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IndieView: Steve Anderson, author of, The Losing Role

Cover for The Losing Role, by author, Steve Anderson

In this interview Steve talks passionately about his book, his writing and the path he took to getting published.¬†One of the nice things about posting these interviews is the really interesting and good people I’ve met along the way. What isn’t on display are the numerous emails and chats that go with putting a post up. Within those I get a sense of the passion of the authors – to date that has been an inspiration, none more so than in Steve’s case. Enjoy!

“I must have read an article about authors putting their books out for Kindle. That lead me to three or more articles and some googling, and by then I knew I had to do it because I had these manuscripts that had been vetted over the years but were sitting in a drawer.” – Steve Anderson 20 November 2010 Continue reading