Step Up or Shut Up

Here’s what Mark Coker wrote,

  • “From the time an author enrolls their book in the program, they cannot distribute or sell their book anywhere else. Not the Apple iBookstore, not Barnes & Noble, not Smashwords, not Kobo, not Sony, not even the author’s own personal blog or web site. The book must be 100% exclusive to Amazon.
  • If the author violates Amazon’s exclusivity terms at any point during the three-month enrollment period, or if the author unpublishes their book to remove it from the program so they can distribute the book elsewhere, the author risks forfeited earnings, delayed payments, a lien on future earnings, or could face termination of their Kindle Direct Publishing account.
  • The author’s enrollment, and thus their liability to Amazon, automatically renews every three months if they fail to opt out in time.

Let’s examine the broader implications of this new program, not only for authors but for the nascent ebook industry as well.”

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