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IndieView with Sharon Duerst, author of Mending Stone

My college aged kids said not to worry, if somehow I was still unpublished when I died, they’d see the story finally got out there. I thought that was sweet. And unacceptable! 

Sharon Duerst – 12 January 2017 Continue reading

BookView with Sandra Hutchison, author of Bardwell’s Folly

In short, I wanted my heroine to be a clueless but sympathetic white girl who needed to get schooled – the hard way, of course, or it wouldn’t be fun to read. 

9 January 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with William Potter, author of Crownless Kings

This isn’t a fast-paced action thriller, more along the lines of cerebral literary fiction. So the hope is to take the reader on that thought-provoking journey as they move further and further into the world of this book. 

William Potter – 5 January 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Gail Cleare, author of The Taste of Air

I resisted, since it was going to be a major undertaking. Then I plunged in, and am so glad I did. The book really came together at that point. 

Gail Cleare – 2 January 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Melleny Smith, reviewer at Abooktropolis

People read to escape the world they are in. Whether it be through contemporaries or fantasies. I read because I love seeing a movie play in front of my eyes. Reading is no longer just a pasttime to move time faster. It’s become escapism. 

Melleny Smith – 29 December 2016 Continue reading

IndieView with Simon Chun Kwan Chui, author of Book of the Wonders of the Galaxy

I think my book works best for people who want to be challenged, who want to encounter new and unfamiliar ideas – the artist fascinated by science, the scientist curious about art, etc.

Simon Chun Kwan Chui – 26 December 2016 Continue reading

IndieView with Rick Moss, author of Tellers


Once I know who my characters are and what makes them tick, I find by simply putting them in a situation under given circumstances, they talk for me.

Rick Moss – 22 December 2016 Continue reading

IndieView with M.J. Colewood, author of The Last Treasure of Ancient England


Ultimately, though, it is aimed at readers that like a good yarn, an intellectual challenge and want to step back in time while being led on an adventure in the hunt for unexpected treasure.

M.J. Colewood – 19 December 2016 Continue reading

IndieView with M.M. Wolthoff, author of The West Texas Pilgrimage


I had so many personal anecdotes and experiences to draw from that made setting the stage for the story fun and natural. 

M.M. Wolthoff – 15 December 2016 Continue reading

IndieView with Steven Burgauer, author of The Road to War


Mr. Frodsham’s diary was (mostly) written in a conversational style, which made a pure joy of bringing it alive.

Steven Burgauer – 12 December 2016 Continue reading