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IndieView: Marian Allen, author of, Eel’s Reverence

Cover for Eel's Reverence, by author, Marian Allen

I tell everyone I don’t read the books I put up here. I just quickly check them for typos, formatting and “production quality stuff”. The reason is I, like many indie authors, am hammered for time – not enough of it, never going to be enough of it. So then, page One of Marian’s book Eel’s Reverence, a genre I don’t often read (once in a green Moon), I’m sucked in. If you find a typo in here don’t blame me, I wasn’t looking I was reading. Good quality writing will do that to you – every time.

“Indie publishers seem willing to take a chance on odd books that don’t fit exactly into a stereotyped niche. It’s also easier to make personal contact with indie publishers and editors, online and at conferences.” – Marian Allen 18 Nov 2010

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