IndieView with Vincent Santino, author of Neonatomy

Go until the wheels fall off, then see what needs fixed (usually everything because the wheels fell off). 

Vincent Santino – 21 September 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with LyLena D Estabine, author of On the Bridge

I finally realized that, what others thought about it wasn’t as important as what I had to say. I found myself, just like my main character Colt, faced with the decision about whether I was going to accept the narcissism the world feeds us or if I believed in something more optimistic.

LyLena D. Estabine – 18 September 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Tay LaRoi, author of Portraits of a Faerie Queen

Jocelyn’s struggle to find a balance between independence and asking for help is very reflective of where I was as a teenager. I know I can’t be the only one who struggled with that and I’d love for teens like me to learn earlier rather than later that they don’t have to have everything figured out yet. 

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IndieView with Howard Kaplan, author of The Damascus Cover

The novel was originally published by a major publisher then amazingly long in the dust bin and out of print, a feature film adaptation was made starring Jonathan Rhy Meyers and Sir John Hurt one of his last films, for worldwide release in the spring of 2018.

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IndieView with Robert Dunn, author of Savage Joy

Those two parts – the literary world of The New Yorker magazine and the downtown punk scene – meshed and conflicted in very interesting ways.

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IndieView with Kristin I. Morris and Joseph J Zielinski, Ph.D., authors of Jamarr’s Promise

As I continued therapy through this journey, I continually said, “this should be a book.” I know that I can’t be their only victim, and writing a book could help another caseworker in my situation. 

Kristin I. Morris – 7 September 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Mike Sims, author of Vic/Tim

I have been told by some that some of the events that happen in the book are too ridiculous and do not happen in real life. The funny thing is the ones they talk about were the ones that did come from real life.

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IndieView with Kate Hickey, author of It’s Me

I wanted to be one of those writers, typing away in the morning at a coffee shop. But that’s not me. I can only write at night from my home office.

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IndieView with Mike MacDee, author of Kingdom of Famine

And sometimes you write a good villain and aren’t sure how to send her off. Good bad guys need to have equally good sendoffs or it’s anticlimactic. I lost track of how many times I rewrote the ending.

Mike MacDee – 31 August 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Frank McNair, author of Life on the Line

My agent retired and I am a 65-year-old man with a first novel. Given the state of publishing today, I was never going to find an agent.

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