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We’re always looking for authors who are interested in doing an interview, either an IndieView or, for authors who have already done an IndieView who would like to promote a different book than the one featured in their IndieView, a BookView. Email to let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you the details.

Reviewers who are interested in doing an IndieView should first get on The Indie Reviewer List if they haven’t already done so. Then email to express your interest.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    I think one of our authors, Judith L McNeil, would be a great one for you to interview for the Indie View. I’m from Interactive Publications, a tiny independent publisher, a 5-man operation in fact, so hopefully that’s indie enough.

    Judith has just released two stunning memoirs; her story is one of survival through harrowing experiences of child abuse and domestic violence. But her story isn’t doom and gloom – it’s about survival and hope, and the perseverance of the human will to survive. She is great for interviews; she’s often been asked to speak on radio and at International Women’s Day events on self-help for sufferers of similar trauma.

    As for the books themselves, ‘No One’s Child’ tells of her childhood growing up as a railway brat in 1950s Australia, enriched with memorable characters and incredible scenery. Its sequel, ‘The Girl with the Cardboard Port’, is the shocking tale of one young woman’s fight for survival and connection in Australia and Singapore.

    A book review including an interview with Judith would be well timed now, with the news full of debates over domestic violence in different cultures.

    Please let us know if you have any interest. You can also find more information about the books at and

    Kind regards and happy new year –

    Miss TJ Withers
    Assistant Marketing and Promotions
    IP – Interactive Publications Pty Ltd
    Treetop Studio – 9 Kuhler Court
    Carindale, QLD AUSTRALIA 4152
    T: +61 07 3324 9319

  2. Thanks, Al, sorry to bother you! I have been contacting the reviewers I thought relevant; it’s a very useful list you have here!

  3. I am a self-published author and I came here for reviews. However, I noticed that you seem to only do reviews for books that are in KDP select. Although my works are available on Amazon and Kindle, I am not enrolled in KDP select, because they stipulate that your books cannot be published anywhere else. Personally, I find this restrictive.

    I publish on – as well as Amazon – and I can choose the price of my e-books, including making my e-books FREE. I can also gift e-books, so there is no need for me to be in a KDP select program in order to make books available for review.

    I would like to be a part of Indie Review, but I do not know how to start. The list of reviewers does not specify what genre they specialise in, and I do not want to contact random strangers. Then there is the KDP select issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sasha,

      The IndieView site itself doesn’t do reviews. However, we do author interviews (what we call an IndieView) and if you’d be interested in doing that send an email to admin (at) theindieview (dot) com expressing interest and I’ll email you more details.

      We do a weekly post of books that are free via KDP Select, which is what I think you must be referring to there. This mentions KDP Select because that is the only method for a self-published author to make their book free for a limited time and able to control the timing.

      The list of reviewers we maintain are separate sites (so not really getting a “review” from the IndieView). There is a short list at the top of the page of “prolific reviewers” (with an explanation of why they are listed there). But there is a table immediately below that that you can search (see the search box just above the table) or page through (using the previous and next list just under the bottom of the table) with almost 300 indie friendly review sites. That table DOES list genre (the 3rd column of the table). This list also has a link to the submission page of each site for further investigation. To make sure you’re getting to the right place, this is a direct link to that page:

  4. I am new to “the indie view” so need a bit of help. I have published 14 books, my latest is “Sketches of a Small Town…circa 1940. A Memoir”. I have many reviews listed on my books on Amazon and Kindle (kdp select) Gary Harp reviewed and he is listed on amazon as top 50. My Kirkus reviews are are quite good. Tell me how to get listed as an author in your system. I failed to find the cyber site for my reviewers
    thank you.
    Clifton K. Meador,MD, professor of medicine, emeritus,
    Vanderbilt University

    • Clifton, one of the requirements is to have been reviewed by one of the sites in our database of reviewers (see the link at the top) and have received at least a 4 out of 5 stars or equivalent. (That means those that don’t give a grade don’t qualify.)

  5. So if I have no review from your list I can’t submit my book for a review.
    But I can apply for an interview–is that correct?
    Is that all I can do?
    Thank you

    • Morpheus, we don’t do reviews on this site. Any indie author can request and interview. To get an author page you must have a 4 or 5 star review from one of the reviewers on the reviewer list.

  6. Isn’t that a catch 22–if I can’t get on the list how do I get a review?
    I must be missing something.

  7. Different subject: I’m all set to send a request to A.Fae, the first reviewer in the list, but I can find no email address on their website.
    Would you have it?
    Thank you.

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