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Each Indie author from this list will have their own page listing their book/s and however many details the author would like to share. (The site admin will setup a blank page for the author to edit and contact you with instructions if you meet all requirements for inclusion.)

To get listed here you need to have a four star (out of five) or better review from one of the reviewers listed on the Indie Reviewers List.

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  • Please list the genre you write in. This is used in the Indie Author List
  • To get on the List you MUST have the equivalent of a four (out of five) star or better review from one of the reviewers on the Indie Reviewers List. **** Do NOT provide a link to Amazon reviews. It MUST be the link to the review by the reviewer on their site and it MUST be a site that gives a numeric ranking of some kind. ****

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  1. Hello, Would like to have my book “Greed” subtitle “how human attitude affects planet earth” reviewed by Indie. Could you please let me know what to do? Thanks a lot, Cor

    • Cor, we don’t review books here, however we maintain a list of others who do. Click the link on the top edge of the page that says “The Indie Reviewer List”.

  2. My book, Flirting with Misadventures: Escapades of an Exotic Life was released by FriesenPress in 9/12/11. It is a combination of Selected Narratives, Collected Poetry, with Assorted Historical, Philosophical,
    and Political Essays
    I’d like to give in some exposure on the Indie View. What do I need to do to get it done? Thanks for your feedback.

    • Constancio,

      We have a feature called an “IndieView,” that is an interview with you about both whatever book you want to focus on as well as you. If you’re interested in doing one, email, and I’ll send you the details.

  3. Hello,

    My second novel Soul Hostage was released on 2/19 and I am hoping to join a group which can help me get word out. Please advise.
    Jeffrey Littorno

    • Jeffrey, I’m not positive what you’re looking for, but one way would be to explore the Indie Reviewer list for book bloggers who might be willing to review your book.

  4. B. D. Heywood

    I am hoping for a review of my M/M erotic, paranormal novel, Eternal Samurai, by an Indie reviewer. The book was released in December 2012. Before considering, please note: This novel contains sexually explicit scenes, violence and adult language that may be considered offensive to some readers.
    I will be happy to provide a Kindle gift copy or a print copy.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards,
    B. D.

  5. I have 26 5-star reviews for my book on Amazon, but I have no idea if the reviewers have sites. Are you saying you don’t accept reviews from Amazon?

  6. I have many novels with great reviews, most of them average better than 4.o stars. See my novels here

  7. Question, how can we get atleast a 1 star review from someone on this site without being listed?

  8. I understand authordas’s question, because mine is the same. Perhaps I’m dense. I would truly like to present my Amazon eBook for a review on your interesting site, but I’m not quite sure how to achieve this. The solution would be most welcome. Thanks a mil for any help.

    • Martin,

      The short answer is, we DON’T do reviews on this site. Look around. Do you see any?

      I know a lot of authors come here because several high profile sites have referenced us as a good place to go for reviews, and they’re kind of right. So I understand the confusion. We provide a directory of indie friendly book blogs. If you click on the link that says “The Indie Reviewers List” (at the top of many pages, definitely the home page) you’ll be able to access the list. The list gives brief details on the specific sites that met our criteria and have links so that you can investigate further those that appear to be a possible fit. To get reviews, you’ll need to read, meet, and follow the submission criteria and submission instructions for each site.

      However, we DO do author interviews which focus on a specific book, which is what you’ll see if you go to the home page and scan through it. If you look down the right side of the page you’ll see a section labeled “For Authors” with a link that says “Do an IndieView” for more details on that.

  9. Hi,

    I’ve been a self-published author for a while now, but just got signed by an indie/small publisher and need some help with reviews since they don’t help with those. I’ll send a free copy if you’re interested. Please check out my website above. Thanks.

    –Ian Kane

  10. You used to have ordering at the top of the chart… click on the title of the column at the top, and the charts automatically re-arranged. That was most helpful. Are you in the process of restoring these? Thanks.

  11. No, I am talking about this chart, the biggie:


    • Okay, I think I understand. You can sort that table and any of the other tables on the site by clicking on the two arrows at the top of the column. If you click once it will change the arrows at the top to just one arrow and sort in alphabetic order (which if you do it on the first column will not appear to have changed anything since it is in that order already). Clicking again, it will reverse the arrow displayed and sort in reverse alphabetic order. The plug-in I use to maintain these tables had an update several months ago which changed the look and feel of sorting. It also changed how it did the sort – apparently in the past it made assumptions about fields that looked like dates and sorted them in date order and it stopped doing that. I modified the date column to be formatted YYYY/MM/DD so that the date added would be sortable in a useful way because a lot of authors like to be able to sort on that column to find any new reviewers who have been added. Clicking on the date column twice will sort the newest entries added to the top.

  12. That’s the problem… I used to see these tiny arrows, but the website now keeps looping and doesn’t show the arrows anymore. I see nothing but standard column headings.

    • Scott,

      I’m not sure why they aren’t showing up for you. They do for me. I thought it might be an issue with a specific browser, but checked using Chrome, Internet Explorer (the one most likely not to work), Firefox, Silk, and whatever the browser used on the Kindle Fire and my Droid phone. In all cases I got the arrows and was able to sort the columns. I noticed that the arrows were the last thing to show up, so my theory is if there was an error of some kind the arrow wouldn’t show up, but the table and headings might. But I’m not sure what would cause an error. I’m assuming you’re using one of the common browsers I listed. If you aren’t, do you have an alternative browser available to try and see if it behaves differently?

  13. I’m glad we know exactly what the problem is. Yeah, I used both Google Chrome and Safari, and both just keep on “loading” although I can see everything else… if it weren’t for the fact that I already saw these tiny arrows before, I wouldn’t have guessed that there was more to the table than that.

    I’ll try it at my office computer.

    This may be a problem for people with older computers maybe? Maybe you can speed up the downloading of the website somehow? My computer is not that old… it’s a MacBook Pro but….

  14. Okay, I just rebooted my computer and was able to use the arrows in the Indie Reviewer list column headings again… so it was a problem on my side. Thanks!

    Now a different problem. When going to the Indie Authors page, I cannot access the bottom of the drop-down menu of list of authors. It drops down way past the bottom of my computer screen, and I can’t scroll down. So a lot of authors are cut off from visibility. Can you re-design it so that all the authors can be seen by scrolling down?

    Also, there is no search function for authors. No categories of authors i.e. science fiction, fantasy, romance, etc, so no added enhancement for readers who may want to check out a certain author.

    Just suggestions, thanks!

  15. requested to be an indie reviewer on 3/23/14 have not heard back

    • Gut Reaction, when I looked at your site I saw no sign that you had ever reviewed an indie book (defined as self-published or small press). Everything I saw were by authors from the best seller list.

  16. reviewed 13 Days: the Pythagorus Conspiracy
    and am currently reading Vengence is Mine, from an indie author for review
    also have 3 requests from indie authors to review there boooks
    my site just got online last week so just getting going on the indie thing

  17. oh and i reviewed Junkie by Robert French’
    when you look at my site and click fiction then Mystery/thriller click again don’t move to the list of big authors, those all have multiple reviews
    taking a second look at the set up if you didnt see them, means others may not also

  18. Excellent site. Lots of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing
    in delicious. And naturally, thanks on your

  19. Hi Peeps,
    I am a new author, run my own independent micropublisher and totally avoid dealing with Amazon. Hence, I stopped joining Goodreads when I heard a) it had been taken over by Amazon, and b) readers told me they had tried to review my book, but were not allowed (doubtless because I won’t let Amazon sell my book!) Call me thick. But isn’t it a kinda chicken and egg situation here? I want to join the Indie Author lis. But it says: ‘To get listed here you need to have a four star (out of five) or better review from one of the reviewers listed on the Indie Reviewers List.’ How can I get a review if I haven’t joined?

    • Mark, two different things. You can submit your book to the reviewers on the Indie Reviewer List without being a member of anything.

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