IndieView with Aideen Blackborough, author of Does It Wet the Bed?

Does it wet the bed


I was always good with words and was told that one day, I should write a book. Christie Brown’s “My left foot” inspired me to tell my own story of living with cerebral palsy and being a disabled parent.

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IndieView with C.L. Shaffer, author of The Link that Could Not Be Broken

The Link that could not be Broken full e-book cover (2)

It is a Christian Fiction piece so my target reader is someone who enjoys that genre. But it is also for those looking for something a bit different within that genre.

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Reviewer IndieView with Victor A. Davis of Mediascover

Books Books Books


I can’t say why others love reading. I love reading because it expands my sphere of understanding, both intellectually and emotionally. I only assume that readers in general share some version of that sense.

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IndieView with Anthony Crowley, author of The Mirrored Room

THEMIRROREDROOMnewcover2015 (2)


I basically just write to entertain the reader. A non-horror reader can be drawn into speculative literature overnight.

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IndieView with Bryce David Salazar, author of She Sees Metaphors

She Sees Metaphors

I had some idea that had something to do with people wearing masks that exposed themselves, and it sort of grew from there. 

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Reviewer IndieView with Ije Kanu of Literary Fiction

Books Books Books

I believe one of the major challenges of self-publishing is that you get the junk as well as the good ones, and there really is no way to tell which is worth the time except through reviews.

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#Free for your #Kindle, 8/31/2015

The author of each of these books has indicated their intent to schedule these books for a free day for the Kindle versions today on Amazon. Sometimes plans change or mistakes happen, so be sure to verify the price before hitting that “buy me” button.

15 Hours


15 Hours: an Alex Sedaka thriller  by David Kessler

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No Good Deed

No Good Deed by M.P. McDonald

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IndieView with Lianne Simon author of Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite


The world of publishing is still rapidly evolving, but at the time, it seemed that good writing wouldn’t necessarily get you an agent. And without feedback, it’s difficult to tell what’s wrong with your query letters.

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IndieView with Nick Hirst author of The Shape of Rain


I heard a story on the BBC while driving that sparked my imagination. Later, in California I saw a road sign that inspired me and gave me another idea and it all sort of gelled into one.

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Reviewer IndieView with Patrick Murtha of Book’em, Danno!

Patrick Murtha

Many of the greatest works of literature – Emily Dickinson’s and Gerard Manley Hopkins’s poetry, John Kennedy Toole’s “A Confederacy of Dunces” – didn’t make it past the slush piles of their times, and it is only by a fortunate concatenation of circumstances that we have them. We don’t know what other great writing has been lost forever.

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