IndieView with Kristine Raymond, author of Seasons of Love

While my plotlines are fictional, I do my best to incorporate a sense of realism into each one of them; that suggestion of ‘maybe that could happen in real life’.

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IndieView with Alexander Watson, author of River Queens


“Everyone wants to be invited.” Grandmother insisted in answer to my protests about inviting a kindergarten nemesis to my fifth birthday party. “Not everyone wants to come, but everyone wants to be invited.”

My responsibility is to invite everyone to participate in River Queens. My guest’s responsibility is to decide if the offer is right for them. Not everyone wants to read about two gay men bounding across the hinterlands in a fabulous vintage yacht.

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IndieView with Jean Constant, author of The Riemann Conundrum

The mathematical language is universal, so is the language of art. One doesn’t have to be a scientist to enjoy the beauty of geometrical shapes, one doesn’t have to be an artist to enjoy the effect of a particular color scheme.

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BookView with Phoenix Elvis Nicholson, author of Unleashed Phantoms

Each outing, like any child, comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. My hope is that those who read what my hands type will get the same level of satisfaction as I did when giving birth to them.

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IndieView with Maegan Cook, author of Secret Gold

I don’t usually focus on a target demographic when I craft stories. I write for me, and just hope someone else enjoys my work.

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IndieView with Penny Pearson, author of A Girl’s Guide to Time Travel

I hate to say I got lonely, but I think that happened. I wanted someone else in the industry to read my works and think they were good enough to take a chance on. Because it’s very easy to get lost in the sea of a million plus books available!

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IndieView with L.S. Young, author of A Woman So Bold

I got it while walking around my grandma’s land on a windy spring day, looking out at the field of rye with the sand racing across it in white drifts. It made me think about life in Florida during the 1800s. I always start novels with a simple impression like that. 

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IndieView with Miles Watson, author of Knuckle Down

I got embroiled in what can only be described as a bad romance. That will take the starch out of anybody. Luckily, as a writer, you learn to use things like pain, frustration, and anger in your work, and I harnessed a lot of what I was feeling in “Knuckle Down.”

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IndieView with A.M.H. Johnson, author of Midnight Over Moores

However, the idea started two or so days before the drive at my mom’s birthday party as my sister and I shared stories of our boarding school experiences, and my dad shared stories about being a teenager on the island we vacation at, and my mom commented that “Someone needs to write a book!”

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IndieView with Sincere Jones, author of Illusions of Happiness

I felt like going the traditional route would be a waste of time. I put a lot of hard work, dedication, time, and money into this book. To seek out a traditional publisher and convince them to read my work after all that feels as if I need their approval to share my work with the world.

Sincere Jones – 16 September 2018 Continue reading