IndieView with Vernon Glenn, author of Friday Calls

The writing just flowed and I felt very lucky for that. The Devil of Writer’s Block has yet to visit me.

Vernon Glenn – 25 May 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with Gareth Frank, author of The Moment Between

We all struggle between two competing natures, the logical and the spiritual. Where we lie between those two points largely defines who we are. That dualism is at the heart of my book.

Gareth Frank – 19 May 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with Jill Brock, author of A Candy Coated Lie

Besides having an overactive imagination, I usually take my stories from the people in my life. What’s happening in the world. Besides crazy cat videos, an idea gets stuck in my head and from that seed I make a story around it. 

Jill Brock – 13 May 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with Lauren Alexis Wood, author of Scary Stories to Laugh at in the Dark

Basically, my writing style can be summed-up as a collection of extremely bad habits finely-tuned to an almost professional-level. 

Lauren Alexis Wood – 7 May 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with JDeVereS author of The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races

Eventually, a story began to emerge in my mind. A story that I hope will bring our two cultures closer together.

JDeVereS – 1 May 2019 Continue reading

Reviewer IndieView with Iona Caldwell of The Antlered Crown

Reading as a pastime is not dying. No, I don’t believe that. The industry wouldn’t be flourishing if that was the case. I simply believe the way of reading is changing. 

Iona Caldwell – 29 April 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with Virginia Arthur, author of Treed

This is the kind of story I write because this is the kind of story that writes me, yes, it writes me–the characters show up and I dictate their story. It is this way for many fiction authors for which writing is a serious affair, a spiritual affair, a fascinating experience.

Virginia Arthur – 25 April 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with Amanda K. King and Michael R Swanson, authors of Things They Buried

My favorite bit of reader feedback was being asked if we had goosebumps when writing a certain set of scenes mid-novel. I love actually frightening readers with what we’re doing.

Amanda K. King – 19 April 2019 Continue reading

Reviewer IndieView with Laura from Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews

Writers need to note that the way they interact with the world and describe it may not always be the case for their readers. And — reviewers are not some almighty being. Yes, they may influence but they don’t command people to read this book or that book. A review is a review. Bad or not, it gets the poet’s name out there.

Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews – 16 Apris 2019 Continue reading

IndieView with A. Mon, author of The Little Book of Magical Tales

I loved the idea that anything was possible in these worlds. Animals could talk, children could fly and inanimate objects could have feelings. 

A Mon – 13 April 2019 Continue reading