IndieView with Amy Venezia, author of The Grace Jackson Trilogy

I believe that if you put your heart and mind to something and really tap into your own energy and its connection to all that is, you can express in ways you never thought possible. In turn, the reader connects in ways they never thought possible and that is pure magic. 

Amy Venezia – 12 December 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with Don Jordan, author of The Great Snail Race

I guess it’s my reaction to the superhero craze. I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my day trying to do stuff that I would never win a prize for. Vacuuming comes to mind right away. Or painting the bedroom. But I keep trying. 

Dan Jordan – 8 December 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with Kiesha Collier, author of A Wife’s Revenge

It’s for men and women because we all go through, or have been through relationship woes, or have experienced the truth about a friendship whether it be good, or bad.

Kiesha Collier – 4 December 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with Sai Marie Johnson, author of Embracing His Empire

I want to influence young generations to love reading and to provide stories for all ages of life to enjoy. So, my target audience is everyone who is looking to be entertained.

Sai Marie Johnson – 30 November 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with John Coon, author of Pandora Reborn

Many people have reportedly died in the Uinta Mountains over the years while trying to find the lost Rhoads mine. Their deaths led to legends of a lingering curse on the mine. Learning the story sparked a question in my mind: what could make a mine cursed? 

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IndieView with Ketan Desai, author of Germs of War

I know a fair amount of genetic manipulation as I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, and background in the military made me realize the dangers of biological weapons. I put the two together.

Ketan Desai – 23 November 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with Caroline Walken, author of Behind the Fan

I experienced the same when I lost my parents, it is a common cord we share. Being me however I had to ask, what if you found something you never expected?  

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IndieView with Elizabeth Guizzetti, author of Immortal House

My husband and I watch a lot of horror movies. We were watching Tales of a Vampire, 1992 starring Julian Sands when the thought of the huge urban lofts where city-residing vampires are supposed to live are disappearing. I mentioned it to my husband and he said, “You have to write that.”

 Elizabeth Guizzetti- 17 November 2018 Continue reading

IndieView with Linda Anne Smith, author of Dawn Through the Shadow

I love the quote of Barbara Kingsolver, “Good fiction creates empathy. A novel takes you somewhere and asks you to look through the eyes of another person, to live another life.”

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Reviewer IndieView with Assaph Mehr of Felix the Fox Mysteries

I think storytelling is a fundamental aspect of human life, and I doubt that would materially change. We’ll keep telling ourselves stories – and read them, of course – for as long as we are human. 

Assaph Mehr – 12 November 2018 Continue reading