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IndieView with M. Maitland Deland, M.D., author of Nashville Mercy


As a doctor, I have seen a lot of good in the medical world, but I have also seen my fair share of the “bad.” There are doctors out there (not many, thank goodness!), that do have corrupt practices, or that cheat their patients. It’s really sad, and even though it doesn’t happen everyday, it happens more than it should.

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. – 5 July 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Justin Sloan, author of Back by Sunrise

Back by Sunrise

The idea came to me when my friend was deploying with the Marines to Iraq, and I couldn’t imagine the pain his daughter would feel if he never returned. 

Justin Sloan – 2 July 2015 Continue reading

Indieview with Pam Ferderbar, author of Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale

Feng shui and Charlotte Nightingale

I just love Charlotte. Even when she’s not feeling good about herself, there is something charming and strong under the surface. She’s the kind of person I’d have as a friend

Pam Ferderbar – 28 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Margarita Felices, author of Ordinary Wins


I don’t want to be known as a one story author, meaning that I only write one genre. I want to write so many more stories of different topics and adventures, I have so many ideas right now and I intend to get them done. 

Margarita Felices – 25 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with John L. DeBoer, author of Skeleton Run

Skeleton-Run-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


I’m a political junkie, and the recent Supreme Court decisions allowing almost unlimited money to finance campaigns got the idea going for me.

John DeBoer – 21 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with William V.M. McAllister III, author of Malee: A Tear in the Ocean



There are three sources an author draws from: 1) What you have experienced; 2) What you have observed; 3) What you imagine. I drew from all three.

William V.M. McAllister III – 18 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Bruce Fottler, author of The Initiative: In Harm’s Way


The book was started in the mid-1990’s, well before I had aspirations of being published. I wrote the first few chapters and soon stopped. My marriage, career, children, and life in general drove this (and other stories) into hard-drive limbo.

Bruce Fottler – 14 June, 2015 Continue reading

BookView with Marie Lavender, author of Second Nature

SecondNature-final cover


I always wanted to write about vampires, and fate kind of handed it to me when I resurrected a story scene from one of my writing archives.

Marie Lavender – 11 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with P. Wish, author of My Life in 3 Colours

My Life in 3 Colours

Though it is a picture book, I wrote it with young adults in mind. Since the book focuses on appreciating your unique personality, I think it would make a good read for anyone.

P Wish – 7 June 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Smoky Zeidel, author of The Storyteller’s Bracelet

Storytellers Braclet

My book deals with a horrifying time in American history, a time most people know little about because they don’t teach it in history classes in school. Yet, it is a story of hope in the face of adversity. My target audience is readers who don’t mind squirming a bit while they read, who want to learn about the injustices our government forced on native peoples.

Smoky Zeidel – 4 June 2015 Continue reading