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I’d like to introduce you to some of the Indie authors I know, and more importantly, their books. Over time I hope that the reviewers listed on the site will come here, and write reviews for the novels listed.

Indie authors please go here if you have a quality book that you would like to showcase.

Search by author, genre, or book title.

(P.S. Authors I am sorting your links out – bear with me – uploaded over 50 fifty books by hand to this new searchable table format).

Update: 9 May 2011 – We’re upgrading the format and adding (over 25 new books) to this page. Having a few issues with image size in the table, which our superlative technical support guy is investigating. Hopefully we’ll have things under control by the end of the week.

Reviewers NameWebsiteReviews Genre/sSubmission GuidelinesReviews postedDate Added (y/m/d)
January GrayJanuary Gray"All but Romance, Paranormal, Horror and Self-help. I have detailed, but simple Guidelines easy to find on my blog!"GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/11
Lilaina OsbornOn Writing"I accept adult fiction in the following genres (or any mix of the following)
- fantasy
- historical fiction
- Christian
- science-fiction
- romance
- military"
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/19
Cat EllingtonReviews by Cat Ellington"I accept crime capers, crime thrillers, legal thrillers, suspense thrillers, psychological thrillers, hard-boiled fiction, noir fiction, horror, paranormal, erotica, romance, urban fiction, urban romance, chick-lit, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, comics, and graphic novels.

However, I do not accept YA or Western."
ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/05/12
Larissa BanittThe Howling Turtle"I consider all books, but have a preference for Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA, and books that feature diverse characters and lgbt romance."Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/04/11
B. B. MorganB. B. Morgan"I dislike erotica, vampires and werewolves, and books where the dog dies. I have a soft spot for characters with love interests, underdogs, and happy endings."ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/06/09
Robin GoodfellowBlack Magic Reviews"I enjoy the horror genre, as well as dystopian, supernatural thriller, and paranormal romance. I especially love dark fantasy, and any literary work that gives off a dark, elegant feel."Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/06/09
Bob MilneBeauty in Ruins"I primarily review fantasy, but also review action-adventure, horror, and science fiction."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/04/21
Dawn WestUp 'Til Dawn Book Blog"I review most subgenres of Romance: Contemporary, Historical, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci Fi, YA, NA, & Erotica."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/04/20
Kim DyerArkham Reviews"I will review any genre of fiction provided that it is targeted at Young Adults. I also consider Middle Grade fiction so long as it still holds appeal for older readers."About this BlogBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari2014/07/16
Desert RoseDesert Rose Reviews"I won't review erotica, or romance with strong sexual themes. Anything else is welcome!"Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2017/05/12
C.E. ClaytonC.E. Clayton"I'll read MOST works of fiction, though my preferred genres are fantasy and science fiction. I currently don't accept erotica, fan fiction, non-fiction, slasher horror, individual short stories (anthologies are welcome), or children's books at this time."Requesting a Book ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/05/12
Savannah BonnerReading Bifrost"I'll review any genre, but I don't do erotica. My faves are Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, and Horror."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/06/05
Leigh HollandLeigh Holland Writes"Mystery/Suspense, Thriller, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Crime Fiction. I don't accept erotica, pornography, anime, graphic novels, or children's books."Submitting a Review RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/04/11
Cynthia BohnSpeedy Reader"Not interested in erotica, politics, self-help, sports, or too much profanity."ContactBlog, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook2017/06/09
OliviaBooks and Readers"Open to most genres . I don’t review Middle grade books and Children’s books."Submission GuidelinesBlog, Goodreads2017/04/11
Sally BendBending the Bookshelf"Our focus is on authors and stories that bend gender and sexuality."Review Requests (and more)Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/04/11
James TivendaleYou and I Books"The genres that I mainly review are fantasy and thrillers. I will consider all genres except erotica or romance but it has to be presented well by the authors and have something that intrigues me. If there is a lack of effort in the approach e-mail for a genre I am not as interested in then the author has little hope of me looking at it."AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/04/11
J. B. GarnerJ. B. Garner - Musings of a Starving Author"The only things I won't review: Non-fiction and straight up porn. EVERYTHING else is welcome!"Starving Review RequestsBlog, Goodreads2014/10/22
YA ReviewersYA Reviewers"We review Young Adult books in the following genres: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure."Book Review Policy and GuidelinesAmazon only2017/07/21
Gene RobertsVigilant Reader Book Reviews“Action, Adventure, Crime, Detective, Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Westerns.”Review TermsBlog, Amazon or appropriate retailers, Goodreads2015/12/13
SaraThe Page-Hungry Bookworm“All except YA/NA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA/NA romance and Erotica.”Submission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/08/14
Barbara GipsonA Different Kind of Read“At this time, I only review books for children.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything2016/05/08
Samantha FischerSamantha Fischer“Fantasy, historical fiction, anything similar to Stephen King.”Review SubmissionsBlog, Amazon,Facebook2016/09/25
Anastacia ZittelRambling Reviews“Hi there! I specialize in reviewing historical fiction (especially European), YA, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, memoirs/biographies, and non-fiction books (history, crafts, cooking, gardening, canning, animals, and the environment).

I DO not review politics, sports, poetry, or any book where a main character animal dies.”
Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/11/21
CrystalCrystal Crichlow“I am only interested in reviewing Young Adult/Teen fiction in most genre's, especially dystopia or apocalyptic books. I also review children's picture books. I DO NOT review books that contain rape, child abuse, animal abuse, racism, discrimination, or erotica. You can find my review policy on my website. PDF copies ONLY.”Review GuidlinesBlog, Amazon, Facebook2016/05/13
AlyReading Shy With Aly“I do not review erotica but I will review pretty much anything else. I also am starting to review audiobooks.”Contact and Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/06/02
Rachel JonesRachel's Really Random Reviews“I mostly review Young Adult novels but I will occasionally review childrens and adult books if the synopsis interests me. I do not review adult romance novels or any erotica.”Review PolicyBlog2015/09/28
Sienna LoganLost to Books“I only accept YA and NA titles in the following genres: Romance (all sub-genres), Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Dystopian, Adventure/Action, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Chick Lit, Mild Sci-fi (not complicated tech stuff), Novellas. I prefer there to be some romance in most books I read, but it's not necessary.

I will not review: Poetry, Historical Fiction (if no romance or paranormal element), Non-fiction, Literary Fiction, Short Stories, Children's Literature, Middle Grade, Religious Fiction, LBGT Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Memoirs, Autobiographies/Biographies, Memoirs, Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Erotic Fiction, Epic Fantasy.”
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon,Goodreads2015/05/21
Sara ReidToday We Did“I only review children's and young adult fiction and non-fiction.”Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/12/13
Andrea JamisonReviews in the City“I prefer to read children's books, urban fiction, self help, romance (but not gritty), and dystopian fiction. These genres are given priority.”Guidelines for Reviewing BooksBlog, Amazon, Librarything2016/08/08
Rainne AtkinsJust Books“I read a variety of genres, I do not review non-fiction books.
(Romance or erotica as part of the plot is fine, but I'm not a huge fan of books dedicated to either.)”
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/09/28
Mike SiedschlagBooks are Theater of the Mind“I read and review most anything. But I don't much care for 'bodice ripper' romance. Romance is fine as part of a larger story, just not the main focus. Things like; comedy romance, paranormal romance, action/adventure romance, etc., are fine just not romance romance, if that is clear.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/08/03
Katie Harder-SchauerJust Another Girl and Her Books“I read books in MOST genres. I prefer horror, science fiction, fantasy, YA, historical romance, paranormal romance, and children's books.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook 2015/05/21
Bark's Book NonsenseBark's Book Nonsense“I read horror, romance & erotica of all flavors and some general fiction if it has a touch of darkness. I much prefer character based plots over action. Please read a few of my reviews before inquiring. My reviews are light-hearted but are always brutally honest. I also DNF books if they are poorly written, unedited and/or not for me.”Review QueriesBlog, Amaozon, Goodreads2016/08/08
Linda SmithL.R.R. Smith“I review a bit of everything , but I do not review erotica or text books.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/09/25
Reading NookReading Nook“I review most genres but if you want to check out what I have already read and reviewed then have a look at my category listings.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/02/10
LeticiaShh, I am Reading“I will read Young Adult, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, horror, romance, etc.”Book Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2016/01/18
Andreas MichaelidesThirsty 4 Health“mostly non-fiction self help books”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2017/02/10
Charles LRandom Thoughts from a Book Nerd“My genre of interest are: YA, mystery, thrillers, romance titles as well as non-fiction books on business, finance, computers and the internet.”Review GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/12/26
CanariesThe Canary Review“Sci-f-, fantasy, with a special love of space opera, sword & sorcery and urban fantasy. Please, no horror/thrillers. YA/new adult okay, but not junior.”Request a ReviewBlog, Goodreads 2016/07/10
Lynne BarnesBarnsey's Books“The main genres I focus on are horror, action & adventure, crime & mystery, science fiction and thrillers. Other genres will be considered. I don't review children's books.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/02/10
Chris SolaasChristian Indie Book Reviews“This is a family-friendly review site, geared to give reviews similar to Plugged-In Online, but specifically for Small Press and Self-Published books.

Please no erotica. I enjoy Fantasy and SciFi but will read many other genres, including non-fiction. See my About page for submission instructions.”
AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/07
MarkSinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews“We are a Gay Romance blog with a small team of reviewers who read and review exclusively gay romance. We review all sub-genres within the gay romance theme; contemporary, historical, paranormal, crime, etc.”Requests – Contact UsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/12/26
Don SloanDon Sloan: Book Reviews and More!“We do not accept erotica or gay/lesbian books. Sorry. My aging heart just won't stand it. :-).

All other genres are fine, though, including both fiction and nonfiction.

Turnaround time for reviews is about four weeks currently. DON'T send the book file with your query email. I will respond quickly, usually within 24 hours. Then, I'll provide instructions on how to send along your book.

Thanks for the opportunity to review your fine work. Keep writing! Don”
Request a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/10/17
Striking 13Striking 13“We don't review poetry, but we're happy to look at any genre of novel or a collection of short stories.”SubmissionsBlog, Goodreads2016/11/01
Angel, Arianna, Michaela, Angelina5 Girls Book Reviews“We only review the following genres: Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children's, Picture Books”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/12/13
Book BingeBook Binge“We review all genres, but our primary focus is romance. We have a team of reviewers who choose the books they want to read and review.”Contact UsBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2015/12/13
Adam SmithStranger WritingsAllSubmit Your BookBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook. "In addition to the usual places, my Indie book reviews also appear on Cultured Vultures."2017/07/21
alisha montgomeryThe Bohemian HousewifeAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/11/19
Amanda-Elizabeth AbendThe WandererAllMissions Statement / Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/04/20
AmandapandaduhAmandapandaduhAllRequest a Book ReviewBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/13
Ana EstevesThe Bewitched ReaderAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing2015/11/02
AshleyAshley's BookshelfAllRequest a ReviewBlog2011/01/24
AthreyaBeleagured Shards of EleganceAllReview PolicyBlog2016/12/26
BigAlBigAl's Books and PalsAllSubmission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, and at their option, reviewers may post their reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, and other review sites.2011/05/07
Bookworm1102Bookworm1102AllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/13
Claire WarnerLiterary MusingsAllReview Policy and SubmissionBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/11/19
Crystal MarieCrystal's Many ReviewersAllReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/06/05
Elizabeth Horton- NewtonView from the Sixth FloorAllIndie Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/05/02
Fantasy Book CriticFantasy Book CriticAllReview PolicyBlog2011/01/24
Forward ScribesForward ScribesAllReview Policy on top/rightBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/03/14
GABixlerReviewsBook Readers HeavenAll(At bottom of page)Blog, Amazon, Facebook2012/12/04
Gayathri LMusings Over NothingAllMy Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/07/21
Jena GregoirePure TextualityAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
Jennifer LevacGenuine JennAllAbout/ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/12/13
Joyce NanceNance's Writer's ThesaurrusAllRequest A Book ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/04/11
Katrina M WhittakerPage FlipperzAllEmailBlog2011/08/07
L. S. LynnBooks Reviews AnonymousAllSubmissionsBlog, Amazon2017/04/11
Mari CarlsonMari's Book ReviewsAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/03/14
Multiple ReviewersWhispering StoriesAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/07
Natasha MurrayNatasha MurrayAllWant your book reviewed?Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/07
OO.D. Book ReviewsAllReviewing PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/04/11
The Indie BookshelfThe Indie BookshelfAllSubmit for ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
Underground Book ReviewsUnderground Book ReviewsAllTerms and ConditionsBlog, Amazon2016/05/13
UnderYourGrace/AshleyPerks of being a Late Night ReaderAllReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2014/11/19
Vincent F. A. GolphinVeereadsAllReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/08
AlyWhat is Life Without BooksAllContact/Reviews RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything2017/10/15
Laura FreestoneLFBooksAllContact/Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/10/15
BookjunkiemomRainy Day ReviewsAll Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/02/10
Michelle PerryI Read What You Write!All Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/08
Ally K.Ally Books and ReviewsAll ("Please see review policy")Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2017/10/15
BeeWriterbee's Book ReviewsAll ("Science fiction, Fantasy, and Short Stories go to the top of my list, but I will review a little bit of everything, including Poetry. I am not likely to review any Erotica.")Review Request GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari2014/09/19
maribeltheauthorThe Reader Inside MeAll (see About section on site for preferences)Submission GuidelinesBlog 2017/02/10
Barb, Emmy, Jess, LaurenPaging Through the DaysAll (See submission guidelines for preferences.)Our Ratings and ReviewingBlog, Amazon, Goodreds, Facebook2015/10/17
AshleyBookish CreatureAll except eroticaReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2016/12/26
The Book GirlThe Book GirlAll except eroticaReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2017/08/04
Tony RichesThe Writing DeskAll except erotica and horrorAboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/08/01
Emma LeaReading Room Cafe ProjectAll except Erotica and Non-FictionContact MeBlog, Goodreads2017/05/12
raeleighreadsraeleighreadsAll except erotica and romance. See review policy for likes and dislikes.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/06/23
Jeff LeMasterNo End to BooksAll except fantasy, romance, and eroticaReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook2013/05/27
Neats WilsonThe Haphazardous HippoAll except sci-fi and eroticaReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/06/09
CathySCath 'n' Kindle Book ReviewsAll GenreEmailBlog2011/11/06
Courtney BaumanBook Review by Courtney BaumanAll GenreRequest ReviewBlog2012/01/28
V DzdzsreviewsAll GenreContact WebsiteBlog
Henk-Jan van der KlisHenk-Jan van der KlisAll Genre
Other Genre
Religious; business
All Genre
Other Genre
Religious; business
Contact FormBlog2011/11/06
BeckyUptown OracleAll GenresContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/08/20
Multiple ReviewersLong and Short ReviewsAll genresRequest a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/09/20
Amy's Bookshelf ReviewsAmy's Bookshelf ReviewsAll genres Bookshelf Reviews RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Facebook2015/12/29
Paul CresswellThe Coffee & KindleAll genres except erotica.Review PolicyBlog, Amaozon, Goodreads2016/07/10
SamRockin' and ReviewingAll genres except erotica.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/07/06
Lauralee JacksHistory from A Woman's PerspectiveAll genres. (The books that I will accept to review should feature female protagonists in historical eras. The setting may be modern if it ties in heavily with history.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
Rachel SimonsStressed RachAll
No WesternsAll
No WesternsAll
No WesternsAll
No WesternsAll
No Westerns
Contact FormBlog2011/12/18
Twisted BiscuitsTwisted BiscuitsAll, but preference is for comedy.Contact UsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/05/02
Carrie SlagerThe Mad ReviewerAll, Young Adult. I don't review erotica, spiritual or religious fiction/nonfiction, poetry and any unpublished works. I'm open to most genres, but crime, detective and horror fiction are not my preferences.Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/05/17
BookangelBook AngelAll. "Books will be chosen to review from those submitted to the site. We will only review 15/PG-13/family-friendly books. Good reviews may be cross-posted to goodreads at author request. There is also a free reviews anthology e-zine that comes out on Smashwords. We're currently arranging a trial review column in a local paper to start 2015."For AuthorsBlog2014/12/18
PeritractInconsistent PacingAll. "Fantasy, Science-fiction, Horror, Historical fiction, Romance, and anything else that catches my attention."Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/08/20
Bella LacyReading 'n StuffAll. "Generally, the genres I like are the follow: mystery, thriller, horror, literary, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and graphic novels."Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/10/15
Lisa ThompsonThe Spine ViewAll. "I do not review erotica, self-help, religious themed, or horror/cult books."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2017/05/12
Rosemarie CawkwellRosie WritesAll. "I review crime, fantasy, detective, historical and science fiction, I also review non-fiction books, particularly history, true crime, biography and science related books, but I am open to suggestions.

I'm not interested in romance or erotica."
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads,Facebook2017/06/29
Paula PhillipsThe Phantom ParagrapherAll. "I review most genres and when submitting I prefer reviewers to send a synopsis and then I decide from that to whether or not I will read. I am not a fan of profanity and will take the occasional erotica- heavily depends on the blurb."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/08/21
Roxie PrinceRoxie WritesAll. "No non-fiction, religion, or political books, please."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/03/14
Serial ReaderThe Serial ReaderAll. (No erotica)Review Request PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/13
Jodena1017Books & MargaritasAll. “Honestly I am not a big western, science fiction, romance or erotica fan. Other than that I am willing to review anything else.”Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads2016/12/26
Allie SumnerAllie's OpinionsAll. “I am an equal opportunity book reader. I pretty much like a bit of everything.”Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/10/17
Carrie KurtzCarrie K's Book ReviewsAll. “I don't not review erotica and I don't really like profanity.”Review Policy (top right of page)Blog, Goodreads2016/05/06
This Girl Reads A LotThis Girl Reads A LotAll. “I don't review erotica on my blog but I will on Goodreads, Amazon and other relative blogs.”AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/05/02
Ceillie SimkissCandid CeillieAll. “I have a heavy preference towards science fiction and fantasy, as well as biographies & memoirs.”Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Library Thing, Facebook2016/10/08
Devon HannanReviews of a BibliophileAll. “Memoirs are my favorite books, but I also read fiction of various kinds.”SubmitBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/12/13
Kailei MarieCommon Book SenseAll. “The CommonBookSense blog is run by four people, so between us, we love reading and reviewing anything!”Review PolicyBlog2015/09/28
Multiple ReviewersUnderrated ReadsAll. “We don't review children's or YA. Each of our reviewers have their favorite genres.”FAQBlog, Facebook2016/05/08
ZaheerahReading and ReviewsAll. “won't review erotica or biographies”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/09/28
BookWormThe Book Worm ReviewAll. “Wont review erotica.”ContactBlog, Facebook2016/09/25
Susan BerryreadsusanberryAll. Including non-fiction. “See contact page for exceptions on the genres I do not review. I do not review horror, erotica and westerns in fiction.”ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/11/21
Richard BunningRichard Bunning Books and ReviewsAll. Profanity and erotica are a accepted provided their is literary merit. An excess of either, is likely to render me incapable of writing a review. I am equally as often too agitated to write anything after reading horror.”Policy (partway down page)Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari2015/12/13
BellaBellas Bright BookshelfBooks for YA, Teen, and Tween audience only. See review policy for preferred genres.Review PolicyBlog2015/07/11
skywatcherEbooks for AviatorsBooks must be focused on real-world aviation, including space flight. No erotica. We do not include or review books where the focus is not on flying, even if aircraft are included. Within that range anything from flight manuals to thrillers are welcome.We are looking for any books on aviationFAQBlog2011/06/30
EstherBite into BooksChicklit, Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, YAReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/03/14
Marie StoryMarie Story Book ReviewsChildren's BooksReview PolicyBlog, Amazon2016/05/07
Hagit R OronHagit R. OronChildren's Books (aimed at 12 years and younger)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
LizaThe Picture Book NookChildren's Picture Books onlySubmissionsBlog, Facebook2017/05/12
Christy KnocklebyChristy's Houseful of ChaosChildren's, middle-school, historical, nonfiction. No profanity or erotica.ContactBlog, Amazon2012/12/04
Kathryn CookBeyond the RainbowChristian and YA.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon2016/05/07
IolaIola's Christian ReadsChristian Fiction (I review Christian fiction and some non-fiction from big publishers, small publishers and self-publishers. Where possible, I also post reviews to and My personal favourite genres are Romance and Romantic Suspense, but I also enjoy a good mystery and speculative fiction.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Other2012/08/01
Valicity GarrisThe Rebel ChristianChristian Fiction “Absolutely NO erotica, LGBT, or Westerns. I have a soft spot for horror and YA romance! I'm actively seeking supernatural romance, I'm a sucker for vampires XD PLEASE give me something with minority characters! We need more diverse books! Christian Fiction is my favorite genre but I specifically enjoy Christian fantasy.”How to SubmitBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/10/17
Babus AhmedAjoobacats BlogCrime Fiction, Psychological ThrillersGuidelines for Submitting Books for ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/07/16
AutumnFallen Over Book ReviewsCrime, paranormal, paranormal romance, post-apocalyptic, demons, witches, horror, murder mystery, thrillers, dystopian, urban/dark fantasy, YA/Teen, suspense, humorMy Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/08/04
Rowena HoseasonMurder Mayhem & MoreCrime, Sci-fi. “Prefer edgy crime, thrillers, noir Nordic or otherwise, Eurocrime, hard sci-fi, urban fantasy, world crime in translation and the like, but can be tempted by modern mythology and weird things of almost any stripe. Fluffy romance and girly twee domestic dramas don’t get much of a look-in.”ContactBlog, Amazon Goodreads, Facebook2015/09/05
A. AaronBest Fantasy Book SeriesFantasy Request a ReviewBlog2017/02/10
K.C. GrayK.C. Gray's Book ReviewsFantasy and Science fictionReview Policyblog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/07/11
Books On The KnobBooks On The KnobFantasy and science fiction, mystery and suspense. Check guidelines.Review PolicyBlog2011/01/24
Catherine GriffinUnlimited Book ReviewsFantasy or Science fiction. Must be available on Kindle Unlimited in the UK. No horror, no erotica, no vampires.Suggest a BookBlog, Amazon2015/01/29
TonyaA Book A DayFantasy
Other Genre
sci fi, romance, mystery, historical fictionFantasy
Other Genre
sci fi, romance, mystery, historical fiction
Review PolicyBlog
Derek EdgingtonDerek EdgingtonFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/07
Jane KelseyJane KelseyFantasy, Horror, Dystopian, RomanceReview Policy and ContactBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2014/05/04
Toni Owen-BlueBlue BooksFantasy, Middle Grade, YA, Children's, Social Issues, High Fantasy, Romance. “Do not send me Romance with a wet protagonist, I will give it a horrible review. No horror, erotica, multiples in a series or anything that arrives in my inbox before my morning coffee.”Review SubmissionsBlog, Amazon, Facebook2016/05/13
ChristinaParanormal Romance Writings and ReviewsFantasy, paranormal ("Love reading paranormal, fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and YA fantasy.")Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/03/14
S.J. PierceS.J. PierceFantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Dystopian. "YA and Adult Fiction titles only. Elements of romance are fine and encouraged. No erotica. NO historical fiction or contemporary romances. Will consider chick-lit and mysteries if the premise is interesting enough."Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/12/11
AnnetteQueen of BooksFantasy, Science Fiction and Action/AdventureReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2016/07/10
Marie BlanchetMarie Does Book ReviewsFantasy, Science Fiction, and Comic booksSubmissionsBlog, Goodreads2017/04/11
David WileyThe Scholarly ScribeFantasy, Science Fiction, Christian. (See review policy for more discussion and details.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/09/25
Anela DAmid the ImaginaryFantasy, Science-Fiction, Dystopian, ParanormalReview PolicyBlog, Facebook2015/04/10
Books In BroganBooks In BroganFantasy, SciFiReview requests policyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/06
perfectioninbooksperfectioninbooksFantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Erotica,Action, Adveture,Mystery,Thriller. “I won't review any religion related books, horror,non fiction.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/01/02
JessaMs. J Mentions...Fantasy, SciFi, YA "While I mainly review Fantasy, SciFi, and YA, I am posted to reviewing books from other genres based on my enjoyment of the title. I will not review erotica, but am not adverse to books that have some sexual scenes. If in doubt, ask me about it!"Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/08/04
CraigCS fantasy reviewsFantasy, speculative fictionEmailBlog2011/07/03
Barb TaubBarb TaubFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, MysteryBook Review Submission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/07
Morrighan RoseElysian FieldsFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult. "I'm open to read anything, although I tend to lean towards the young adult spectrum. Erotica is fine, as long as it is not on the raunchy, nauseating side. 🙂 "Review PolicyBlog2014/08/13
Melleny SmithAbooktropolisFantasy, YAMy Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/11/01
Sarah KlothGirl + BookFantasy, YAReview Requests/PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook 2015/08/26
Amidst the PagesAmidst the PagesFantasy, YA Fiction, YA Contemporary, NAReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2016/01/18
Charlotte MaidmentNovelliqueFantasy, YA. Science FictionReview Request PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/09/25
Cathi ShawCathi ShawFantasy, Young Adult Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/08/13
DonnaBitesFantasy, Young Adult. “Please refer to my review policy for more detailed guidelines on what I read. My tastes are pretty varied and my policy goes into more detail than what I can provide here. “PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/07
Andi Schellinger and Melanie MarshFang-Freakin-Tastic ReviewsFantasy. "We will also review science fiction, horror, supernatural, and Paranormal."Book RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/01/29
B R SandersB R SandersFantasy. “Speculative Fiction in general, especially speculative fiction featuring diverse main characters. Won't review children's lit or Christian lit.”Request a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/07/11
Jason P. CrawfordBeyond the Curtain of RealityFantsy/Science Fiction. "I'll review just about any sub-genre of the above, but I'm partial to contemporary fantasy right now (so, urban, PNR, paranormal, etc)."Submission Guidelines (top/right of page)Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/11/10
GerryGerry B' Book ReviewsGBLT fiction, non-fiction, Canadian history, WesternEmailBlog2012/01/07
Crystal RantsCrystal's Random ThoughtsGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and AutobiographiesGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and AutobiographiesGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and AutobiographiesGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and AutobiographiesGenres I Do Not Review

Children’s Books
Christian Fiction
Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, Travel Memoirs, etc.
Historical Romance
Graphic Novels
Essays or book compilations of essays
Biographies and Autobiographies
Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/04/22
Heather OsborneEclectic Ramblings of Author Heather OsborneHistorical fiction/romanceReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
Doc CrabtreeDoc Crabtree Book ReviewsHistory (non-fiction). “I ONLY REVIEW HISTORY BOOKS.

That means I don't do poetry, romance novels, mysteries, history novels, religious books, sci-fi or those books which have mythical creatures like vampires, elves or human beings who actually care about customer service.”
Book Review GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/06
Jim McleodGinger Nuts of HorrorHorrorReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads,Facebook2013/07/06
JP WilderJP WilderHorror, Dark Fantasy Heroic and Epic Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, (No Romance, please) Thrillers and MysteryContact Me for Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Facebook2015/02/10
UrthwildDarkness BeckonsHorror, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction. "Any work of speculative fiction, and any Steampunk or Bizarro books. I will not review paranormal romance."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/17
Carole StevensGadget Girl ReviewsHorror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, crime, mystery, action adventure. ("Im happy to consider any books and I particularly love dystopian, post apocalyptic genres. ")Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook2014/01/12
Jeff KivelaButtonholed Book ReviewsHorror, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, Psychological/Horror, Dystopian Young Adult, Crime/Legal novels, Contemporary Literatures ( some pre-World War II )Request a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/03/08
Shane KeeneShotgun LogicHorror, Neo-noir, very dark crime.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/11/21
Shari SakuraiShari SakuraiHorror, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Male-Male Romance, Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic. "I will not review male-female erotica."Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/10/22
Audiobook ReviewerAudiobook ReviewerHorror, Science Fiction, Zombie, Post Apocalyptic. No erotica. Audiobooks only.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2014/02/17
Fantasy MuseFantasy MuseI generally read fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, crime and the occasional romance

I won't review erotica or any other genre not listed above.I generally read fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, crime and the occasional romance

I won't review erotica or any other genre not listed above.I generally read fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, crime and the occasional romance

I won't review erotica or any other genre not listed above.
Book Review RequestsBlog, Amazon2013/06/13
SandieBook Boyfriend ReviewsI generally will review any genre, but there may be a few that I will not.
I do review erotica but will not post nude pictures. I generally will review any genre, but there may be a few that I will not.
I do review erotica but will not post nude pictures. I generally will review any genre, but there may be a few that I will not.
I do review erotica but will not post nude pictures. I generally will review any genre, but there may be a few that I will not.
I do review erotica but will not post nude pictures.
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/03/22
Graveyard RoseThe Haunted Grave BooksI like to review YA best. But I am open to any genre that will spark my interest.Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2013/05/17
LucybirdLucybird's Book BlogI mainly read contemporary fiction with a little historical, mystery, psychology and YA thrown in. It's rare I accept YA requests as I need to be in the right mood, and the same with chick-lit but will read requests.Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/11/15
Mary FanZigzag TimelineI only review books I think I'll enjoy (ones whose blurbs and preview pages draw me in), so if I respond to a review request, it's because I already like what I see 🙂AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Facebook2012/10/24
Don GrantGut Reaction ReviewsI review all genres except romanceMy Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2014/03/26
GaeleI am, IndeedI review everything BUT Horror or graphically violent novels. Review PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2012/10/24
Sadie ForsytheSadie S ForsythI'll consider just about anything, but short stories, self-help, contemporary romances, and religious fiction rarely grab my interest.PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/02/17
Tales of a LibrarianTales of a LibrarianI'll review anything that takes my fancy with the exception of erotica.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/06
Books to get lost inBookworm1102LGBTQIA+, EroticaReview PolicyBlog, Amazon(Germany), Goodreads, Librarything2015/08/03
Courtney DionThe Violent VixenLikes:

Paranormal anything (romance, horror, fantasy, whatever)
Psychological Thrillers
Almost anything except what's listed below...


Nonfiction (okay, I don't dislike nonfiction, I just don't review it)
Poetry (again, I don't dislike poetry, I just don't like to review it)
Anything with ridiculous amounts of violence just for the sake of violence
Ghost sex (sorry, Patrick Swayze 😉 )
Fairies as main characters
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/09/25
Ije KanuBella OnLineLiterary fiction, romance, fantasyAboutBlog, Amazon2015/06/23
Annette GisbyZipper RippersM/M Romance and erotica.
This blog is for Male/Male romance and erotica.

Most genres of M/M or erotica are accepted. Things NOT accepted are vampires, werewolves/shifters etc. M/M Romance and erotica.
This blog is for Male/Male romance and erotica.

Most genres of M/M or erotica are accepted. Things NOT accepted are vampires, werewolves/shifters etc.
Review/Promo OpsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/08/06
Sara WagesQue Sara Sera Book BlogMany – See review policyReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/09/25
PaigeElectively PaigeMost genres, see submission page for preferencesReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2015/06/23
Sandra LopezSandra's Book ClubMost genres, see submission page for preferencesSubmission Guidelines2014/06/25
Bela MontezLivin' la vida LatinaMust be about a Latina/o, written for a Latina/o, and by a Latina/o. See submission page for acceptable genres.Submissions Page2014/06/25
J. David CoreThe Lupa Schwartz Mystery BlogMystery, Science fiction (not fantasy). I am not particularly interested in the horror genre, but I could be persuaded to review a good zombie story. Vampires of the non-sparkly variety might also warrant a review.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/07/22
Geraldine Helen HartmanMy Real Life ReviewsMystery, self-help, wellness, haiku poetry, vegetarian cooking, cats, cozy mysteries. "I am a Top 500 Reviewer at and a Top 4000 reviewer at, in addition to posting reviews for a variety of products and book at my review blog.

I particularly welcome inquiries from indie authors as I am one too!

I do not read books with graphic or excessive violence or exploitation of people or animals, of any kind.

I don't like excessive profanity or gratuitous sexual content.

I am not interested in stories with homosexual themes."
Review RequestsBlog, Amazon2017/07/21
Catherine HsuEthereal PagesNo Erotica, Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Middle Grade, memoirs or biographies/autobiographies, Political books, Manga / Comics, Self-help books / “How To” Books, or Religious Fiction please!Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing2016/09/25
A. G. MooreRhythm Prism Book Reviewnonfiction (history, biography, science for the lay reader); Educational Material; Art; Poetry. “No Profanity, erotica, or graphic violence please. I'm not really into light reading.”Indie Book ReviewsBlog, Amazon2016/05/06
MoMo's Book ReviewsOnly reviews YA No erotica or adult themed books.Submission FormBlog, Facebook2016/10/08
Iris HunterParanormal CravingsParanormal Cravings is a book review site that features paranormal and fantasy literature including, but not limited to: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, Sci-fi Romance, Alternative Romance, Paranormal Erotic Romance (18+). Please do not submit any novels that would not be classified as such. Any requests that do not fall into these categories will be ignored. I DON'T review: Horror, Sci-fi books without romance!Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2012/08/01
EspinolaETurn the PageParanormal, Chick LIt, YA, and others (see submission guidelines).Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/06
AnnaRead Between the LinesParanormal, Erotic/Erotica,Dystopian,Steampunk,Urban FantasyReview RequestBlog2014/05/04
Amie GaudetAmie's Book Review BlogPost-Apocalyptic and Dystopian fictionAboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/01/02
Christopher SchmitzInside the InkwellRefer to submission guidelines.Book Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/09/25
Anne GloverRegency ReaderRegency Romance, Historical RomanceReview SubmissionsBlog2012/10/24
Susan Gottfried and/or Jett OstraRock of PagesRock Fiction "At the Rock of Pages, we review Rock Fiction exclusively. We also review books that we think might be Rock Fiction from the description. Yes, there's a definition if you're unsure."Rock of PagesBlog2014/06/07
Helena KendrickLove Reading RomanceRomanceReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/06/07
JaneDear AuthorRomanceFor AuthorsBlog2011/01/24
Jennifer LaFon, Jennifer Harried, Shannon GirardBook Bitches BlogRomanceReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/04/25
Liz EllynLiz EllynRomanceContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/01/18
Mary Sue DiesMary Sue DiesRomance (No straight up erotica please, romance with erotic content is fine.)Submission GuidlinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
Izy FortressA Fortress of BooksRomance (see submission policy for more details)PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/12/18
Delaney DiamondRomance Novels in ColorRomance (specific requirements, read review policy.)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/08/25
Emma LynnThe Avid ReaderRomance in the following subgenres: paranormal, fantasy, western, dystopian, highlanderReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/05/12
Home Is Where the Wine Is Book BlogHome Is Where the Wine Is Book BlogRomance, Adult/YA/Paranormal RomanceReview RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads,2016/07/10
Danielle UrbanUrban Book ReviewsRomance, Cozy MysteryFree Book ReviewBlog, Amazon, Facebook2014/06/05
Reading Keeps Me SaneReading Keeps Me SaneRomance, Erotica, Dark Erotica, Comtemporary Romance,Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/12/18
Kendra AllenReads and TreatsRomance, Erotica, Mystery/Thriller, Chick-Lit, General Fiction. Anything but sci-fi, fantasy, western, and dystopian.Review Policy & ContactBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/12/26
Javeria MaheenBooksBlurbsAndByondRomance, Fantasy, DystopiaReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/07
Hines and Bigham's Literary TrystHines and Bigham's Literary TrystRomance, Fantasy, Erotica. (Love sweet and sexy vampires (not freaky and scary ones), werewolves, shifters. Mix those with an 18+ romance and we definitely want you to send it our way!)Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2013/11/16
ElJust LoveRomance, LGBTQIAReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2015/08/26
Renee GiraldyReading ReneeRomance, mystery, drama, erotic romance, suspenseRequest a ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2012/09/17
sarahseyebrowsAddicted2BooksRomance, mystery, nonfictionReview PoliciesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, Shelfari2015/12/13
Nadene ReynoldsTotally Addicted to ReadingRomance, Mystery, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy. Will not review books with LGBT themes.Request ReviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/12/26
A. CookSelf-Professed Book HoardersRomance, PNR, New Adult Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy and some Science FictionReview RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
Katie LewingtonkatiecreativewriterblogRomance, poetry, eroticaRequest a book reviewBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, Facebook2016/05/07
Meghana SarathyLove Connection HavenRomance, Psychological ThrillersBook Review and RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/09/25
Shrimalya SrinivasanFire and Ice Book ReviewsRomance, Urban and Parnormal FantasyReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/09/25
LillyLilly's Book WorldRomance, YAReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook2016/05/06
EstherDedicated ReadersRomance. “Anything goes as long as it is a good romance!!!”Request a reviewBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2016/05/06
Jackie HorneRomance Novels for FeministsRomance. “RNFF welcomes submissions from all subgenres of romance, including contemporary, historical, fantasy of all stripes, science fiction, young adult, new adult, and erotica”RNFF Submission GuidelinesBlog, Goodreads2015/09/28
Stephanie PhillipsStephanie's Book ReportsRomance. “We have a large review team. All requests are submitted to the team to see who is able to review then the author is notified.”Review RequestsBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook 2015/05/21
Amy RogersScience ThrillersScience and medical thrillersEmailBlog2011/02/20
Faith JonesHaving Faith Book BlogScience Fiction(See About Me section on right side)Blog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/02/10
Tori DennisIn Tori LexScience fiction, Dystopian/ Post Apocalyptic. “I do not review erotica.”Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2015/12/13
Jessica NottinghamHopelessly Devoted BibliophileScience fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

I'm a very eclectic reader and will give anything a shot, although I don't usually accept non-fiction books.
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari2012/04/04
Elena LinvilleElena Linville's Tower of WindsScience Fiction, fantasy, horror, prarnormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.

I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice."Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, prarnormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.

I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice."Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, prarnormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.

I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice."Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, prarnormal. "I don't review erotica or books with excessive and gratuitous violence. I'm also not a big fan of graffic depiction of sexual assault or other physical abuse.

I can review an occasional romance, but it's more of an exception to the rule than a consistent reading choice."
Submission GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Facebook2015/01/02
Mellissa GreenA Blue Green UniverseScience fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, suspense, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, Young adult Young adult cross-overs crime thrillerreligious fiction Amish fiction. “I love series and complete box sets of them. I especially love eic fantasy. I also love shifters especially werewolves. I also love dragons and elemental magic.”Book Review PolicyBlog2016/12/26
J C SteelBy Rite of Word ReviewsScience Fiction, Fantasy, ThrillerReviews FAQBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/09/25
Scifi and ScaryScifi and ScaryScience Fiction, Horror. “I will also review:
– Mystery/Thriller (preferably medical)
– Paranormal Romance (No sparklies, no teenagers. Think more Black Dagger Brotherhood style.)
– Children’s chapter books (I have a six year old!)”
Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/09/28
Mandy ParmenterMP Book ReviewsScience Fiction, Paranormal. “I love books with Vampires, Weres, Magic, Dystopian Worlds and Fantasy. I also like reading books with Seals, Billionaires and Aliens.”Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/12/26
The Future Fire ReviewsThe Future Fire ReviewsScience Fiction, Speculative Fiction
"We have a particular interest in feminist, queer, social issues, multicultural works, etc. "Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
"We have a particular interest in feminist, queer, social issues, multicultural works, etc. "Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
"We have a particular interest in feminist, queer, social issues, multicultural works, etc. "
Review PoliciesBlog2012/09/17
Sunday S. SmithA Book a Day ReviewsScience Fiction, Suspense, mysteries, Ya, Light romance, Time Travel. "Light romance - think Phyllis Whitney not Nora Roberts. I will read some fantasy as I loved Lord of the Rings but not a huge fan. I do paranormal but not horror.
Won't do Erotic of any sort - don't even ask - or any speciality books (cooking, art. sewing, birdwatching).
Some non fiction, biographies, political (prefer libertarian bent), memoirs, humor, and almost anything not listed on my will not read list."Science Fiction, Suspense, mysteries, Ya, Light romance, Time Travel. "Light romance - think Phyllis Whitney not Nora Roberts. I will read some fantasy as I loved Lord of the Rings but not a huge fan. I do paranormal but not horror.
Won't do Erotic of any sort - don't even ask - or any speciality books (cooking, art. sewing, birdwatching).
Some non fiction, biographies, political (prefer libertarian bent), memoirs, humor, and almost anything not listed on my will not read list."Science Fiction, Suspense, mysteries, Ya, Light romance, Time Travel. "Light romance - think Phyllis Whitney not Nora Roberts. I will read some fantasy as I loved Lord of the Rings but not a huge fan. I do paranormal but not horror.
Won't do Erotic of any sort - don't even ask - or any speciality books (cooking, art. sewing, birdwatching).
Some non fiction, biographies, political (prefer libertarian bent), memoirs, humor, and almost anything not listed on my will not read list."
Sunday's Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2013/09/20
Tim DamsTim Dam's book ReviewsScience fiction. “Anything "nerdy" 🙂 I'm fulltime teacher and dad so my reviews-per-month ain't very large. I take my time so don't contact me if you urgently need a review.”AboutBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/09/05
AntScience Fiction and Fantasy Book ReviewsSciFi & FantasyEmailBlog2011/08/07
M Oh Just BooksSee list on review submission pageReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/04/11
Christina MorganTwisted Road BooksSee review policy.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/04/11
Erika MErika WinterliaSee review policy.GuidelinesBlog,Amazon, Goodreads2015/09/05
Jasmine BJazzy Book ReviewsSee review policy.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/02/10
JessiThe Book CoveSee review policy.Review and Promotion PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2014/03/11
Kellyn RothReveries ReviewsSee review policy.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/05/13
Stephanie LAdventures Thru WonderlandSee review policy.Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Librarything, Facebook2016/07/10
LisaLisa Writes and ReadsSee submission guidelinesReview Policy/RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2016/12/26
Tabitha DarlingAuthor Tabitha DarlingSee submission guidelines for listHey Authors!Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook2017/04/11
Dr AkuaDr. Akua's Book ReviewsSpecializes in non-fiction self-help books in many areas. See the review policy on the site for an extensive list.Dr. Akua's Book ReviewsBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2016/07/10
The Kindle Book ReviewThe Kindle Book ReviewWe have dozens of volunteer reviewers who simply LOVE to read. We review all genres except erotica.Book ReviewsWe post our reviews on Amazon ONLY, although our reviewers are free to post their reviews anywhere upon the author's request.2013/08/27
Denise RaphaelEmpty MirrorWe review mostly nonfiction books (occasionally literary fiction and poetry) which relate to the arts. Music, art, literature, film, biography, memoir, and criticism are all accepted. Ebooks are accepted, though we do prefer printed books.Review PolicySee review policy.2013/03/22
Sarah RomanoBookroom ReviewsWe specialize in Children's books and indie authors. Very family friendly.Product Reviews and Giveaways PoliciesBlog, Facebook2014/02/17
Jade DiamondDrink Coffee and Read BooksYAReview PolicyBlog, Goodreads2017/02/10
Daccari BuchelliFantasy Books 411YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller/Horror, Paranormal. "I'm open to reviewing erotica IF it is written tastefully. I do not review books with a large amount of obscene language or sexual abuse of any kind."Review PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2017/05/12
Diamante LavendarDiamante LavendarYA, YA, women's fiction, christian, science fiction, children's , self help, poetry. “I don't review horror, erotica, most nonfiction or comic books.”Book Review RequestBlog, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook.2015/12/13
Cassidy WangQuartz FeatherYA/Middle SchoolReview PolicyBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2015/06/02
Rebecca MarkusNevermind the FurthermoreYoung Adult, LGBT, Children's, History, Biography. “I prefer to read books that aren't heavy or depressing. My favorite books have happy endings. I don't read erotica or books heavy on sex-scenes. I'm not a prude, I'm just not interested.”Review GuidelinesBlog, Amazon, Goodreads2016/01/18
KaylKayl's Krazy ObsessionYoung Adult, New Adult. No erotica or anime.Review PolicyBlog, Goodreads, Facebook2015/11/21

13 responses to “Indie Books & Authors

  1. Simon- This is a nice site and it is really great of you to be helping other writers. Look forward to keeping track of it.

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  6. Stanislav from Slovakia

    There is at least one book there that is available for download for free.
    Have you considered marking books that are free of charge, or perhaps indicating price (beware of $2 surcharge for international customers on Amazon). I know for sure that at least a few of those books have price below the “impulsive buy threshold”.
    Also, some of those books are available on other places besides Amazon. This might be interesting for people that do not have Kindle or for people that live outside USA. In my country, for example, Amazon adds $2 surcharge for “wireless delivery and VAT”, even for people that have Wifi only Kindle or even for those that use the Kindle application. For some books this doubles the price.

    • Yes all good points. I need to overhaul this page and make it more useful for readers, authors and reviewers. The $2 surcharge from Amazon is a nice money spinner for them, remind me of when hotels used to charge crazy amounts for local calls from the hotel phone…

      • Stanislav from Slovakia

        While you are overhauling …
        Some people consider info whether the book is DRM protected very important.
        If you do not have Kindle, but have other reading device you can purchase book using Kindle application for PC and convert it to any other reader, such as Barnes and Noble Nook, or Kobo or Sony Reader, or PocketBook or one of many others.

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  8. Thanks for your efforts, Simon. I like the idea of links to reviews and author interviews. I’ll be checking in daily.

  9. Have not been able to locate how to contact Allizabeth Collins about a book review. Can you help with her email address or another way to contact her?

    • John, her email address is on the contact page that is linked. (Look down the page, almost to the bottom, where she provides two email addresses.)

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