Changing Of The Guard

The time has come for me to hand over the reins of theIndieView. It has been a fantastic journey, but, for me, the journey is at an end. Personal commitments and a desire to focus purely on my own writing has limited the amount of time I can give to the site and it’s not enough to do it justice.

The IndieView will continue in the capable hands of BigAl – run as a separate entity from his own site BigAl’s Books and Pals. I am extremely grateful to BigAl for stepping up and agreeing to carry on with the site. I am sure that under his guidance the site will grow and continue to be a useful resource for indie authors, reviewers and readers.

To everyone who has been indieviewed, commented and joined in – Thank you, it’s been a pleasure.


6 responses to “Changing Of The Guard

  1. Simon, I will forever be grateful for the boost you and the IndieView gave me. I still recall the day I got your email saying “indieview for you!” An interview on Simon’s site–I was thrilled. (still am)

    I also want to say a big thanks for your comprehensive list of reviewers. It was there I found the review site Since my book was on the geeky side, I pounced. I now have two spectacular reviews there (thank you, Amy Rogers), that GET both the science and the thrills.

    Best of luck, Simon, on the next phase of your career!

    PS: Big Al…good choice

  2. Simon Royle

    Thanks, Toni 🙂

  3. Thank you to Simon for starting this wonderful site for indies and for passing it along to the wonderful, marvelous, ever so gracious Big Al! You won’t have to worry. It is in good hands.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca.

  5. I’m just now discovering this site, but I know Big Al’s blog and I know he’ll do a great job here. Thanks to both of you for supporting indie books and authors!