One Door Closes…

It was with regret that I read this post today. Lynn O’Dell and her team at Red Adept has been a champion of indies since the early days and it is our loss that they have decided to call it a day.

I interviewed Lynn way back in November 2010, when her site was already popular. The thing that struck me about Lynn’s interview  was her sincerity and uncompromising attitude to quality.

The good news is that Lynn and her team have started a publishing company, a venture I am sure that will result in many fine reads to come. RedAdept also offers editing services to indies as a separate service from the publishing arm.

It may surprise some of you that this very “pro indie” site would support a publishing venture – don’t be – we’re for any venture that supports authors in a fair and equitable way.

Best of luck with the new venture, Lynn, if your future authors need an indieview, or a plug, all you have to do is ask – we owe you and your team heaps.

Best wishes,

The IndieView

3 responses to “One Door Closes…

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Simon.
    Like you, we are still “pro indie.” 🙂

    We feel authors should have a choice in how they publish, which is why we have both sides of our business, publishing and indie editing.

  2. I see Simon that Lynn has posted two links to your site in her farewell message.
    Her reviews are very highly regarded and I hope she will be at least as successful in her new venture.
    I have always admired her reviews. They have made me feel very … clumsy … every time I tried to write a good review.

  3. When I read the last Red Adept Reviews on my Kindle, I felt a great sense of sadness. I found so many wonderful authors because of the blog, and I will miss it.