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IndieView: From Ramen to Riches; The Amanda Hocking Story

Cover for Switched, by author Amanda Hocking

There’s a post on Amanda’s blog called Pink Headphones. Go read it, then come back here. It’ll put everything in context for you. Suffice to say this woman has heart; a heart that pumps digital ink through her veins as she lives and breathes her stories.

“I’m an all or nothing person. So for me, writing is like bingeing and purging. I’m either obsessively working on something – anywhere from 8-14 hours a day – or I’m not writing at all. But I’m always thinking of ideas.”     Amanda Hocking 9 December 2010 Continue reading

IndieView: Scott Nicholson, author of, The Skull Ring

Cover for The Skull Ring, by author, Scott Nicholson

If you’re a reader, reviewer or writer, you should spend some time reading what Scott Nicholson has written. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

“Some writers say they only write for themselves, but I don’t believe in that, either. I think about the story. Tell a good story.” – Scott Nicholson 3 December 2010 Continue reading

IndieView: Marian Allen, author of, Eel’s Reverence

Cover for Eel's Reverence, by author, Marian Allen

I tell everyone I don’t read the books I put up here. I just quickly check them for typos, formatting and “production quality stuff”. The reason is I, like many indie authors, am hammered for time – not enough of it, never going to be enough of it. So then, page One of Marian’s book Eel’s Reverence, a genre I don’t often read (once in a green Moon), I’m sucked in. If you find a typo in here don’t blame me, I wasn’t looking I was reading. Good quality writing will do that to you – every time.

“Indie publishers seem willing to take a chance on odd books that don’t fit exactly into a stereotyped niche. It’s also easier to make personal contact with indie publishers and editors, online and at conferences.” – Marian Allen 18 Nov 2010

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