IndieView with David Abare, author of The Swing Over the Ocean

The idea for the crime story came from my fascination of someone doing something amazing in the moment, and then having to deal with the immediate and unexpected results of newfound fame. 

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IndieView with M.J. Scoggins, author of Haunted

There are some parts of the story that hit a little closer to home than I would like to admit. I know that some parts of the story have made my family put the book down and refuse to read it.

M.J. Scoggins – 2 January 2018 Continue reading

BookView with Laurie Boris, author of The Call

But the idea for Margie and her story came to me in the 2015 Major League Playoffs, when a baseball player I love to hate—the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chase Utley—made an aggressive (some say illegal) slide into second base and fractured NY Met Reuben Tejada’s leg. I was so angry. 

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IndieView with Amber Porter, author of Money Moves

I received so many questions from students and parents about the college financial aid process that I decided to write it in a book.

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IndieView with William Schlichter, author of No Room in Hell

After studying not only The Walking Dead and other zombie works I wanted to put my own characters through an apocalypse and explore aspects other undead stories tend to avoid.

William Schlichter – 25 December 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Josh Hickman, author of Through Tick & Tinn

This book just flowed out of me. Sometimes I could barely get the words down fast enough. I think that’s when you know you’re writing the right book. 

Josh Hickman – 21 December 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Daniel Prince, author of Choose Life

I wrote the book that I wished I had in my hands 3 years ago, when my wife and I were faced with the biggest decision of our lives.

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IndieView with Victoria Howard, author of The House on the Shore

I prefer to work from a 3-5-page outline, as I quite often find my thoughts and my characters take me off in a totally different direction.

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IndieView with Nillu Nasser, author of All the Tomorrows


It is about second chances, the weight of tradition and gender, and the line between happiness and selfishness.

Nillu Nasser – 11 December 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Leta McCurry, author of A Shadow Life

I published my first book, High Cotton Country, in 2014 at the age of 81. This was a contributing factor to deciding to publish indie. I didn’t want to wait two years for my book to be published. 

Leta McCurry – 7 December 2017 Continue reading