Indieview with Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper, author of Populatti

Populatti Cover

Oh, and if I could do anything with my life, it would be to help teen girls learn that much of what happens in high school isn’t all that important. And that the most important thing they can learn while they’re there is how to be themselves!

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Indieview with Thomas Medonis, author of Lost Reality

Lost Reality

I am 32 right now and I think my age group would love my books. The problems we know, but are never discussed in the mainstream, come to the forefront in my literature.

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Allirea’s Realm, coffee and conversation with BigAl

Allirea's Realm

We setup camp in the back galley, passed around the jars of olives, mixed our own drinks, and generally made a party of it. People in coach avoided using the restrooms. But we had a heck of a party.

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IndieView with Henrik Rohdin, author of The Forbidden Army

ForbiddenArmyCover_HenrikRohdin (2)

Tad Williams is the only author that I can think of that directly influenced me. I read his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy in high school. Any fan of fantasy who hasn’t read it needs to – it’s the series that showed and convinced George R.R. Martin that writing Game of Thrones and the intricate world it is set in was possible.

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IndieView with reviewer N.M. Sotzek of On Writing

Nichole Moser

If I ask for a specific format to read and you’ve sent me a different one, I’m not going to lie, I will immediately reject you. Reviewers have a policy for a reason, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a review if you respect that.

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IndieView with Marina Raydun, author of Joe After Maya


… in general, whenever you write anything, even if it’s fiction, you open up a small part of yourself. This is always hard to do. 

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#Free for your #Kindle, 12/1/2014

The author of each of these books has indicated their intent to schedule these books for a free day for the Kindle versions today on Amazon. Sometimes plans change or mistakes happen, so be sure to verify the price before hitting that “buy me” button.

Discovering Ren

Discovering Red by Jennifer Eifrig

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A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live by Matthew Iden

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IndieView with Sarah Lane, author of The God of My Art

The God of My Art 380x570

As every reader knows, there are books, and then there are Books. Books for me, the ones with a capital B, include Half of a Yellow Sun (amazing plot, amazing love story, amazing message), Lolita (a very difficult book to read, written in the most beautiful prose; Nabokov was a master of his adopted language), and The Lover (the unforgettable, lasts-a-lifetime teenage angst of first love).

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IndieView with Terry Baker Mulligan, author of Afterlife in Harlem

Afterlife in Harlem

I self-published my first book Sugar Hill: Where The Sun Rose Over Harlem. I had started it decades before, but by 2012, self-publishing was no longer a joke and it was time to bring that project to fruition.

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IndieView with Russ Hall, author of To Hell and Gone in Texas

To-Hell-and-Gone-in-Texas-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

The book started as a memoir and galloped off to become a suspense/thriller. To keep the pace ripping right along I had to remove ten thousand words of backstory.

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