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IndieView: Joseph Robert Lewis, author of, “Heirs of Mars”

Cover for Heirs Of Mars, by author, Joseph Robert Lewis

Joseph Robert Lewis was a great interview. He’s a good example of the new generation of Indie Authors putting out quality work. His ethos and professionalism are impeccable, as is the book. Oh, yeah, it’s a great story too! If classic sci-fi is your thing, or you just love a good story with interesting characters and a cool plot, then this one’s for you.

“Indie publishing is just like industry publishing. A handful of people will skyrocket to wealth and notoriety, partly by talent and partly by luck, but most of us will just grind away with small audiences and small profits, if any. The benefit, however, is that there is no gatekeeper preventing you from trying.” – Joseph Robert Lewis ~ 1 Nov 2010


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