Judi Moore

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I live in  Weymouth, on the south coast of Britain, with several  black and white critturs in an old Tardis-like cottage.

Between 2006 and 2013 I worked part-time as a tutor in Creative Writing (2nd level) for the Open University here, teaching poetry, short fiction and life writing. That was a lot of fun.

I published my novella Little Mouse in the autumn of 2014.

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What’s it about?

“After Kristallnacht in 1938 Doktor Theodore Goldstein, his wife Lisl, and their small son Theo, flee from Berlin, across the North Sea to Edinburgh. There, for more than ten years, they build a new life – a good life. But then a friend from the old days arrives, and they find themselves once again facing ruin and terror.”

It is set earlier in the same time line as my first self-published SF novel, Is death really necessary?

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What’s that one about?

“In 2039 the enormous potential of Nanonics has finally been realised. Now it can heal the terminally sick at a molecular level. But the tiny machines can manipulate any matter – and not necessarily for good: they have no conscience.

Gates Hanford’s career imploded because the very idea of Nanonics so scared the British public it was abandoned: the walls of the single estate of empty, nano-built houses continue to rustle eerily. However, Gates is still working on Nanonics: he wants to break the stranglehold the petrol-based engine has on the world and believes Nanonics may hold the answer.

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, Teddy Goldstein is dying of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. All the resources of her father’s prosthetics company cannot save her. But, just maybe, Nanonics might. If only there was someone still working in the field …

Somehow Gates finds himself working for Teddy as well as on his own project. Will he achieve his goal? If he does, what sort of world will exist among the rusting hulks of the world’s automobiles? And how long will Teddy live to enjoy it?”

Both books can be had, on paper, from  feedaread.com, Amazon (US, UK and elsewhere), Barnes & Noble (US), the Book Depository (worldwide) and fishpond books (worldwide). Or they can be had as e-books from any Amazon.

Here are some links to those booksellers, for your convenience:

Amazon UK

Amazon US
The Book Depository
fishpond books
Barnes & Noble US

At the end of 2015 I published this collection of short stories.

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The stories are mainly about people on the periphery of various communities or ways of life; outsiders looking in, or insiders wanting out.

The stories are about: engaging a gardener; those who suffer most when war strikes; how to move from being homeless into the life of a family; how to name a baby; politics in the time of Pontius Pilate; the power and the beauty of sport; and how not to console a friend.

Now I have returned to drafting the ‘history-and-mystery’ thriller about which I’m really excited.

My blogsite, judimoore.wordpress.com, contains reviews of music, poetry, fiction (both mainstream and Indie) and things I’ve seen at the theatre that have particularly appealed to me, as well as news about my books and writing.

I’m on Goodreads and Facebook. Do say hi, if you’re round that way.

I don’t tweet. One has to draw the line somewhere 🙂

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