A tribute to indie author L.C. Evans

To celebrate and honor our friend, indie author, L.C. Evans, and her contribution to the Indie eBook revolution, we’re giving away a whole bunch of free books. Linda lost her fight with cancer earlier this month. We lost a friend and a compatriot. We’d like you to buy her books, read her books, and make her words live.

In Linda’s own words, from her indieview a year ago

” I want my books to appeal to everyone, though I understand that men in general aren’t fond of reading chick lit or romantic comedy.”

If chick lit or romantic comedy is not your thing, authors who have been interviewed on theIndieView, will give you one of their books for every one of Linda’s books that you buy. For every receipt you send through, you will also get a lucky draw entry. The winners of the lucky draw will get a bundle of ALL the books – free.

The place to claim your free book/s  on the 24 January is here.

All you have to do  to claim your free book/s is forward your Amazon Order Receipt for one (or many) of L.C.’s books to the author whose book you have chosen. The authors email address is included with their book listing.  [IMPORTANT NOTE: when you forward the receipt, please delete your billing details], we only need the email address and the book order. Once we’re done sending you the book, we’ll delete your email address 🙂 (unless of course you’d like to chat with one of your favorite authors – the point is – this is not a marketing exercise.

Indie Reviewers

Indie Book reviewers have given their time by reviewing L.C.’s books.

BigAl’s Books and Pals

Caleb at Papyrus

Joanna (ficbot) at Goodreads and Teleread.

Blogging, tweeting and sharing:

Articles about L.C. Evans and her books

A great interview, from last year, with L.C. at the WG2E.

A spotlight on, ‘My Planet or Yours?.

12 responses to “A tribute to indie author L.C. Evans

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  3. Linda is greatly missed. She was a true friend. I never got to hug her, but I did get to tell her how much she meant to me.

  4. Thank you for continuing to tend LC’s garden and the things she planted for us.


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  6. Karen Cantwell

    Like Barbara, I never got to meet LC in person, but we became very close friends via email and over the phone. She was an amazing soul whose love and humor I will miss. Thank you for this tribute, Simon.

  7. Well done, Simon. She was a kind lady. May this be a blessing to those who miss her most.


  8. It’s so heartening to see such generosity and such care coming from the indie community…thanks Simon! LC will be greatly missed around the virtual water cooler

  9. Like several others, I never met LC in person, but her warmth and talent came through in her online communications in so many ways. RIP, LC.

  10. LC will be sadly missed. As well as being a great author, she was a fantastic woman. Again, I never got to meet her in person, only online, but she was always kind and helpful.

  11. I’m sorry to hear this, but I’m warmed by this tribute to her. Well done.

  12. I “met” LC several years ago on Kindleboards. She was a gracious, friendly and talented author. She still is!