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Adarna SF A Speculative Fiction Review Blog“I ask myself, “Do I want to live in this universe for the next 8 hours of my leisure time?” Books with uninformative blurbs and samples boggle me. I’ve seen samples with nothing but maps of some fantasy world I don’t care about (yet). I don’t find the lack of information intriguing—I find it frustrating.”

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IndieView Ian Woodhead, author of, Shades of Green

Cover for Shades of Green by Ian Woodhead

“As for influences, I think James Herbert and Steve Harris are the main ones but I’m sure that works of Stephen king, Guy N Smith, Philip K Dick and Clive Barker will have helped shape my subconscious writing too. Saying that, I think that now I’m reaching a point where I can see my own style emerging. A few reviewers have commented upon this, I find that a little odd, as I didn’t really think I had a style.” Ian Woodhead 14January 2011 Continue reading