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Angelika Rust was born in Vienna in 1977. These days, she lives in Germany, with her husband, two children and a hyperactive dog. After having tried almost every possible job from pizza delivery girl to HR consultant, she now makes a living knowing English.
She doesn’t know yet what she wants to be when she grows up, whenever that may be. In the meantime, she writes the occasional book.



Final Cover EBook Ratpaths Duamo Edition
The city state of Istonnia is suffering, its people cowering under the thumb of a despotic ruler.
Nivvo is a young thief, not interested in anything except keeping himself and his sister alive. That changes when he accidentally overhears a conversation.
Now Nivvo finds himself up to his neck in trouble. He has only one night to find the rightful heir. He has to smuggle him out of the city before the tyrant and his black-clad soldiers kill them both. And he has to avoid the crime lord’s watchful eyes, for if Vicco Cambrosi catches them, they might be better off dead…

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ARFAR ebook cover final

The tyrant is dead. Istonnia is free, and peace has returned to her streets. Yet war is just a spark away.

Having forgone his own freedom for the sake of those he cares for, Nivvo, the young thief, wants nothing but to lie low until the rumors have died down.
But then a crossbow bolt flies true, and a rat dies.
Someone, somewhere, wants revenge.

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Once A Rat final cover ebook_small

“Tell me, Miregente…what will happen if you remove the Piper? Will the rats turn in their weapons, and resume life as good, honest citizens? Or will they fight for supremacy, until one of them has proven himself the strongest and meanest?”

After three attempts on his life, the ruler of the underworld decides to die. One man steps up to fill the void Vicco Cambrosi has left behind. Some follow, others oppose. Full-scale war among the rats threatens to rage over Istonnia. And Vicco’s ghost haunts the ratpaths, taking out the traitors, one by one.

Nivvo, meanwhile, has troubles of his own. Wanted for murder, he boards a ship to the enemy city state of Baredí. Only a handful of people know he’s not really on the run. He’s on a mission, and Istonnia’s future hinges on his success.

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An average abusive childhood, a tendency towards depression. Annalee’s life could be normal. If only she could get rid of the dwarf.

Annalee doesn’t mind what people call her. After all, a name’s just a name. What she does mind, though, is the dwarf trying to wall her in. Struggling between reality and hallucination, a black cat and a talking skeleton her only companions along the way, Annalee fights for her sanity, and a way out.

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Francis has told Francesca he’d love her till the end of time. Now the end of time is what he’s praying for.

A failed writer, haunted by the most useless muse of all, Francis drives to Italy to be best man at a wedding. All he wants to do is get drunk and have some fun with Francesca, the bride’s BFF. What he doesn’t want is to get married himself.
Francesca’s family, though, has very strict ideas. And guns.
Back home, Francis soon finds he’d rather get rid of his new wife. But break his vow? Risk her brothers’ wrath?
If only he could end time…and then he gets offered the opportunity to do just that.

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My Name is not Alice Ebook Cover small

Alice is a high school princess. Blonde. Beautiful. Shallow.
Until she meets a little white rabbit, and her world turns upside down. The line between reality and fantasy blurs, then vanishes alltogether.
And Alice becomes a girl who attracts Trouble. Trouble with a capital T.

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