Reviewer IndieView with Amy Shannon of Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Amys Bookshelf

Reading doesn’t just provide the reader information, but the stories take the reader on a journey. I don’t think it’s a dying pastime, but the formats of reading (from paperback to digital) may change.

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IndieView with LC Coyle, author of The Drakon


I remember reading so many YA novels and thinking, “What a goody-two-shoes! No way that would happen!” … This book is for all the girls who are tired of thinking there’s something ‘wrong’ with them because they don’t have the pure-as-driven-snow outlook that female YA heroines today so often seem to share.

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Reviewer IndieView with Charity Martinez of 5 Girls Book Reviews

5 Girls

I used to work in my girls’ school when they were in public school and most kids didn’t even read, parents didn’t make them read and some kids were in 5th grade and didn’t even know how to read!

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IndieView with Derek Warmington, author of The Sun That Shines & The Storm That Will Always Pass

The Sun That Shines & The Storm That Will Always Pass

I’ve been writing for a long time, and I don’t think I could ever write about completely fictitious characters …

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BookView with Lauri Boris, author of A Sudden Gust of Gravity


I really enjoyed inviting him into this story and letting him tell his side of things, and he was one of the most forthcoming characters I’ve ever worked with. And adorable. If only he weren’t so fictional and I wasn’t old enough to be his…well, youthful aunt.

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IndieView with Denise L. Jenne, author of Annalise’s Up and Down Day

Annalise front cover with 5-star sticker

They are absolutely real people — not even borrowed from real world people. My characters are my great niece and her parents — although, if you were to ask Annalise, she might disagree.

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Reviewer IndieView with Anastacia Zittel of Anastacia Reads


It’s very rare however that I’ll finish a book nowadays with bad grammar. Life is too short to put up with books like that.

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Reviewer IndieView with Kimberly of The Absurd Book Nerd


es, there are some bad books out there, but there are also many, many more great self-published novels. I think authors have more power thanks to the web and so do us readers.  

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IndieView with Geeetanjali Mukherjee, author of Anyone an Get an A+

Any can get an a plus

But these books would completely overwhelm someone who hates to study, or consistently gets bad grades and believes that they aren’t cut out for school. These students would be put off by elaborate systems or checklists or any method that required them to spend a lot of time understanding how to study before actually sitting down to do it. In my book, I have tried to keep things simple, and give tips that all students can use straightaway to make a difference to their grades, alongside highlighting the cutting-edge research that could help a student to dramatically change their grades without necessarily substantially increasing their study time.

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IndieView with Julia Starling, author of Against the Oaks of Bashan

Against the Oaks of Bashan cover

We’re a global village now, and that has its advantages. But it also puts individuals at risk of losing themselves to the collective, at risk of losing the capacity to think for themselves and succumb to what those in power want them to believe and do with their time and their lives. 

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