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IndieView with Victor Catano, author of Tail and Trouble

Tail and Trouble HiRes

My favorite times writing are when I’m in Orlando. My wife works at Universal Studios for part of the year, and I get into a rhythm when I’m down there with her. I drop her off at work, then I go to the nearby Einstein Bagels and abuse their bottomless cup of coffee while I write a chapter or two. Then I go back to Universal and ride the Hulk coaster and hopefully rattle some new ideas loose. 

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IndieView with Robert Eggleton, author of Rarity from the Hollow


It feels like I’ve been writing Rarity from the Hollow all my life. I’m sixty-five, so that’s a long time.

Robert Eggleton – 20 June 2016

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Indieview with Nicole DelaCroix, author of Sexual Confessional

Sexual Confessional Confidential Admissions From Social Media

5. I subscribe to a theory of radical honesty, meaning that I do everything in my power to not tell a lie. I do however, refuse to tell anyone my correct age, and I never will.

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IndieView with Alessandra Harris, author of Blaming the Wind

Blaming the Wind - HiRes

Even with my sparse outline, the story always ends up with a different outcome than I had planned. 

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Reviewer IndieView with Liz Ellyn

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While it is fun when a book sucks you into the story in the first page, I don’t ever define my opinion based on such criteria. I realize that sometimes it isn’t until the second half of the book that I fall in love with a story. 

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IndieView with Brady Koch, author of Guns, Gods & Robots


I like my stories to go unexpected places and I need readers to be willing to go with me. I promise that any left turn will not be simply for the sake of a shock or surprise, but will wholly serve the story and perhaps give the reader a reason to re-read from a wholly different context.

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Reviewer IndieView with Susan Berry of Read Susan Berry

Read Susan Berry

Newspapers go digital, invest in blogs, and other ways to attract and keep readers. People will always read; it’s the process they use and their tastes (sometimes) that changes. 

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IndieView with Marv Volta, author of I Should Be Different

I Should Be Different

I’ll be in bed like “all those things I did are actually garbage, and they’ll multiply in my sleep if I don’t get up and correct them now.”

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IndieView with J.Q. Anderson, author of Intercepted

Intercepted Amazon

You can’t write or create for other people because then their approval becomes everything and that is exhausting. I would love to know that my stories made others laugh or cry and that they’ve enjoyed them, but I write what is inside of me.

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Reviewer IndieView with Diamante Lavendar

Books Books Books

It is seductive to a writer to pump the story out and have it received by the public. But it is extremely important to take the extra time to set the book aside and come back later to re-assess the manuscript before publication.

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