How to add your review links to the Latest Indie Book Reviews page

Step 1.

Join the Indie Reviewer’s List

Step 2.

Subscribe to the site.

Step 3.

Put a link to on your site (this is optional but it makes you cooler if you do it or ‘like’ on Facebook)

Step 4.

Send an email to requesting I add you to the list of editors.

Step 5.

You will receive an email from me giving you the link to edit the page. You can now add the links to your latest reviews.


That’s how easy it is to massively increase the reach of your reviews and find new readers.



4 responses to “How to add your review links to the Latest Indie Book Reviews page

  1. I would love to be a reviewer for indie review. I’be been reviewing books since the year 2000. My background is 16 years of being a High School English teacher – now retired from teaching although I still tutor and teach some weekend classes. Bachelor’s degree in English, Masters in Education, Paralegal Certificate, Trained in Hospice work. Favorite genres to review: Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Biography and Autobiography, anything to do with foreign affairs, nonfiction books. Only books I do not review are horror, vampire and erotica. I would appreciate a reply at your earliest opportunity. An author, Joan Szechtman, connected me to your site. I am also on facebook under the name Viviane Crystal. Thanks so much for your time and consideration of this request. VC

  2. So how are the actual links added to the “Latest Indie Reviews” page added? I’m a little unclear on that. Are reviewers supposed to log in and create them, or does the admin add them?

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