum. Erotica is fine, as long as it is not on the raunchy, nauseating side. :) "Review PolicyBlog2014/08/13
Multiple ReviewersLong and Short ReviewsAll genresRequest a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/09/20
Nadia SaidPage TrottersYA, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal, Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/01/10
Nagen MurtiThe Indie Writer's SocialAll. "I will review most genres *except* erotica, children’s books, young adults, religious and non-fiction. My favorites are historical fiction, subtle horror (not gore-fests) and adventures – in general, I enjoy good stories with a tight narration."Submit your book for reviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/02
Nathan MercerMovies and ManuscriptsScience fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military, Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, Well written Self-Help, Some Business Topics, Some Young Adult Fiction (See review policy for others)Request for ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/03/01
Nathaniel Dean JamesNathaniel Dean JamesNon-Fiction. "Important note: I do not review fiction in any genre. I only review narrative and linear non-fiction in the following categories:

Politics – (historic and contemporary)
Economics (historic and contemporary)
Military (historic and contemporary)
Science, technology and medicine (historic and contemporary)
History (any period)

As a rule I do not review autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, journals, essays, self-help books or how-to guides."
Reviews-Policy and SubmissionsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/03/31
Nick RossiReading Other PeopleAllReview PolcyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/27
Nikki BennettExplore the world with NikkiTravel and Mythology. "My blog is mostly a travel blog, and I'm interested in any book, whether it's fiction, nonfiction, adult or children's, that has to do with travelling the world, exploring other countries, learning different cultures and mythologies. If I find the book relevant to my blog site, I would love to read your book!"Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/11
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PatriciaRoom With Books"I do not review erotica in any form, but will consider all others."Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/04
Paul LittleLittle Book Reviews
All - "If a book does not grab me then I will leave and move on without writing a review. This is in part because I do not want to jump on the band wagon of easy negativity.

Generally I write a review on and then the inspirational ones get blogged about (which gets linked out to Facebook and Twitter) and the very best will be shouted about from the rooftops!"
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Paula PhillipsThe Phantom ParagrapherAll. "I review most genres and when submitting I prefer reviewers to send a synopsis and then I decide from that to whether or not I will read. I am not a fan of profanity and will take the occasional erotica- heavily depends on the blurb."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/08/21
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Rachael RipponCaravan GirlCrime, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller. I usually won't review non-fiction, but I can be persuaded if the book is something I have an interest in.Self-Published Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/05/17
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Starred reviews are given on the site of the bookseller an ebook was downloaded from (truncated)."
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Samantha SaboviecMagic and MayhemI love adult speculative fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, dystopian, etc. I'm not currently reviewing romance as a main plot, but sub-plots are fine. I won't review body/gory horror, but I love psychological horror. More info on my Review Policy page.Review Policy2013/10/20
Sammy the BookwormSammy the BookwormAll. Profanity will be negatively noted in reviews and erotica will not be accepted.ContactBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2013/04/06
SandieBook Boyfriend ReviewsI generally will review any genre, but there may be a few that I will not.
I do review erotica but will not post nude pictures.
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Sandra JeanzJeanzBookReadnReviewFantasy
Other Genre
I also review YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (but not star trekky ones), Dystopian, Romance, Urban Fantasy, True Life, Memoirs, Biographies,
If books supplied are paperback my dad can review thrillers/action

I don't do Horror, Anime,Manga,Erotica or Graphic/Comic type books
Book Depository
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Netgalley (where applicable)
Barnes & Noble ( if requested)
On my blog of course!
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skywatcherEbooks for AviatorsBooks must be focused on real-world aviation, including space flight. No erotica. We do not include or review books where the focus is not on flying, even if aircraft are included. Within that range anything from flight manuals to thrillers are welcome.We are looking for any books on aviationFAQBlog2011/06/30
Stacey LouisoWriting Down LifeChristian Non-Fiction. Historical fiction depending on the topic. I will not review books containing excess violence, sexual content or based on any dark matters (vampires, zombies, fantasy, etc). Books must have been professionally edited/proofread and be formatted for ebook. No documents or pdf's! Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Facebook2013/06/13
StacyHggBooks UnhingedRomance, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult Romance, I also review EroticaReview Policy & RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/07/22
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Sunday S. SmithA Book a Day ReviewsScience Fiction, Suspense, mysteries, Ya, Light romance, Time Travel. "Light romance - think Phyllis Whitney not Nora Roberts. I will read some fantasy as I loved Lord of the Rings but not a huge fan. I do paranormal but not horror.
Won't do Erotic of any sort - don't even ask - or any speciality books (cooking, art. sewing, birdwatching).
Some non fiction, biographies, political (prefer libertarian bent), memoirs, humor, and almost anything not listed on my will not read list."
Sunday's Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/09/20
Susan Gottfried and/or Jett OstraRock of PagesRock Fiction "At the Rock of Pages, we review Rock Fiction exclusively. We also review books that we think might be Rock Fiction from the description. Yes, there's a definition if you're unsure."Rock of PagesBlog2014/06/07
Susan HauglandA Soul UnsungMainly Fantasy but also
young adult, sci-fi, contemporary young adult, steampunk, paranormal romace, dystopia, horror, urban fantasy. NOT Erotica.
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Sydney PetersThe Cunning Owl ReviewsAllSubmission for ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/09/04
Tamsin delaHarpe, M.A. Leibfritz and Robert deFrankWritocracyAllSubmissions PolicyBlog2014/07/09
The Bit'N TeamBit'N Book Promoters"We love paranormal romance, urban/dark fantasy and anything with supernatural beasties. We don't accept erotica, BDSM, most non-fiction (unless we take an interest) or poetry. We have the right to decline books that have offensive content."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/03/01
The Future Fire ReviewsThe Future Fire ReviewsScience Fiction, Speculative Fiction
"We have a particular interest in feminist, queer, social issues, multicultural works, etc. "
Review PoliciesBlog2012/09/17
The Indie BookshelfThe Indie BookshelfAllSubmit for ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
The Kindle Book ReviewThe Kindle Book ReviewWe have dozens of volunteer reviewers who simply LOVE to read. We review all genres except erotica.Book ReviewsWe post our reviews on Amazon ONLY, although our reviewers are free to post their reviews anywhere upon the author's request.2013/08/27
The Lit RoomThe Lit RoomAll except science fiction and erotica.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon2014/05/25
The New PodlerThe New PodlerSee submission guidelinesSubmission GuidelinesBlog2011/08/10
The Other ShelfThe Other ShelfScience Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Steam Punk (I will pretty much review anything and everything that interests me. I don't review erotica, non-fiction, anything super religious, or political. )Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, Facebook2012/06/08
The Schwartz ReviewsThe Schwartz ReviewsAll genresPolicies and ProcessesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/04/11
TikaFangirl Confessions"I review books ranging from YA and Adult contemporary, dystopian, fantasy, psychological thrillers, mystery, horror, etc. I also read New Adult novels as well."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/09/04
Tina ChanThe Book LandersThe only genre I do not read is erotica.SubmissionBlog, Goodreads2013/06/04
Tony RichesThe Writing DeskAll except erotica and horrorAboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/08/01
TonyaA Book A DayFantasy
Other Genre
sci fi, romance, mystery, historical fiction
Review PolicyBlog
ToriThe Reading PileRomance, historical romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance and urban fantasyReview PolicyBlog, Facebook2014/12/07
Tracey LampleyBook MistressRomance, mystery/crime fiction, YA. "I won't review Erotica, Horror or Christian Fiction"Review RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/01/12
Tracy RivaTracy RivaAll except westerns. Love YA and Urban FantasyGuideline for ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2012/08/01
UnderYourGrace/AshleyPerks of being a Late Night ReaderAllReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2014/11/19
unorthodox Mamaunorthodox MamaI review anything but romance.
I prefer science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, historical fiction, children's books, and YA fiction.
Review GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads,2012/10/24
UrthwildDarkness BeckonsHorror, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction. "Any work of speculative fiction, and any Steampunk or Bizarro books. I will not review paranormal romance."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/17
V DzdzsreviewsAll GenreContact WebsiteBlog
Valencia LeeTrulee V's SpotAllReview Policy & DisclaimerBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/10/20
Valerie HarmonChildren's e-Book Reviews and Thoughts on WritingChildren's Picture Books onlyReview GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/06/12
Vickie RamageUnder the Mountatin"Teen/YA. I also consider sci-fi/fantasy books. Please, no other books that do not fit into the genre I've stated. Thanks!"Request a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/11
VictorThe Prometheus ReviewAll including non-tiction. No erotica, and nothing which deals issues that may offend readers.AboutBlog, Amazon, Facebook2013/04/06
Voracious ReaderVoracious ReaderAll except eroticaReview RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/01/10
WebbWeaver ReviewsWebbWeaverAll inc., Para. Romance, Para. Fantasy, Y/A Para. Y/A, Thriller, Para. Thriller.
No erotica, no poetry, no epics
Review PolicyBlog2011/07/03
Wesley NixonThe Madness of WritingAll except no Non-fiction, and especially no Erotic. "I will ignore any requests for non-Fiction book reviews.
I absolutely will not review Erotic. Be very careful on this because what some people consider Romance, I would consider Erotic. Basically, if it were made into a movie and couldn't be rated PG-13 or lower, don't submit it. I will stop reading and destroy your book in reviews.
Other than those two things, I'm very easy to please.
My favored genres are Fantasy first, then Sci-fi, so if your book falls into one of those genres you will likely get a favorable review."
Tuesday Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, Facbook2014/12/07
Will MarckWill MarckSci-fi, humor, horror, dystopian, technothriller, futuristicReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/10
Young Adult Novel ReaderYoung Adult Novel ReaderAll Young AdultReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, Facebook2012/06/08

Disclaimer: I get nothing from the above reviewers, except the pleasure of seeing their work succeed.

470 responses to “The Indie Reviewers List

  1. The site is looking good Simon. Please feel free to add my site to the list of people that are happy to do Indie reviews. I also interview new authors.


  2. Thank you for including us! Our hope is to highlight all of the wonderful independent bookstores people can visit.

    • My pleasure Kim. Please spread the word about the list through the independent bookstores. I know that many of the independent bookstores have blogs or websites. Thank you for your reviews of Indie books.

  3. This is a very helpful list. Thanks for taking the time to pull all these sites together in one place.

  4. Holy cats! I was literally just wishing for a list like this. Thank you!

  5. This is a class list! Thank you, thank you, Sam I am.


  6. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for this great list, which I discovered because it is sending traffic my way, thank you. Regarding my own Kindle Nation site at, I appreciate being included, although I should say that we rarely do reviews. What we do are sponsorships, and in the course of it we often say positive and truthful things above and beyond the copy submitted by an author or publisher, but we always identify a sponsorship as such so that nobody will think they are reading an objective review.

    All that being said, I wonder if you would mind if I included your list on our indieKindle site and newsletter for authors and publishers at, as a resource. Of course I would link back to you.

    Steve Windwalker

    • Steve,
      Good to see that the page, and its intended purpose, is working. Kindle Nation is a fantastic site and a great resource for Indie writers. As soon as my book is finally ready I’ll be taking one of your Gold Sponsorships. A rare review is still a review. Frankly, putting out up front that you have sponsorship is refreshing, and that’s why you’re on the list. A link to the list from your site would be great and much appreciated.


  7. I review 1-3 indie books per week over on my site, would love to be added. Thanks, Simon!

  8. You said to let you know if review sites charge. Well, I contacted one excellent site with a superlative reputation: Midwest Book review. And they wrote back that they charge $50 for a Kindle review.

    They are so well thought of that it’s worth it to me. But still…

  9. Hi,

    I’m number 57 on your list up there, SFandFantasyReviews.blogspot, and Unfortunately I now do not fit the criteria for this list. I’m still free, and I still review Indie books (although I do non-indie books as well). I’m still actively reviewing. In fact, Starting next week, I’m planning on ramping it up to two reviews per week.

    But I don’t do eBooks. I don’t know if that’s a new criteria, because I don’t remember it, but since the majority of my site’s traffic comes through this site, I was hoping you could make an exception? I do leave a review on iBooks…

    I understand that it may not be possible, but I hope it is. I think that this is a great, and helpful list, and thank you for including me on it thus far.

    Adam Bourke

    • I’d be a real meanie if I cut off the majority of your traffic now wouldn’t I? So I am going to leave you on the list – I’ll make a comment that you cannot review ebooks but have stepped up to reviewing two books a week.

      And Adam, thank you, on behalf of us indie authors for what you do – without people like you, we’d all still be struggling to get the word out. So thanks and I hope the traffic builds for you even more – in fact I’m sending you the indieview guidelines so that you can be indieviewed and increase your traffic :) Have a great day.

  10. I recently received a review from a blogger who is not listed on your site. I’ll contact him and give him your link and let him initiate contact.
    Thanks for doing so much for the indy authors.

  11. Thank you! What a time-saver!

  12. charge $35 for reviews.

  13. Hi Simon!
    Just thought I’d add my thanks to that of all the other indie authors who must be foaming at the mouth to get hold of a list like this! It’s really going to help me out with my promoting, which often seems to guzzle time out of my life. I got here via a link from Dave Gaughran’s blog – he’s a newcomer with some interesting stuff to say about his self publishing journey, hopefully he’ll send a few more eager newbies (like me) here, to the betterment of all! Wow. So betterment really IS a word…

  14. Hi! Just wanted to point out that when I clicked I got a page that says the site has now moved to

  15. Hi Simon

    Just to say thanks for this list of indie reviewers, its indispensible!

    Catherine :-)

  16. I have several comments here.
    First thank you for this list.
    Second if anyone on her wants to be a part of my book blog tour and do reviews they can email me at if this is ok. if not I understand.
    Third I want to be a part of the indie authors list. Do I approach the reviewers or do I request through you? My book is non fiction paranormal ebook

    All of this is just GREAT!!!

    Thank you

    • Hi Bertena,

      Thanks for the kinds words. To get on the Indie Authors List, as it says, you need at least 1 three star review from one of the reviewers listed on the Indie Reviewers List. If you have this, then head over to the Join menu on the right side bar. If you do not, then you’ll need to contact the right reviewers for your type of book, follow their submission guidelines and wait to get your book accepted for review by one of them. Best of luck, Simon

  17. Hi Simon,
    you’re offering a great service for us indies.
    Here’s another excellent review site for your list (well, they liked my book… ) The New Podler. They post a review every week or two.

    Paul Collis.

    • Thanks Paul,

      I’ll add the new podler and see if they want to post to Latest Indie Book reviews. Bit pressed for time at the moment but I’ll be adding your review a little later today. I also have about 15 reviewers to add. Never enough time in a day…

  18. What a great site! I am in a quandary; as a self-published indie writer, like many of us denied by Big House publishers who do not want to take chances , I am in search of reviewers. My book is fiction; black market antiquities traders in 1960s Italy. It has all the elements–love, hate, duplicity, revenge, murder, infidelity and contains the history of Etruscans and early inhabitants of pre-Roman Italy to set up the reader for the grave goods found in cities of the dead. It is an exciting read from all reports, and I would be very happy if a reviewer on this esteemed list would offer to take a read and comment. If someone sees this post, kindly contact ANITA F> VENEZIA author Crosswinds at Campo Carcasso.

    • Hi Anita, thanks for the compliment. Your book sounds very interesting, however, waiting for reviewers to contact you for a review is setting yourself up for a very long wait. Most, if not all, of the reviewers on this list have a TBR queue that is longer than the River Nile and none, to my knowledge, have ever written an author asking to review their book.

      If you want reviews I suggest you start emailing, personally, each of the reviewers who are likely to accept. Read their submissions guidelines carefully and then write about 30 emails. Address each personally and mention the reviewers site personally – an impersonal mail merge is NOT going to stand out enough for a reviewer to accept.

      Good luck!

  19. Simon, I could not find Babs World of Books anywhere, I kept getting redirected and ended up with ‘this website cannot be found’. Just to let you know.

    • Hi Catherine, Thanks for pointing that out. Babs has changed the name of her site to Bab’s Book Bistro. We’ve updated the links and got the universe back in alignment – thanks again :)

  20. There’s something fishy about Daily eBook Reviews. They solicit your email address and your joining their newsletter. Then they ask you to confirm by clicking a link to an incoming email that invites you to join a contest to win 1 million euros. Sounds spammy to me and I backed out.

    • That sounds ugly. I’ll check it out – thanks for the heads up. [EDIT] Update after checking it out.
      James, I checked out the link as it is in the database and I subscribed to the newsletter. I got a totally legitimate email and link back. No lotteries or scams. Site looks 100% genuine indie to me. Probably you have a redirect virus or worm happening within your own system. Check it out. Good luck.

  21. Hi! My listing only says I post to my blog but I post to Amazon and Goodreads as well as a matter of course, other sites on request. I can’t see how to change it. Would you mind updating for me?

    • Information is taken from the submissions page on your blog – however will update for you on the weekend. Probably should change the form to include this item :)

  22. I filled out the form a while ago (maybe a week?) but have not as of yet heard anything. I do book reviews for Indie and Self-Published authors @ Please add me to the list! (We do fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror).

  23. Really useful site, thanks for putting it together Simon

  24. Looks like the link to Red Adept is broken.

  25. Thanks so much for this list.

    I’ve invested so much time into publishing my books with a professional level of editing, art design (getting a redo for first two covers, this time w/ a pro), etc., that I haven’t done much legwork in marketing. I am grateful for a list of vetted reviewers. A gift!

    Looking into the future, reviewing “good” ebooks is one of my plans for an upcoming blog. I wrote Sunday book reviews for the Des Moines Register in a previous incarnation and had a book review column in a regional mag. I love reviewing (sometimes more than writing my own books) and realize just how important it is to have sites where readers can trust reviewers to steer them away from poorly written books. Cheers!

  26. I also do author interviews and book reviews. Please add me to your list as well!

    I review science fiction, fantasy, chic lit, anything with an amusing plot line. I do not review anything with excessive violence, sex etc. All my reviews have a section for cautious readers and I don’t like posting anything that would make my mom too uncomfortable.

    Here’s the link to my guidelines:

  27. I’m just about ready to publish an ebook, and am so thankful for this site. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for doing this.

  28. FYI:

    While the 4 sites you list up front under “Prolific Indie Reviewers” are indeed prolific (and kudos for that!), indie authors might also be interested to note:

    1. BigAl’s Books and Pals: Has not been “accepting unsolicited review submissions” since May 17, 2011.

    2. Candy’s Raves: Has a backlog of over 90 books to review as of September 25, 2011.

    3. TC Booked Up: States at the end of his review guidelines, in bold, “Please note I am not presently accepting new requests.”

    4. Wading Through Electronic Ink: Reviews only “YA fantasy/paranormal novels”.

    In other words, these sites may be of limited use to general eBook authors at present.

    However, I look forward to perusing the rest of your list…

    …and thank you for compiling it and providing such a valuable resource.

    • Hi Foxtrot,

      Yes your observation is true, however the list is also for readers and at the moment the reviewers listed are the only one’s who fulfill the criteria for “Prolific”. There’re another 131, reviewers on the list. One of the challenges with the list is the speed with which reviewers come and go, and the speed with which their TBR queues fill up.


  29. This site does not review self-published works.

    • Thanks for the notice, Stan. Just removed them – people change… We check the site’s review policy at time of inclusion in the list and then rely on our readers for notice that they have changed – so thanks again for letting us know :)

  30. Just to let you know, Allie is no longer reviewing books, either.


    • Thanks, and keep ’em coming. The goal is to keep the list as current and accurate as possible – the good news is that I have ten reviewers waiting in queue to join the list :) You lose some, you gain some…

  31. Hi, I have a new blog for reviewing books (focus on Indie) and short fiction. I filled out the form to be added a while ago, and I wondered how long it took to be added to the list.

    Great concept!!!

    • Hi Ravenous,

      No fixed time on that it depends purely on when time is available. Usually we wait till we have a block of ten to add (which is now) and then update. Soon and thanks for your patience.

  32. Marina Scott, Writing Unhooked, appears to be deleted by the authors and I did a Google search of the blog name to see if it maybe moved, but no dice. Just trying to help curate. It was a random first click.

  33. Thanks for adding me! If I ever start having links to other sites on my blog, I’ll be sure to add yours. :)

  34. Simon: I was hacked and lost over 2/3 of my site. Here’s a new link to my review policy.

    Also, I’ll post reviews to Amazon, GoodReads, Smashwords, and B&N. Right now, you have me listed as only posting to my blog.

    Thanks for the update and for all you do!

  35. I would like to take my name off the list? How do I do that?

  36. sandra gardner

    Just discovered your group on Absolute Write Water Cooler. Is there a way I can get my new cozy mystery, MOTHER, MURDER AND ME, reviewed by one of your reviewers? It’s just been published by a small, indie publisher, Swyers Publishing, and is now available on, B&,, and from the publisher. ps you can read more about the book on one of those sites or on my face book page: Sandra Gardner (
    Sandy Gardner

    • “Is there a way I can get my new cozy mystery, MOTHER, MURDER AND ME, reviewed by one of your reviewers?”

      We do not have any influence over what reviewers read and review. All we do is list where they are. The best way to get your book reviewed is to find those on the indie reviewers list who might want to review your book by writing to them and asking them.

  37. This list is incredibly useful. Thank you so much for compiling it and sharing it with us indie authors.

    That being said, I approached
    for a review and they replied that they now charge $7.99 — although they offered to do mine for free because I approached them “before the change” (I approached them today and the email felt automated) — and then they evidently list your book on their website for sale with you “keeping all the profits”.

    Although I could easily be wrong, this doesn’t quite feel “right” to me. Needless to say, I politely declined their invitation.

    In any case, I thought you should know.

    And thank you again so very much for the obvious time, effort, and attention you put to this. Greatly appreciated.


    • Yes, looks like they have changed and are charging – they will be removed immediately.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  38. Hi, just stepping into this… have set up a review blog for bizarro only. Would you mind including on the list? Thanks!

  39. Hi,
    I cannot thank you enough. Literally within minutes of applying to one of the reviewers listed I got an offer to review my 4-book series! Now this might be for several reasons, but I would like to think that this reviewer liked the look of them. Thank you so much for this list, its biggest strength is its currency.

  40. What a great service! Thanks so much~

  41. beth thompson

    I am an indie author and would love to put my book in the hands of a reputable e-book reviewer. Any suggestions or tips? Many thanks for your time. Beth

    • Beth,

      That’s what this list is for. The definition of reputable may be open for interpretation, but all of those on this list appear to be. (If anyone finds that not to be the case, let us know.) Each reviewer has different submission policies, but you can search the list for those that seem to be a good fit for genre (or accept all) and follow their guidelines or policy which is linked in the list.

  42. First, thank you for the great and very helpful list!
    One nitpick: the list would be even more helpful if the view didn’t default back to the first page and the 10-at-a-time view, every time one uses the browser’s (at least, Chrome’s) Back arrow. (A few of the links opened in a new window, which made things much easier — but most didn’t.)

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Karen. I’ll look into this. At a minimum, if some links are opening to another tab I should be able to get them all to do that.

  43. How do I get my books reviewed on this site?

    • Stacy,

      This site doesn’t do reviews, although we do have our IndieView feature (the majority of the posts you’ll see on the home page) that are a combination of interview and book promotion. If you’re interested in that, email and say you’d be interested in doing an “IndieView.” However, the page you commented on has links to a couple hundred review sites that either specialize in or open to reviewing books the are independently published. The list is provided to help author’s find review sites that might be willing to review their books.

  44. Another excellent review site for your lists. Thanks for taking the time to compile all these sites together in one place. It’s such a big help for those indie reviewers.

    Science Fiction Book

  45. My review guidlines for indie/self-published authors has changed. The genres accepted are now as follows: non-fiction, crime, mystery, thrillers (including medical thrillers), action/adventure, dystopian, zombie, suspense, espionage/military and sci-fi with a strong science/technology/medicine focus

  46. This is a wonderful thing you’re doing here, and an exceptionally useful list.

    Below are some observations that may help you maintain it:

    – Anagha Uppal and Ana Uppal are one and the same person, but she appears twice
    – Jane Kalmes (Indiebook Podcast) may not be active any more: last post is dated March 2012
    – L.E. Olteano – neither of the two links in the entry resolve in a website
    – Malachi comes up as a ‘private blog’ and requires a log-in
    – Pavarti K Tyler – the review policy link resolves in ‘page not found’ whereas the main link works but nothing on her website suggests that she’s still reviewing books
    – Rebecca Abey – review policy link resolves in dud page
    – Red Adept – review policy link resolves in 404 not found; main link announces the end of the blog in March 2012
    – Lisa ( – resolves in a generic ‘contact support’ page

    Hope this is of some help and wish you all the best.

    Many thanks

    • Thanks, Sebastian. I knew about Red Adept and should have caught that before now. I’ll investigate and fix the others as appropriate.

  47. Sorry, just also noticed that the link to the review guidelines is out of date for Tomes of the Soul. The static page is now:

  48. 1. Thank you SO MUCH for this resource. It’s wonderful and your work is greatly appreciate.

    2. FYI: The website for Abbey of Bittersweet Books states that as of 6/20/2012: they are “NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING BOOKS for review.”

    • Thanks Elias. Regarding #2, we don’t try to keep up with who is currently accepting or not accepting books, because, depending on the way that particular blogger handles such thing, it could change very often.

  49. Raymond Shevsky

    Thanks for the info, but I fear that much of it is already out of date. I contacted a lot of the listed indie reviewers with my new novel “The Legend of White Eagle”, and have not received a single review, despite providing free copies. I expect that most if not all are swamped with requests, but many seem to have quit reviewing altogether for some time!

    • Raymond,

      I can guarantee most, if not all, are swamped. No reviewer will be able to review every book submitted or will be interested in reviewing every book where they receive an inquiry, depending on their submission policy. However, if there are some on this list that are no longer active, I’m interested in knowing which ones so they can be removed from the list.

  50. Nanette Bradford

    I would like to get started reviewing books. how do i go about setting that up?

  51. Hi,
    Sorry to be a downer but we are no longer accepting books for review. It became too much too quick so we shut our site down. Please delete my listing so no one gets confused.

  52. I have just signed up to the indie list and I am accepting all genres of books to review. Please send an email to with when you need the review by and if you would like a copy of the review. If for what ever reason I stop reviewing books I doubt this would happen but if it does I will contact all of the authors on my email list to let you know. Thank you for reading this and look forward to working with you in the near future.

  53. I just wanted to thank you for this site–it is a gold mine of review opportunities for Indie authors that are trying to get out there. :-) I was able to submit many requests that were listed all here in one handy place.

    Thanks a gazillion!

  54. My book review blog is one of the Indie reviewer blogs on your list–for which I am greatly appreciative. However, I would like to update the categories that I am currently reviewing. How do I do about this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gerry B.

  55. Hi Guys, amazing work here. I’ve sent my material to some reviewers and waiting for feedback. Want to say Ana Uppal (above) doesn’t work. Link not successful. Check it out. And check out my stuff just for a read, worth knowing I’m an Indie Author. Hope to have another reply as soon as I get reviewed.

  56. I would love a book review from you! My name is Robyn Hill, and I am an author on Amazon Kindle with a 5 star review status. My number one book is a pre-teen read, beginning with grade 4, but even adults love it. It is a magical bubblegum adventure through several fun, delicious and hilarious mishaps. I have included the smashwords link where I offer it free of charge.
    Here is my Amazon Kindle Link
    I have also included an attachment and would love a review. :)
    Here is GRUM! facebook page as well.

    • Robyn,

      We don’t do reviews here. This is a list of reviewers that you can potentially submit your book to for a review

  57. Hello Simon,

    Just to let you know that for the time being I am not accepting review requests for the enovella review.



  58. According to her guidelines Ana Uppal/Book spark is no longer accepting ebooks.

  59. On 10-Sep-12, TC Booked Up was stating that she was not accepting new books for review (for an unspecified period) due to back-log.

  60. o9.22.12
    This author very much appreciates your maintaining this list of reviewers. Have been through the first 100 names. How do I access the remaining 85-150?

    • John, I’m guessing you’re seeing the first 100 by setting the number displayed at a time to 100. To go to the next 100 (or back to the previous 100) use the little buttons with arrows just below the bottom right corner of the table displayed.

  61. Could you please update my listing regarding the genres I accepted at my site, as we’ve never accepted all genres. Like the submission guidelines box, could you have genres listed as “Please visit website” or your standard message?

    If this is possible, thank you, I’d greatly appreciate it because I receive a high number of requests referred from your site who see “all” here and never read my guidelines apparently so I have to reject the majority of them as they fall outside our acceptances.

    • Red, I’ve updated including changing the link for your submission page. Thanks for your suggestions as well. This was something on my list of changes I was considering and your comment validates my thinking on the need for that change.

  62. The Bookhound’s Den states on the main page that he is not accepting any books for review. The last post on the blog is January 27, 2012.

    • Thanks, Becki. Although I won’t drop someone from the list if they are currently closed to submissions, because that is constantly changing with many bloggers, a situation like this where they are no longer actively reviewing, is another matter. I’m removing this reviewer from the list. Thanks for letting me know.

  63. Melissa Ringsted

    Hello! I run There for You. I’m sorry, but could you please remove me from the list? I’m unable to review. Thank you!

  64. Admin,

    I have asked twice without a response as to whether or not it is possible to access the names of the reviewers in addition to the 100 available on this Website. I understand there to be 85+ additional ones. I have been through the list of 100 and have found it very useful.

    Also would appreciate knowing what other lists are available regarding the romance, literary and general fiction genre and what category-genre contemporary love stories are assumed to be in.

    John Henry Brebbia

    • John, I responded in the comments to your question the last time. What I said then is below:

      “I’m guessing you’re seeing the first 100 by setting the number displayed at a time to 100. To go to the next 100 (or back to the previous 100) use the little buttons with arrows just below the bottom right corner of the table displayed.”

  65. Admin,

    Received a duplicate notice when asking for names of remaining reviewers on the list in addition to the first 100. Is this message getting through to you?

  66. Hi. I’m on the list under The Peacock Flock. However the name of the website is actually “Danielle. Wife. Author. Mother.” Not just “Danielle” as it currently states. If you could please change that? Thank you.

  67. Hello there!

    I wanted to make sure I was at the correct website. I am trying to have my books reviewed and hopefully to deliver more traffic to my website or possible book purchases. Please let me know if I am in the wrong site. :) I do appreciate your time.

    Thank you.

    • John, the page you were on contains a list of reviewers who meet specific qualifications (or at least did when added to the list).

      1) They’re willing to review books by “indie” authors.
      2) They’re actively reviewing books on their website or blog.
      3) They don’t charge for reviews.
      4) They have a page that outlines their guidelines for submitting a book for review.
      5) They’re willing to accept books in an electronic format for review (don’t require a paper book).

      We don’t do reviews on this site (more about that later), but are a starting site for you to find reviewers from the list who *might*. It is up to you to look at the list, find those who based on the information we give appear to be a good fit for your book (most listings have genre preferences), and look at their submission page for additional information and details and, if all looks well, follow their submission policy.

      One thing I should note is that book blogs are constantly closing and then reopening for submission. Different blogs have different policies. We don’t remove a review site from our list that is closed to submission and add them back when they reopen because, depending on the blog, this could be happening often.

      Although we don’t do reviews on this site, we do interviews with authors and reviewers which serve to promote one of the author’s books or the review site. If you (or any author or reviewer reading this) is interested in doing an interview email me at expressing your interest.

  68. This website is no longer running thought I’d let you know so you can take it down.

    Thanks Adele

  69. To whom it may concern

    I am an artist working on an ebook on the internet everyday since 3rd September 2012. I have been working quite passionately on it, so I am looking for indie ebook reviewers to perhaps review my humble blog.

    Feel free to contact me at my email address (it’s public so feel free to share it) listing above for any questions and whether or not what I am soliciting is possible.

    Thank you for your time.
    Chris Polydorou.

    PS I am also on twitter @EatArtDaily
    PPS And I have a wisdom blog on tumblr but that’s just stuff I’d normally write on Post Its and litter my art studio

  70. Thanks, Simon!! I’m really finding a whole new set of bloggers here to email about my new book here :)

  71. the following URIs in the list (retrieved Nov-18 2012) are dead:
    All Book Reviews;;;

    • Thanks, pjwakawak. One of them (darksideofthecovers) tried to open up, but my virus detector cut it off part way. That’s good enough for me. I deleted the first three. The last one, they’re still there, but the submission page was changed and the link broken. I’ve fixed that.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  72. Hi,

    I am a writer and independent publisher. I encouraged writers of all ages to publish works written for children and am looking for reviewers to review some books.
    I notice that some reviewers mention that they review all genres, some mention young adult, and yet others mention the various genres that they prefer. I wonder if there are any on this list that review children’s categories too. If so, I would like to submit these books for review.

    By the way, I must say that this is a great list to have online. It makes life so easy for indies like us.
    Thanks a ton!

  73. Hi Admin,

    By mistake I added my email address in my first post. Can this be edited?


  74. This is a wonderful blog. I am glad that I have found it to help with my book submissions.

    Thank you,


  75. Dear Admin,

    Are there any reviewers who would be interested in reviewing books written for or by children? Please let me know via email. :)


    • Novella, you need to look over the list yourself and contact each reviewer that looks like a possibility. We only maintain the list.

  76. Hi Simon,
    This is brilliant. Two things — as I’m going through it I’m seeing it needs some updating as several have stopped. Do you want me to mark which ones to let you know? Also the when I click to any of the sites and come back, I wind up on page 1 of the site. That’s kind of clumsy.

    • Yes, Marion. If you find any of these are no longer reviewing or fit the other criteria (accept ebooks as submissions, willing to review indie/self-published books, or charge for reviews), we want to know about it to investigate and remove them from the list. Just comment here or email

      • Hi Simon,
        Just want to let you know I am going through this and will write you with the results of who is no longer doing reviews. It might not be a complete list as I’m only looking at pages that look like potentials for my work. Also I’m noticing that sometimes when I click on a site, I lose the Indie Review link. When reload it I have to find where I left off which gets to be kind of a pain.

        • Thanks, Marion.

          Can you give me an example of the last thing you mentioned? I think I know what that is and what I’ll need to do to fix it, but want to make sure.

    • Mike, you need to contact the reviewers on this list that appear to be a good fit for your book individually. Their requirements for getting reviewed vary, so follow the link to their submission policy to determine which might potentially review your book and how to go about submitting your book for review to each.


  77. Waw! This list is incredible. I don’t even dare to imagine what time it would have taken me to find all these review sites. Wonderful job. Thanks.

  78. Someone posted your site on Twitter for me. Trying to get the word out about my husband’s new series The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource for indie authors!


  79. Wading Through Electronic Ink is no longer accepting books for review.

    • Thanks, Tracey. I’d removed them from the main database, but neglected to do the same in the “prolific” list. I’ll take care of that now.

  80. We are now accepting YA Christian fiction at our new review blog!

  81. Just landed here so haven’t touched the list yet, but had to give you an acknowledgement and big thank you for putting this together. My husband and I do everything ourselves (from creating the products to designing our web sites) so any outside help is greatly appreciated. :)

  82. Great list of book reviewers. Getting someone to review your book in a timely manner is sometimes a uphill battle. Hopefully some of these reviewers will consider my book.

  83. Hi Simon,

    Thank you so much for the list. What a wonderful job you are doing! I just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated. I just published my children’s ebook on Amazon and was struggling to find people to review it. When I came across your site, my book review prayers were answered. Thank you again! Have a wonderful weekend.


    Link to Amazon:

  84. Hi,

    A fantastic list but I am overwhelmed by the numbers. And still they grow! I write little ‘eBooks’ of vignettes/short stories/parfables/fictional essays and publish on Amazon, Kobo etc under the name of B F Moloney. I really enjoy what I do but I’ve got an uncomfortable feeling they defy genres and as a result are unreviewable. On saying that, would any reviewer out there like to have a crack at it? It might be challenging. Thanks for the great site.


  85. My eyeballs hurt. Spet the past four hours going through all 213, filtering for genre, availability and posting to Amazon (my desired launchpad), etc. Ended up with 21, which, considering, isn’t bad.

    But if you hadn’t put this list together I’d still be four hours in, Googling my ass off and would have submitted to maybe 5.

    Thanks a ton for this resource.

  86. my name is karl allen. My book ‘the golden virtues of jesus christ’ was origionally published by trafford publ feb 2010. but later by createspaceit is sold on amazon. i recently received 2 amazon reviews a 3 star, and recently a 5 star review. i would like to receive more reviews for my book. please email me if you can assist me in this. thanks for your kind consideration, karl allen.

    • Karl, posting this here is unlikely to get attention. Going through the reviewer list and contacting those who appear to be a good fit for you book is more likely to bear fruit.

  87. Hi! Great job with the list!! I added my name and website/blog a while ago but still no listing, just wondering if my changing from to would affect? How could I change that? Thanks so much!!

    • Shamira, I need to catch up submissions to the list for the last week or two, which should happen in the next few days. If it has been in that time frame then I’ll look out for it and adjust the links accordingly.

      • Hi, I hate having to bother you again – so sorry! but I can’t find my site listed and I havn’t had review requests coming in even though I know there are many out there – I am very keen to help indie authors and I am able to do reviews on several sites. Please let me know if I didn’t fill in anything properly or you need more info or something. thanks!

  88. Thank you for the list. An easy way to get started in just one spot.

  89. You have a million messages all saying much the same – thank you for the list. You probably don’t need another. But let me add mine – thank you. Fabulous resource.

  90. As a newbie author, I’m devouring the useful information on your list! Just wanted to update you and say that the Bookish Brunette is NOT accepting review requests right now. :(

    • Thanks, Ellen. I don’t try to keep up on the sites that are temporarily closed for submission. That would be close to impossible to do and could change often. As long as they are still reviewing, which seems to be the case here, then I’ll leave them on the list. Man reviewers will open for a short time, build up a back log, then close again until they’re caught up.

  91. Just letting you know SpunkyReads Reviews is now being changed up. So you can delete the info you have up for it currently. Will let you know about the new info!

  92. I am completely lost. I am trying to get onto a page that will tell me how to register my books for review. I clicked on reviewers list but see nothing about listing my books. Am I missing something or what? Please help an ignoramus.

    • Douglas, you’re looking for a page that doesn’t exist. We list indie friendly reviewers, but it is up to you to research the list to find those that appear to be a good fit and submit/query each depending on the particular system and rules each site has as explained on their submission page.

  93. Hi,
    OneTitle Reviews and Bronsen Earl
    have confirmed they will review, but after two months, no response at all.
    I appreciate their time is best spent reviewing, not e-mailing, but some progress report would be helpfull. Afterall, if they decide not to review, how will I know?

  94. Just wondering if any of your reviewers include Christian fiction…

    • AGB, the short answer is yes. Do a search by entering “Christian” in the search box just above the table of reviewers. It will narrow what is shown down to those that have that term in their listing. You’ll see several that specifically mention they don’t (stay away from them, obviously) and several that specifically mention they do (if everything else seems a good fit, check out their submission page).

  95. If anyone is interested in free reviews, interviews, or guest blogging to gain more exposure e-mail me and visit the site for guidelines Feel free to add me to your list for free reviews. Thank you.

  96. I am no longer accepting book reviews and will eventually be deleting my blog after I have fulfilled all my review requests. Can you please delete my blog, A Bit of Dash, from the list? Thank you.

  97. Hi Simon
    I recently started posted my review on Goodreads and Amazon, could you update my reviewer listing to reflect this please?

    Thanks in advance!


  98. Hey, I have a brand new indie and self published book review/recommendation blog, and I’m just trying to get my name out there. I will absolutely add a link to your website and would love it if you could add my blog to the list.

  99. First Off – your site is brilliant, so thank you.

    Secondly – is no longer available, just wanted to let you know.


  100. Thanks for the great list, Simon! (I found your site through Goodreads).

    I have sent in the form for our site and wanted to let you know that I have already posted the link to your site on the book reviews listing page. It is good to share the love!

    We are fairly prolific (we seem to have been meeting our goal of a minimum once per week since there are three of us who review), so it would be great if we could go on the prolific list. But since we don’t have a long track record yet and may run out of steam, perhaps not :-)

    • Thanks Jill. I’m a bit behind updating the reviewer list, but plan on getting the more recent submissions added in the next day or two. It’s up to you. If you’d like to be added to the prolific list now, I could do it, or if you’d prefer I’ll wait until you’re more confident in being able to keep up the pace.


  101. Go ahead and assume that we will be prolific. I promise to get back to you if we start to falter! We were spending a lot of time working out the kinks in the site for the past couple of months, so we didn’t have enough time to write. I think we will actually be able to keep up now that the site is fully settled.

    Thank you so much!


    Defective, a novella by Joan Hall Hovey is now available at Amazon, Smashwords and Omnilit. Coming Soon to Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple.

    Hi all,
    My publisher is Books We Love and they are an independent Canadian publisher, so I guess that makes me indie too. My latest (6th) suspense novel ‘DEFECTIVE” has just been released and I’d love to have some reviews since it has none at the moment. Thanks so much.

  103. P. J. Sullivan

    I am actively posting reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and other sites, but don’t do ebooks. Why are ebooks required?

    • P.J.,
      This list is designed to help link appropriate book review websites with indie authors (which I’ll define as self-published and small press). A large portion (possibly a majority, but definitely a non-trivial number of them) don’t even have a paper version of their book available and when they do their promotion budget wouldn’t allow sending paper out to reviewers anyway. A reviewer who is unable to accept an ebook is not appropriate for the list. Even the largest publishers are using electronic versions as one method of distributing review copies (possibly their preferred method although I’m sure they still send paper as well). Google a site called Netgalley and you’ll see what I mean. While I’m sure paper books will be around for a long time to come, the wave of the future is electronic.

  104. One word…. Awesome!

  105. Jennifer Roberts

    Thank you so much for doing this list. It’s a tremendous help.

    I’ve noted down a few things that need changing as I’ve gone through.

    Site gone/moved with no forwarding address: Snarky Spinster, Five Alarm Book Reviews, All Things Books, Just Another Rabid Reader, Darling Chick Reads, The Romance Writer’s Reads, Sexxy Blogger, West of Mars, Getting Naughty BTS, Selkie Reads Stories, Flip Flops & My Pearls, Magic Faerie, Deb Simpson.

    Site moved: Dz’s Book Talk, Reading Romances

    Review policy page moved: Bitchy Book Blog, My Life. One Story at a Time, Book’d Out, Workaday Books, Rachel Cotterill, Book Wormz, Cup of Tea, Brainy Bookshelf, To Read or Not To Read, Indie Writing Blog, Reading Renee

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is asking for money. The review policy link for GA Bixler Reviews goes to a different site. First7500 words is only to invited readers only. Bark Less, Wag More is now ‘Fetch Me My Fainting Couch’ and has a review policy.

    Thank you again.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer.

    • Jennifer, thank you so much for this list. I think I’ve got them all updated. Hearing back from those who use the list is the only way we’ll hear about many of these things, especially those blogs that have been deleted or have started charging.

  106. Oh My GoD!!! Where have you been all my life? This is by far the best book blogger list I have come across in two years. I cannot thank you enough for the work you’ve put into this. I will be telling as many as I can about this site. Again, thank you so much.

  107. Hillary Beth Koenig

    Bittersweet Books appears to not be active anymore – just an FYI!

    Thanks for this page! I am quite excited about it as an author!

  108. Hillary Beth Koenig

    Am I missing something on the following page? It is about knitting and I don’t see book review information –

    • Hillary, although a large part of the blog is about knitting, she also does book reviews. Currently the 2nd or 3rd oldest post is a book review and her submission page was updated roughly a month ago.

  109. Hi all,
    A fantastic list:)
    I’m Adrian, author of two books and by one I’m really proud…
    I would like very much a review at my book, I do not have one so far.
    Mason Adventures in the Mystical Kingdoms.
    Tomorrow 17.06.2013 will be free on Amazon, will be a good opportunity to get it.
    Here’s a link:

    Mason and Ava found themselves in the middle of a land that they never knew it existed. Their adventure takes them into lands where strange creatures live, Centaurs, Giants, Minotaurs and flying vampires will compete against them or with them during an extraordinary journey on their way to winning the King’s Tournament.
    The only chance the boy has to find the way back to the human’s lands and see his love again is to win the crown. But even though he won respect of many, Mason is in big danger as El Magico is looking for him.

  110. I wanted to share with you a site which is designed to offer free advertising to self-published authors, as well as bloggers and small businesses related to indie entertainment:
    I love TheIndieView because it does so much for the self pub community. Keep up the good work!

  111. Alright just submitted my blog Book N Tech (not website I attached) but the book part is new. I had a book blog The Fireplace I submitted but that I killed. I think I submitted The Fireplace I know I submitted Book N Tech and the reviews will be coming soon so please know it is active and if you could delete THe Fireplace if you indeed did put it there.

  112. What an incredible resource. Thanks so much for this!

  113. date added doesn’t work right

  114. Just want to thank you for adding me to the reviewers list. Looking forward to exploring Indie View more deeply and using the resources you’ve gathered.

  115. Hello,

    Can I please update my listing?

    The Brainy Bookshelf

    Reviewing Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy. No longer reviewing YA books.

    Thank you so much!

  116. Great list though I would love to add Peter Church’s book Added Value-the life stories of Indian business leaders. Amazing insight on some truly inspirational people. The book is an excellent primer for anyone seeking to do business.

  117. Thank you for the great list of websites that do reviews for indie authors like me. It is extremely important for any new author to get a constructive feedback, about his new book, so once again, thank you for the effort to put up the extensive list!

    Best Regards,

    Betty Jay

  118. Thank you for this list, really useful and very much appreciated.


  119. Thanks so much for compiling this list. It has been a great help. I would suggest that all the links open in a new tab, because often it opens in this tab, says ‘not accepting books’ and then you spend a few minutes finding your way back to where you are in the list.
    Thanks to all these wonderful Indie reviewers.
    Cheers, Kasper.

    • Thanks, Kasper. I agree, that it is better opening in a new tab and began setting new entries up that way. I need to go back through the older ones and fix them too. Thanks for the reminder.

  120. Anastacia Knits has been reported as an attack page and is blocked by firefox

  121. Would you please update my listing with my new URL? I just made the move a few days ago. Thanks!

  122. Thanks for adding my blog! This is a great site.

    One thing, though I am not sure if you have this and I just didn’t find it, but it would be great if you had like a button or a small banner for us reviews to put on our sites. It doesn’t have to be big or anything, but I know I like having graphics on my blog and something small to add to my indie reviews that would link back here would be awesome.


  123. Blogger Book Reviews is the world’s first & only comprehensive Online Review Management firm. Bloggerbookreview is the #1 resource for book reviews

  124. Please add this site it is another Book Reviews Site Free of Cost

  125. Nice long list but when I go through the pages and back-click it returns to default and it’s driving me crazy.

  126. Hello. I recently co-authored a book (with many other educators) and was interested in submitting it for a review. The book is entitled “Flipping 2.0: Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Class” and is a book about educational technology ideas and implementing them in any classroom.

    Although many of the reviewers above state they review “Any” or “All” books, I wanted to see if any of the reviewers had an interest in this type of book? I could send an eBook or a hard copy. Thank you for your help.

  127. Could my listing be removed? Unfortunately, I’m getting way more requests than I can handle (or even respond to in a timely manner!) — frustratingly, most from folks who haven’t checked to see if I read their genre. Thanks!

  128. Hi, Simon.
    I’m a self published mystery writer with two books now on Kindle, and I am of course seeking reviews.
    So after opening up to your site, I downloaded all 40 pages — but there are just a few reviewers listed at the outset, with the balance of the pages devoted to back and forth comments.
    Since I’m a Neanderthal on the computer, I suspect I’ve missed some step here, in order to get to the full Indie List of Reviewers, so I can download it.
    Can you please help me?
    How do I connect to get the list?
    Thank you very much.

    • Saul,

      The list is not in the comments where it sounds like you’re looking. You can’t “download” the list, but can view the list. The table (which I think is your comment about the reviewers you see “listed at the outset”) can be paged through. You’ll see just above the top left corner of the table that you can increase the number shown at a time to as many as 100 (the default is set to 10 and a drop down gives other choices). At the bottom right of the table are previous and next links to page forward and backward in the table.

  129. ittyerah tholath

    Is it possible to get my e. book ‘eye doctor out of the box’ ISBN: 9781301878284. science fiction-medical, reviewed by any body? It is a fusion of imagination with knowledge dealing with cancer,youthful life, and death.

  130. Bibliophile Book Reviews is no longer active.

  131. As there’s so many potential book reviewers on here I am trying to narrow down the field to those that are interested in intelligence, security, terrorism, current affairs, et al. Anybody interested in covering this subject matter I would like to hear from. My e-mail is: .


    Nicholas Anderson is the author of The NOC Trilogy:
    NOC – Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations (available in paperback and eBook)
    NOC Twice: More UK Non-Official Cover Operations (completed, not released until early-2014)
    NOC Three Times (not completed)

  132. Can my listing be removed? I am unfortunately stopping my reviewing — I no longer have the time to commit to reading each week. My blog is Here’s The Story (

  133. Hello, do you review audiobooks as well as e books? If not, could you suggest a good site to have reviews done on audiobooks?
    Thank you,

    • Alicen, we do do reviews here at all, only maintain a list of other sites that do. Possibly some of them review audiobooks, but I’m not really sure which. Sorry I’m not more help.

  134. Hi Simon,

    Been a long time the site is looking great. I added myself again as the site and all had changed a bit. Hope that is ok.


  135. Thank you immensely for this site. It’s a huge help for Indie authors. I’m worn out because I sent review requests to every one of them who wants thrillers.

    Richard Ferguson

  136. Can you please remove me from the listing? I just cannot keep up!

  137. Hi, I can’t figure out how to contact you to have my listing removed. I will no longer be running My Holistic Soul. Current book reviews will be transferred to a new site (which has no submission page). If we set up a submission page I will re-apply with that site for a listing. -Yvonne Stegall

  138. Hi!

    Could you remove IndieHeart from the prolific reviewers list? We have been unable to keep up with a review a week for the past few months as we were previously able to do. We would like to stay on the regular reviewers list.

    Thank you!


  139. hey i am a newbie blogger. Add my blog in the list =)

    • Mahak, to be added to the list fill out the form. (The page to do so is linked from the first sentence of the page you commented on.)

  140. Hello,

    On your next update would you kindly remove my site (Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink) from the list? Due to an increase in workload as a freelance writer and determination to write more of my own fiction, I am no longer able to dedicate so much time to reviewing books.

    Thank you!

  141. Hi,
    Many sites in the list didn’t post any updates for more than a year and others charge to do reviews. You said to let you know if those things happened, but I don’t know how to contact you in order to do so.

  142. This entry:
    Amanda Peake Enchanted Endpapers Romance, YA (Young Adult) and NA (New Adult) My Review Policy Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook 2013/08/21
    seems out of date. The web site does not load.

  143. Could you please take my Book N Tech down temporarily due to high traffic? I’ll be back in summer just have to start off fresh.

  144. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  145. Great list! Thanks for sharing :) Much appreciated.

  146. Letters Inside Out doesn’t seem to be a review website anymore. (Just one of those generic web search pages for “book reviews”)

  147. could you please take down A Drip of Truth… I am unable to keep up with the reviews and would like to be removed… thank you

  148. We are only able to access the first page of review sites (10 sites). When we click on “next” it simply brings us to comments at the bottom of the page. Is there something wrong, or are we doing something wrong?

    Thanks. Great site.

    • Ken, I think if you scroll back up you’ll see it displaying the next set of sites. I’m fairly certain what is happening is your focus is at the same distance down the page, but the table takes less space to display the next set of reviewers. That’s what happened to me when I checked it just now. One thing to do to make it less irritating would be to change the display to show 100 entries (the drop-down above the top left of the table). Then you’ll be going to the next page much less.

  149. Thanks for adding me to the list!

  150. Wanted to let you know that “Marla Miller’s Marketing the Muse” site charges $100 for reviews.

  151. “Indie Reviews” says he is no longer doing reviews.

  152. It seems to me that Wanderlust is a charge only site. Unless I wasn’t finding the right section.

  153. Hello,

    I would highly recommend this book, A Light on Islam, to you for your site/blog:


  154. I do weekly reviews of Indie books on my two blogs plus place them on Amazon and or Goodreads. There is no charge for this service. I would appreciate anyone that is willing to follow my blogs. A very good article. My two blogs are “Lightning Chronicles” at which is my primary blog my other is called “Lightning” at drop by and your book could be on my next post. Allow two or three days to read most books. A.G.

  155. Try Chiliad by Simon Otius, on unhappened [dot] com. Not for everybody, in fact almost for nobody.

  156. I am actively seeking FREE book reviews of my fiction which is on CreateSpace as print or amazon as kindle. I seek fair reviews that can be posted on goodreads, amazon,l createspace and other websites. If interested in giving me this fair stuff write to me at with the subject heading FREE BOOK REVIEWS. The books to be sent will be in kindle or pdf versions only. Thank you for you co-operations. Please spread the word.

  157. Hi

    I started a book review site this month and I requested to have it posted on this site, but I have yet to see it on the reviewer’s list. Is there a waiting period, or does it automatically show up on the list? Warm regards.

    • Crystal, sometimes I’m slow doing the updates. I looked and saw your submission and will add it tonight if everything is in order.

  158. I am humbly requesting for a review of a fiction book that is available from both CreateSpace for print and Amazon for kindle by your readers. Reviews can be posted among others on amazon, googlebooks, shelfari or goodreads to name but a few. The story is of love without sex scenes.

    My other works are free on wattpad and timbooktu.

    I am most at liberty to send it as a kindle or pdf version.
    reply to writa1966 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  159. Simon, please remove my listing as a reviewer. Family circumstances have created the need for me to let go of some things, and this is one of those things. I didn’t see another way to let you know so I hope this works.

  160. Can you please remove my entry listed under Laurie for my blog titled “Fetch Me My Fainting Couch”. I just don’t have the time to maintain a blog and am going to review only on Goodreads, Amazon & Booklikes. Thank you.

  161. Hi

    I organise virtual book tours for author and we are always on the look out for reviewers. If anyone is interested in being a host and taking time to read and review for us, please pop by our book tour site at or if you have any questions, please reply to this message.

    Thanks for reading.

    Dark Scream Book Tours

  162. Barbra Griffin

    Hi . I have written a Children’s Book called “The Little Bear That No One Wanted” ..

    I just turned seventy, live in Florida, and have a book to promote. How cool is that !!!

    The little bear in the story was made with a crooked nose and mouth, and no one wants to take him home from the store. He isn’t as pretty as the other bears, and they are perfect, and he never will be ! He knows it will have to be someone very special who would accept him just the way he is .. Near the end of the day, a little girl comes in and sees him. She says, “Mommie, do you see what I see ? ” .. Her Mommie looks and sees that the little bear has a crooked smiled — just like her little girl. She buys him for her, and the little bear hears the child say .. “Oh, Mommie. He’s perfect. He is just perfect.”

    Would love it if you could help me figure out a way to get the word out on my book. Tate Publishing is my publisher, and it is on their website for sale, and also Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

    I wrote it for children who are scarred, or who feel scarred in any way, or who may feel unloved or unwanted …. like little bear.

    Thank you for your help. I do have a Facebook page you can access for the book called …. Barbra G … be careful how you spell Barbra. Please, at least, visit it and Like it for me.

    Barbra Griffin

  163. I have written a book called New Beginnings and was wanting to get some reviews of it. Just leave a comment and I will get in touch with you. I also have all formats.
    SN Williams

  164. Thank you for a great site. I believe most indie authors are benefiting a lot. Stay blessed.

    Please note K. Nowinsky whose email address is is a reviewer who no longer accepts free reviews.

    Thank you.

  165. Could you rem0ve from the list for the time being? We won’t be accepting new review requests at least until the end of the year. Thanks!

  166. Geeky Girl Reviews no longer reviews books on that blog and offers a different URL where she focuses on YA fantasy reviews

  167. Chibi Neko My Book Goggles no longer reviews books

  168. Dawn Breakout Books is temporarily closed to submissions

  169. Indie Paranormal Books Reviews Indieparanormal Books Reviews is closed

  170. Sift Book Reviews closed permanently

  171. Marcie and Steve To Read or Not To Read – domain no longer resolves

  172. Flying with Red Haircrow has been closed for 10 months now.

  173. Jennifer Goehl Can’t Put It Down – closed these last two years

  174. Trevor Price The eNovella Review Domain Not Found

  175. Ant Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews Temporarily Closed (5/11/2014)

  176. Ron C. Nieto – closed since 2012

  177. Marina Scott Writing Unhooked closed

  178. Sue Owen Paper Mustang closed

  179. CathyS Cath ‘n’ Kindle Book Reviews temporarily closed

  180. Tammy Gaines Novel Opinion closed down

  181. Rachel Simons Stressed Rach – Does not review books anymore

  182. Smart Lit Smart Lit | Savvy Book Reviews permanently closed (password protected)

  183. Published by a small Indie Canadian Press, Books We Love Ltd. I do most of my own promoting and would love to have my latest suspense novel ‘The Deepest Dark’ reviewed. Thank you.


  184. Dark Readers says on their site they don’t take self-published.

  185. Thank you for compiling this list. Sure some of the links are dead but hunting down all these individually would have taken much longer. (:

  186. Hi. Please remove my listing. I am no longer able to review books. Thanks!

  187. Hi there! Is there a way we can update our information? I’d love to add some genres to my review list and also I have a different last name now :).

  188. Dear Admin,

    Thank you so much for this website – it helped me as a book reviewer so much. Life has changed for me and I am no longer doing reviews. Please remove me from the list.

    Again, thank you for the work you do here, and to the Indie authors – keep it up, you all ROCK!

  189. Can you update mine please? I’m still accepting books but my book review policy link is no longer active. Thanks.

  190. Hi Admin,
    I just made a new site and my reviews will be there instead. I have already sent you the information in an email. Thank you.

  191. Hello. I would love to get reviewed. Please check out my book:

  192. If possible I would like added to your list. I prefer fantasy, horror, and science fiction, but I am willing to read and review any type of novel.

    • Kris, there is a link on this page that takes you to a form to fill out to request to be added. Please fill that out.

  193. I would love to see a list somewhere of reviewers who review non-fiction self-help books or awareness raising books? I am searching all over the internet and their are literally about 2-3 .

  194. Hi, I’d like to enlist my site as well (The Reading Bud).

  195. I regret to inform the writers that have been sending me request for book reviews that I no longer accept them. As promised in one of my post I am writing this to inform all writers that even though, I enjoyed writing reviews due to personal reasons I must stop. Thank you for the trust I was given by the writers and the chance to improve my writing skills.

  196. I wish to report that the reviewer at the site called Sparkin Arkie, Dm. L. Carter, is asking for $250 a pop for each review, not to mention requesting each such review via snail-mail. I believe he’s violating your policy in this wise. It should be brought to your attention, as far as I can tell.

  197. Elizabeth Marie Enchanted Scroll is no longer reviewing books. The blog/website has been taken down. Same with Elizabeth Marie Enchanted Read. May be the same person.

  198. Here’s another reviewer site that is down, the reviewer is no longer reviewing:
    Joe Ducie Cedar Sky Publishing

  199. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other
    sites? I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and
    would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would appreciate your
    work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  200. hi, it’s August 2014, last month I sent out emails politely making review requests to 82 blogs that were listed here and at other reviewing lists. I received one affirmative reply, maybe 10 negatives, and the rest didn’t answer. Just bear this in mind that getting a review has become really a challenge. It’ll likely take 2 years or longer for the current huge reading queues at reviewing blogs to come down. So, if you’re a writer looking for a review, don’t waste your time sending out dozens of requests. Try maybe 10 at most, see the lack of response you get, and move on to more gainful ways of spending your time.

  201. I would like to have my new novel, Lightning Flight!, reviewed by someone who enjoys a techno-thriller that is topical, thought-provoking, entertaining and well-written. My book was published by Friesen Press in August 2014.

  202. Hi Admin,
    yesterday I went through the entire list of sites reading review policies to see which ones would be suitable for my books and there were a few that don’t seem to exist any more. Thought you might like to know which ones.

    Andrew Veda Andrew’s Readlist – blog removed message
    Drako Drako’s Den Romance – “Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.”
    Esther Maugo Novel Junky Romance – blog removed message
    Frankie Blooding Blooding Book Reviews – WP blog no longer available message
    K.P. Ambroziak Fields of Twisting Phlox – GoDaddy holding page
    Kate Good My Daily Romance – Hostgator holding page
    Kym Lawrence 1 Book Lover’s Opinion – blog not found message
    LB Whittington Books and Broomsticks – webpage not available message
    Melissa Nacinovich we’re all mad here – WP blog is no longer available
    Michael Alexander Trapped in Juxtaposition – WP blog is no longer available
    Mredria Books Are Better – blog with no posts
    Opal Kiehm The Akamai Reader – server message
    Paperbook Princess Paperbook Princess – blog with no posts
    Rebecca Graf A Book Lover’s Library – holding page in Japanese or Chinese
    SarahKat Kitties Like Books Too – blog not found message
    Terra Whiteman The Lucid Pen – blog has been removed message
    The Bookish Brunette The Bookish Brunette – domain name expired pending renewal GoDaddy holding page
    The Indie Book Blog Database The Indie Book Blog Database – server index page
    The Sunday Book Review The Sunday Book Review – domain name holding page
    TinaMarie Gibbons Tina Marie Says – blog with no posts
    Marie Drake Marie Reads and Reviews – blog with no posts (same address as above)

  203. There was a mistake with my submission to this list as it does not list the genres I will review.

    The following are the specific genres that I am interested in reviewing/have the most experience with:

    Fantasy (Most of my reading – and writing – in this genre has been Epic Fantasy)
    Science Fiction
    MA (Middle school age) or YA Adventure (Percy Jackson books, Hunger Games, etc…)
    Mystery (love a good mystery)

    I will not accept review requests for the following genres:

    And please no books with heavy use of foul language

    I will reply to every submission and if I review your book the review will be posted to my site, Amazon, and Goodreads at a minimum. Thanks,


  204. Simon, do you know of any French reviewers who review books in English?

  205. My Avast warns me that the link to Just Another Rabid Reader is malware.

  206. I am a new author and am interested in having my book reviewed. I’m combing through the list of reviewers and notice a large number of them are not reviewing anymore because they are backed up on their reading. Can you not mark the ones who aren’t currently reviewing so I don’t spend all my time clicking fruitlessly on to websites? I have yet to find a reviewer who is available.

    • Susan, the short answer, if I understand what you’re asking, is no. My interpretation is not that they aren’t reviewing (if informed, I’ll remove sites from the list that have stopped publishing new reviews), but that the site isn’t currently accepting submissions. Depending on how the rules of submission for a site works, it is common for that status to be constantly changing. If I removed them, I’d never know when they were again open for submission.

  207. Dear sir,

    I need to get my Book reviewed. How can the same be sent to you? I am based at Mumbai, India


    • Sachin, this site does review books. However, each of the sites listed on this page does. You’d need to evaluate each of them and those that look good for your book follow their instructions on the submission page for that site to inquire about a review.

  208. Obsidian Poet needs removed from the listing, as the blog is no longer active.

  209. Thanks for this wonderful resource. :)

  210. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible resource. I did notice a comment from roughly a month ago advising indie authors not to bother submitting requests to as many relevant reviewers as possible – instead to send 10 or so and not to bother continuing if you do not receive acceptances. I have to say, I wholeheartedly disagree. I’ve already received several acceptances (in a day or two), and authors need to understand that there are actual live people on the other end of this, with families, lives, jobs, etc… so if you don’t get immediate responses, becoming discouraged and moving onto something else probably isn’t the wisest choice. Requesting reviews from a random 10 out of potentially over a hundred relevant bloggers seems counterproductive to me as well. You could be (and probably are) weeding out those reviewers that may have just been the right reviewers for your book, by random selection. If you were querying agents/publishers would you just select the first 10 on a list, and then stop if those particular 10 either did not respond or declined? Of course not! Certainly review and revise your request/summary/message if you feel it’s been ineffective, but you should never give up on trying to generate reviews for your book, especially from known, reputable reviewers like those listed here. Just my two cents! – Danielle Pearl, author of NORMAL

  211. This was invaluable in helping me contact reviewers! Thank you so much!!

  212. Hello. I joined theindiereview several years ago, when my blog was first getting started. However, I now do not fit the criteria for being an indie reviewer. I currently work in publishing and professional reviewing (which means I do accept monetary compensation for certain reviews.) I also can no longer accept digital review copies. I was trying to find a contact email for you, but could not find one listed. I am still receiving review requests from authors who have found me through this list on a regular basis, and I feel terrible having to turn them down. If you could remove me from the list that would be great. Thanks so much, and this really is such a great site and resource for the literary minded!

    • Jill Marie, I’ll remove you on the next update.

      • Thank you very much. I also wanted to let you know that I have made a permanent spot for The Indie View’s banner on my blog. It links directly back to the site. Since so many indie authors visit my blog, I wanted them to be able to get connected with this site!

  213. Hi,
    I’d like to request you to please remove The Reading Bud from the listing, as I am no longer accepting review requests.
    I will definitely let you know as soon as I’ll start accepting books again.
    Thanks :)

  214. That’s a great and so helpful list.Thank you so much for your sweet information.This is a really nice and helpful list. best seller

  215. Your oldest-running reviewer, Ashley’s Bookshelf, is doing something I don’t exactly think is kosher here. She’s taking books to review through gifts from Amazon; you have to send your book to her as a gift via, like you were giving it to a relative for a Christmas present. Is that allowed here?

  216. Thank you soooooo much for this fantastic list! What a great resource :-) Tera

  217. Krista’s Picks seems to no longer be doing book reviews. She seems to have turned it into a fashion site now..

  218. The following site hasn’t had any reviews or new entries (even checked the RSS feed) since 2012:

    This site is DOWN: Kyle Wylde, The Book Brothers.

    This site is no longer accepting submissions: Knightengale Books.

  219. This site is no longer accepting reviews: The Busy Bibliophile

  220. The review form at The Bearded Scribe has been disabled. I think this means they are no longer accepting submissions.

  221. Hello Simon,
    I’ve consistently used your list to find reviewers, so it’s a useful tool in my indie book business. However…
    I’ve been trying to find reviewers for my new ebook The Collector and have discovered several closed sites plus one site that’s charging for reviews. The one charging is: Elizabeth Los. Closed sites are: Found Between the Covers (Sherry Meyer); The Wallflower Reviewer (Sherrod Wall); Shhh Mommy’s Reading; Paper Mustang (Sue Owen); The Writing Desk (Tony Riches); Voracious Reader; Mary Whipple Reviews; Cath ‘n’ Kindle (Cathy S.); Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews; and D A Bale.
    I don’t have anything against these people, but if they’re no longer accepting books for review, it would make my life a bit easier if they removed themselves from your list. Maybe other authors would agree.
    Yours in reading and writing,
    r/Steve Moore

    • Steven,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear this list is providing value. I’ve removed Elizabeth Los from the list. Before adding a review site to the list I they are vetted to make sure they meet the requirements at the top of the page, however, the only practical way to know they’ve changed policies (as in Ms Los starting to charge for reviews) is to have it pointed out as you have done. I (and all your peers coming behind you looking for reviewers) appreciate it.

      The others you listed appear to be a different situation. If a blog goes inactive for a period of several months (not meeting the “actively posting reviews” requirement at the top of the page), I’ll remove them. This is often a judgement call and I tend to err toward keeping them if there are indications that it is a brief period of inactivity, but if it looks like they won’t be back, I’ll delete those, too. But in these cases, the situation appears to be active bloggers who have temporarily closed to submission. Opening and closing submissions is a normal course of events for most blogs. If I were to delete a blogger from the list, I’d never know when they reopened for submissions short of checking ever blog for their current situation periodically and that status could change the next day.


  222. The review blog called Reading Bifrost isn’t working. I tried to fill out the form for a review request—twice—and twice, it said it couldn’t go through because “the CAPTCHA field was incorrect,” and there’s absolutely no evidence of such a thing there. I think Reading Bifrost should be taken down.

  223. The Pankhearst Review is deceased. Says, “We regret to inform you this is now an ex-website.”

  224. All in all a great list … will be very useful to authors.

    I have released a new book with Kindle, The Chronicles of Moses – The Man who’d be Phraraoh – an epic Biblical fiction narrative.
    And, I would certainly approach some of the reviewers on your list. If any of the guests on your blog would like to review it, I will provide a free copy.

    Meantime, my very best o you and all

  225. Hello and I hope this finds you well…..I would like to amend my review genre to make it read..’Children picture books through 2nd grade’. I find with added clients I can not do justice to those requesting reviews of books over 30 to 40 pages. Thank you, cbauer

    PS I am assuming you are the administrator who does this as I have not been able to change it myself. Let me know if there is a way I can as I could be having ‘one of those’ days.

  226. I just had to say thank you. I am a nonfiction, indie writer. I have spent many hours trying to find bloggers, over the past week. This is totally absolutely THE best list I have found. I have been through it from page 1, to the very end. I have been to so many other listings but this rates top in terms of identifying potential bloggers , active sites etc. Again, thank you!

  227. I must say this a fantastic list, but I wonder what will be the response since most book reviewers are normally busy-bees. Anyways, here’s hoping we strike the right chord with some of them. Cheers!


  228. Hello Simon,
    Thanks for the great list! Just a quick question – anyone else confused with Kate Policani’s site, Compulsively Writing Reviews? She gives a definition for Indie books but then gives a link for independent authors to get on a review list. That link is looking for reviewers (some paid in fact) and does not contain any information on getting your book reviewed or getting your book on a review list. On Mrs. Policani’s site she states “if your book is traditionally published I will still consider it.” Then, further down she states “if your book is not traditionally published, I will not accept review requests.” I’m confused. I am self published, not traditionally published. It appears she only reviews traditionally published books, which is fine, but isn’t this list primarily for Indie authors? I agree that Indie authors should conform to the same standards as the big name professional publishing houses. It seems to me this is the premise that Mrs. Policani proposes. But, it doesn’t seem that my book falls within her policies for reviewing. What am I missing or misunderstanding?
    Thanks for your help!
    Regards, Noel Thomas Fiems

    • Noel,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It appears this is a change to her policy. The first part (referring indies to the Awesome Indies site to submit for review) might be okay as it appears she does post reviews of indie books on her site as well as the Awesome Indies site when a book is reviewed. In essence, to get her to review on her site, that’s the process.

      However, the Awesome Indies submission process is problematic. As you point out, there is a charge involved. It can be argued that their fee is not for the review (in fact, they do say that), however, I always try to err on the side of not including in the list in these situations. I’ll be removing this site from the list as well as the Awesome Indies site which is also listed, the next time I update the list.


  229. Hello Indie View,
    I just wanted to bring to your attention the review policy of Malka Ahmed of Contemporary Books. In their review policy they state they will only review books that are on listed on Book Club Reading List, Cheap e-books, Cheap Kindle books, and NetGalley. All these sites require payment to list your book with them. I think this is a backdoor to your “paid review” policy.
    Thanks for your time!
    Sincerely, Noel

  230. How do we get our listing removed or edited? There appears to be some confusion about what we’re looking for. We’d rather people visit our submission guidelines page ( than read what’s in the table.

    • DED, one way (the best, quickest and easiest) is to email admin(at) and explain what you want. However, this way can work, too. The next update I do (sometime this weekend) I’ll change your listing to point them to your submission guidelines rather than a listing of genres.

  231. I didn’t know that email was even an option as I couldn’t find any contact info on your site. Thanks for making the switch.

  232. Afternoon! I submitted my information to be added to the reviewers list a few days ago. How long does it take to post? Or at least hear back? Many thanks :)


  233. For Indies By Indies. We’re serious about providing Indie’s with
    tough love. Our greatest revenge is success.

  234. I just think I aught to be able to put “crime” in a search box and have your site show me all people who review specifically crime novels. It could also show people who view all, however, being specific would save a whole lot of time and effort that is needlessly wasted. Thank you. Of course you may have heard this before and in equal fairness to all probably wouldn’t change anything, still I just thought I would ask. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the comment, D. Jay.

      In response, I don’t think I’ve received this comment before. Based on how the genre question(s) typically get answered by review sites asking to be added to the list, I’m not sure it would work out as you hope. If you search for ‘all’ you’ll obviously find those already. If a site specifically mentioned crime as a genre they specialize in, you’ll uncover them searching for ‘crime.’ But the only way I can see to catch everyone willing to review crime novels in the way you’re proposing would be to have an exhaustive list of every genre and subgenre with the blog owner either picking every one they’ll consider reviewing or even a yes/no for each. The list, if it could be defined, would be very long. Plus, it still wouldn’t capture every variation. For example, some romance blogs are interested (or not) depending on how spicy the book is.

  235. I’d just published a UNIQUE astrology book after 35 years’ research and using 24,000 famous/infamous DOBs. Its title is: ZODIAC GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS & CAREERS. Please contact me via my website or kwan(at) if you have the relevant knowledge and interest to do a review for amazon, facebook, goodreaads, blog etc. As a relatively unknown, self taught astrologer, I do face very stiff competition. Thanks.

  236. Hello,

    I filled out the form to be added as a reviewer on your site a few days back- but I don’t see my name listed.
    Does it normally take longer than a few days?


  237. It surely would be nice to see more reivewers who post to the following wonderful indie store sites as well as the conglomerate…

    publisher, Cypress House, Lost Coast Press, QED Press

  238. This looks like a great and helpful site Simon, thanks for setting this up. I just found it today and started to look for reviewers for our new novel. You asked to let you know about fees – well, the first reviewer listed A Fae at Truth About Books does charge for their reviewer services.

  239. Hello,
    I’m loving your list. I just wanted you to know that I contacted the first reviewer on the list, The Truth About Books and when they emailed me back saying they do want to review my book, but I have to pay 30$ first. I would consider paying them if it were much cheaper, but I thought that was kind of high. And you mentioned to contact you if the reviews aren’t free.

    Thanks for your awesome website!

    • Thanks, Jillian. I was notified the other day that they were charging and because of that will be removing them from the list the next time I update it (most likely later today or tomorrow).

  240. This site has vanished completely:
    Vanessa Carmichael, Book Review Blog

  241. Such a great website. Looking forward to submit my reviews soon! :)

  242. I’m puzzled by the “small press” requirement in your reply to P. J. Sullivan, May 20, 2013. My books–seven novels of various genres and a collection of short stories–are self-published and available on Amazon’s Kindle, but identical copies are printed by Amazon’s Create Space, hardly a “small press.” So, does your list exclude reviewers of Create Space paperbacks? Access to your list sounds like a “must” for me, as reviews seem vital to gaining readers.

    • Bill,

      I think we have a terminology disconnect. When I used the term small press it was using the term as it is commonly used to mean a small publishing company. (Something like Red Adept Publishing – – as opposed to the Big 5 and their imprints or some of the larger independent publishers like Kensington or Baen.) If you’re self-published, you’re fine.

      The comment you’re referring to is the requirement that the listed sites have to be willing to accept an electronic format for review. Some of them state that they will accept or even prefer paper, but if paper is a requirement then I won’t list them. I think the aside about publishing method (self, small publisher or large publisher) got confused in your mind with the production method. Create Space is your printer, not your publisher.

  243. That first one on the list Bibliophile is not accepting submissions for review.

  244. Concerned Person

    Please remove “Malka Ahmed” from your list – their website forces you to pay $50 on another promotional website (1 of 3) in order to get a review.

  245. Love the site! Thank you! And Mary C. Moore is currently closed to reviews.

  246. Thanks for the clear explanation of requirements for submitting books to your listed reviewers. My seven novels and short-story collection are self-published and printed by both Kindle and Create Space. I’ll start contacting appropriate members of your list to see if any are interested in reviewing the e-book versions. Thanks too for providing this promising opportunity. –Bill

  247. What a great site. But we are in a bit of a conundrum; we have some non-fiction books, on some serious topics–one of them is a history of racism, another an expose of Liberty University–and are having trouble finding reviewers on this site who review such non-fiction topics. Any thoughts?

    • Mike, I’m not sure that I’ll be of much help. If you haven’t already, entering all in the search box, then scanning for those who say they accept all genres *might* point you to some possibilities. However, much of what you’ll find will be a notation saying “all except …” with non-fiction a frequent no-go. You might also find that when you look at a site that appears might be interested, they won’t be. (Many of these reviewers are so focused on fiction genres that non-fiction might not have even entered their though process when defining their genre preferences.) You can also search for non-fiction and look down the genre column for those who specifically mention non-fiction (obviously beware of those that are saying “not non-fiction”).

      My review site (Big Al’s Books and Pals) is listed as all genre. We do review non-fiction. If you look at the submission policy you’ll see a note that says “Non-fiction is also acceptable if it is on a subject of general interest and targeted at a layperson.” But generally non-fiction is a hard sell because it tends to appeal to a small segment of any particular blog’s readership, unless the blog is focused on a particular non-fiction topic – for example, we do have one review site that only reviews travel books. One thing you might consider is approaching blogs that specialize in topics that are close to the subject of a particular book For example, the expose of Liberty University might be something that a left-leaning political blog would consider reading and reviewing, even though reviews isn’t their normal thing.


    You can still send me a request, but just know that I will not be prioritizing it.

    She should be removed from the list.



    Currently I am not able to accept e-books,I broke my ipad and need time to fix it. I will not accept them until a later date, but feel free to email me your info to hang onto until I am accepting them.. I would greatly appreciate a physical copy sent to me for review.

    This is extremely fishy. I don’t think you should be allowed to list here unless you can accept E-books.



  250. Are there review writers willing to consider books written by children? I can’t find anyone willing to review my book. My readers are my friends and classmates – they are kids too and don’t have amazon accounts. My review requests are either unanswered or rejected because I’m a kid :(

  251. Marcus Whitfield

    What a great resource. Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the trouble to compile it.

  252. Are you interested in your book being reviewed?

    I am currently open to receiving Advanced Reader Copies and review copies of books. I can not promise to accept all books for review but I will do my best to accept as many as possible.


    My preferred genres are Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Children, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Erotica and Romance. I am open to other books of different genres of course so just contact me.


    Currently I am not able to accept e-books,I broke my ipad and need time to fix it. I will not accept them until a later date, but feel free to email me your info to hang onto until I am accepting them.. I would greatly appreciate a physical copy sent to me for review.

    Time to review:

    Depending on length of the book in review, we can discuss this more after I accept your book for review.


    If you are interested in doing a Q&A that would be great! I love getting to know more about the author and their writing process.

    Contact me:

    Please visit my contact me form or contact me via e-mail @

    Under the format heading.

    Rick Chapman
    Author “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business”
    Read Excerpts from all 10 chapters at
    Author “Rule-Set: A Novel of a Quantum Future.” Just Released. More info at

    • Thanks, Rick. Not sure how I missed that. I’ve removed her. You’re right, to be on the list a reviewer has to accept ebooks and this obviously doesn’t meet that criteria.

  253. Review Policy
    At the moment I am currently not accepting any more books for review UNLESS I have reviewed a previous book by you or your a publisher who I have worked alongside.
    I apologise for this but with a baby on the way and tons of books to review I want to concentrate on my current books.
    Feel free to email me if you would be interested in writing a guest post for Books for Company.

    Rick Chapman
    Author “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business”
    Read Excerpts from all 10 chapters at
    Author “Rule-Set: A Novel of a Quantum Future.” Just Released. More info at

    • I also removed this one, Rick. It was borderline. I usually don’t remove a reviewer from the list just because they are currently closed to submissions. Many blog open and close every few months. They accept all they can handle and turn off the faucet so they won’t drown in queries. Then when they are close to being caught up they’ll open again. I can’t keep track of those and arbitrarily removing a site that is temporarily closed means I’ll never find out when they open again, not to mention the work of constantly adding and deleting sites. This one, it felt like her closure was going to be fairly long.

  254. Thank you for putting this together! Hopefully I can get my act together soon and be listed as well. There just aren’t enough indie reviewers out there!

  255. Maybe you should recruit some people here to help you keep the list fresh and up to date? Perhaps divide it out by genre?

    Just a thought.

    Rick Chapman
    Author “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business”
    Read Excerpts from all 10 chapters at
    Author “Rule-Set: A Novel of a Quantum Future.”

  256. Hi A. Fae of Truth about Books:
    Was all set to send you a reveiw request but could not find your email. The
    email link did not reveal your email, just went to my inbox.
    Please advise.

    • Morpheus, have you clicked on the email link on the first line under “How to submit a review”? For me, that caused my email client to open a new pre-addressed email. In case that doesn’t work, I’ll email her email address to you.

  257. For some reason, that doesn’t work. Please send the email address:

  258. I am seeking to find good book reviewers interested in Biblically relted titles:
    My two books to date are ,The isrel Deception which is a Scriptural overview
    of Old and New Testament leading to some Scripturally based conclusions converning the Zionist phenomenon from both Scriptural and secular perspectives. THe second book is a complete and in depth discourse on Biblical prophesy based on Daniel and Revelation. The title is These Prophets and the REvelation. If you are interested in prophesy you will findthis book to be more informative than anything available at Bible bood stores.

  259. One piece of advice I can give is make sure they are thoroughly proof-read first. I have come in for some stinging criticism for failure to make sure my books are properly proof-read and I noticed that your short message contained numerous errors ( relted, isrel, no space after a comma, THe, REvelation, findthis, bood stores).

  260. I totally agree with formatting the Indie Reviewers into Genres and not alphabetical order. For example, I attempted to scroll through a number of reviewers to seek someone to review a true account book called “Teacher: One Woman’s Adventure Teaching on a Remote First Nations Reserve in Northern Canada and EVERY link to EVERY reviewer NO LONGER EXISTED! So I thought I’d scroll by most recent – surely they are active? But, no reviewers had recently reviewed a memoir genre… anyone out there? It has received 8 reviews with a 4.4 average under the title of i Teach, Travel and Love by Hillary Phillips.

    • Hillary,

      You can sort on genre. However, even though I knew you were exaggerating that every reviewer no longer existed unless you were extremely unlucky in picking random reviewers, I did a test. Between those that didn’t exist (more than a few) and those who are no longer actively reviewing, I thought there were way too many. Typically I find out about these from authors who discover a site is no longer active who email or post a comment here (or so I thought, since I do get a lot of both). But based on my experiment I discovered I wasn’t finding out about enough of those. I’ve gone through the entire list and cut it down a lot. (About 30%.)

  261. Hey thanks for this valuable information

  262. hi there,

    I have submitted six of my new novels to six various reviewers from your site recently, but i haven’t heard from one, and wondering what should be the normal period of response? Thank you for your comments.

    • It depends on what their submission policy says. As a general rule, if you don’t hear anything it probably means they aren’t interested.

  263. Hi Tim,

    You’re welcome to send me a couple (I’m not on the list yet, but trying to …).
    Check out my review policy on , to find out if your novels could match my interests.


  264. Thank you, they should at least drop me a line so I could understand and move on. Thanks!

    Thank you Larry, it is very kind of you, maybe you can visit my official website at and comment. Thank you!

  265. Hi,
    Does any one from this platform please guide me how shall I approach these bloggers.

  266. Linga munthali

    Hello :) :)
    My name is Linga Munthali.
    I’ve written a book “WHY Lewis” Its a thiller with illustrations.

    Raised by his aunt, Lewis grows up believing he has no parents. The truth is hidden from him, not a word is said about his parents in front of him. Lewis searches for the truth and the mystery lies behind the grave he believes belongs to his sister. On the mission to find a man he hopes to find refuge and comfort in, he later finds out that the man he always called a friend is actually his father….in the end Lewis is buried alive for suspected murder.

    This is the link

    If you think you might be interested in reading and posting an honest review of my book on amazon, i will gladly send you a free copy of it. (Ebook)
    Email me at :
    Thank you :) :)

  267. this link was blocked by my antivirus program because of malware:

  268. Dear all,

    I will review books from anyone who can meet the following terms:

    -Literary Fiction only.
    -Send the cover in .jpeg file and the content in .pdf file through my official website,
    -I will write the review on my blog, amazon and goodreads.
    -It will be done in 2-4 weeks time depends on the workload.

    Thank you all.

  269. re:
    Books Are Magic:
    Review Policy and Request

    I am no longer accepting review requests. Except if you already know me, contact me via the email that we already communicated with.
    I think this should be removed…. Or at least specify “Except if you already know reviewer…”

  270. Contact me if you want to read and review my book for free. Here’s a brief description:
    “The Void Threatens is a fantasy novel of epic proportions where impossible cities exist and violent racism thrives. Slavery plagues the land and a mysterious people threaten the fate of an entire world. The first novel in the People of Vapor series,The Void Threatens is a tale about overcoming darkness and evil that exists both on the outside and within. Written in the vein of classic high fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Wheel of Time, The Void Threatens is a dark and intriguing tale done in a creative and entertaining way that promises to keep you coming back for more.”

  271. Hello,

    Can you please remove my blog Poetic Parfait from The Indie Book Reviews List?

    Thank you,

  272. I am on the verge of releasing my second novel, but my first is still a bit unknown. It is slowly building a following and I believe some reviews will help push the boundaries of my book. It is a superhero novel called Tigerman, my target audience is definitely the comic book population. I have provided a link the website where you can download the e-book for free. So please read and enjoy.

  273. Angela J. Shirley

    I do not see any book reviews on this site on your list. I do not think they do book reviews although they have a page about submitting a request. ??????

    Noel Maurice indieberlin All Book Reviewing Policy Blog, Facebook 2014/12/11

  274. Angela J. Shirley

    When I click on the review for this listing on your list, I get an error message.

    Sydney Peters The Cunning Owl Reviews All Submission for Review Blog, Amazon, Goodreads 2014/09/04

    502 Bad Gateway

  275. Angela J. Shirley

    This listing implies a “donation” will speed things up.

    The Schwartz Reviews The Schwartz Reviews All genres Policies and Processes Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook

    Please note: donations are NOT required to have your book reviewed and if a donation is included it will NOT change the outcome of your HONEST review. A donation however may mean a faster response and acceptance and would be greatly appreciated for the amount of time put into my reviews.

  276. Hi there,
    We would love to ask you to read and review our book. It is a short guide (about 30 pages) to finding balance within yourself, meant to help addicts and their families and anyone struggling with any kind of addictions or disorders. So if that is something of interest to you, we would love your honest opinion. Also please keep in mind the author of this guide is not a writer, just someone trying to reach out and help people.
    So far, it is available through Amazon as an E-book. (Audrey’s Guide to Happiness)
    If interested, email us and we will forward you a copy!
    We thank you for your time!

  277. I am no longer accepting any requests for review, please do not write to me, thank you!

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