BookView with Jason Tanamor, author of Drama Dolls

Drama Dolls Cover

I can’t remember the documentary’s title but it revolved around grown men who dressed up as dolls and walked around in public. Bystanders would stop and stare, point, wave, and yell out at them, and in the dolls’ minds, they thought that they were beautiful. 

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Reviewer IndieView with Barb and her Co-bloggers from Paging Through the Days

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I went to work the next day with a mission in mind. I told Em, “Hey I started a blog and you’re gonna help.” (Laughs) She had never blogged but I kinda threw her in and now she’s almost a pro. 

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BookView with Traci Borum, author of Seeking the Star

Seeking-The-Star-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Hopefully, those who’ve enjoyed my first two novels will enjoy this one, too. And even though it’s being marketed as “Christian” fiction, I still believe those outside that target group will find the book interesting and valuable, the next step in the series.

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#Free for your #Kindle, 11/2/2015

The author of each of these books has indicated their intent to schedule these books for a free day for the Kindle versions today on Amazon. Sometimes plans change or mistakes happen, so be sure to verify the price before hitting that “buy me” button.

Love and Lust in the Tropics


Love and Lust in the Tropics by Derrick West

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Two Birds

Two Birds by Vicki Tyley

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IndieView with Lisa Becker, author of Clutch

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if you happen to be a well-to-do movie producer looking to make a new romantic comedy, please get in touch!

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IndieView with Courtney Psak, author of Thirty Days to Thirty

Thirty Days to Thirty Cover A

I knew the overall message I wanted to convey, so by keeping that focus in mind, it was easy to make sure I was presenting that clearly throughout the book.

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BookView with Erica Lucke Dean, author of Splintered Souls

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The doctor prescribed me some potent meds that made me seasick if I stood up, so I laid in my bed for 3 weeks and wrote a book. 

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IndieView with Tiffany Reyes, author of Behind the Chimera

Behind the Chimera

When I’m writing a scene and the thought crosses my mind, “Should I write this? My mom is going to read this,” I know I need to write it.

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IndieView with Angelika Rust, author of My Name is not Alice

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Over the past years, I spent a few months teaching English to pensioners, which required me getting up at 6am to walk the dog before work. You get all sorts of ideas when you’re walking in perfect darkness, no lanterns, and loads of mysterious sounds reaching you through thick fog. Half the story came to me then and there. The other half I owe to a friend who caught me writing ‘leftover bear’ instead of ‘leftover beer’.

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IndieView with Merrill R. Chapman, author of Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver


I’ll share some things I’ve learned and provide some contrarian views on a few things I’ve read from other The IndieView interviewees.

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