Add Me To The Indie Reviewers List!

To be on this list the Indie Reviewer has to be:

  • Actively posting reviews
  • Review Indie eBooks (Indie is defined as self-published and small press)
  • Not charge for their reviews
  • Not be affiliated to a publisher
  • Have submission guidelines in place for an Indie author to submit an eBook

YES! Add me to the Indie Reviewer List

If you review Indie Books, and you do that for free, I'd love to add you to my list of Indie Reviewers. Please fill out the short form below and you will be added to the list within about a week. Thanks 🙂
  • Your email will not be shared, nor made public. I respect your privacy.
  • Please provide link to where your reviews usually reside. Otherwise to your home page.
  • Add this if your reviewer name is different from your real name.
  • You should have a Review Policy, with details on how an author can query you or submit a book for review including any submission guidelines or requirements (this should be a link).
  • What Do You Review?

    This part is optional. The more detail you provide the better the selection of books that are suited to your tastes.
  • Please list here what Genre you review. Add any special comment in the comments box below.
  • Other Genre that is not in the list above but you love to review it!
  • Don't like profanity, won't review erotica, or anything else you'd like authors to know, put it here.
    Check ALL that apply but be honest (we check).
    Swapping links is good for you and theindieview.