IndieView with Bonnie Mill Lemke, author of Mollie’s Follies

There are no areas where I’ve struggled; it’s all fiction, inspired by real-life events.

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IndieView with J.D. Bowens, author of Adventures in Amarant: Short Stories Collection vol 1


I once heard that we only see people we’ve met in our dreams. In that way, we never see a face we haven’t seen in our dreams and that which we imagine in our sleep is a story comprised of people we’ve seen before. I like to think the same is true about writing; we only write about characters we’ve met.

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IndieView with John Forelli, author of Ayahuasca In The Age Of Donald Trump

There are a couple of types of people who will love this book: avid users of psychedelics, travelers, and conscientious Americans who are concerned about the place their country has become. 

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IndieView with Brenda Rae Schoolcraft, author of Alice Had a Palace

My writing process is let the story tell itself. As soon as I start a story, it seems to take on its own life, and the characters lead the story. 

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IndieView with James Bayers, author of Snake Slough

I had such a problem reading too much as a teen that now, when people ask, and they ask often, they all often receive completely different answers. I might leave one person thinking I read one set of books and another one thinking I read a completely different type.

James Bayers – 21 February 2019

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BookView with Laurie Boris, author of The Kitchen Brigade

It started with a flash fiction piece I wrote about a group of kitchen slaves plotting to poison their captors so they can escape. Even though it had taken me maybe ten minutes to write that story, it crawled under my skin and stayed. Then I read a couple of Malcolm Nance books positing that Russia is behind a calculated cyber-warfare and disinformation campaign to take down democracy in Europe and America. The “what if” part of my brain started churning. 

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Reviewer Indieview with Cody Sexton of A Thin Slice of Anxiety

The real problem as I see it is really an unwillingness on most people’s part to engage with a serious book in a serious way. However, books will always be around in one form or another merely because people need stories in order to survive.

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IndieView with Nina Bingham, author of Never Enough

The challenge for me was to make these issues and their treatment understandable for the layman, for a person who had no mental health or psychological education. I had to condense complex emotional and behavioral issues into language that anyone could understand.

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Reviewer IndieView with Mrs Y of Mrs Y Reviews Books


I look for what catches my eyes as an average consumer, because I know I’m not the only consumer who looks for these things.

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IndieView with Stephen Evans, author of The Island of Always

I picked up a magazine from an animal rescue organization called Best Friends and read an article on the millions of animals that were being euthanized in shelters every year. I decided I wanted to write something to increase awareness of the issue. 

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