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Allirea’s Realm, coffee and conversation with BigAl

Allirea's Realm

We setup camp in the back galley, passed around the jars of olives, mixed our own drinks, and generally made a party of it. People in coach avoided using the restrooms. But we had a heck of a party.

BigAl – 9 December 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer N.M. Sotzek of On Writing

Nichole Moser

If I ask for a specific format to read and you’ve sent me a different one, I’m not going to lie, I will immediately reject you. Reviewers have a policy for a reason, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a review if you respect that.

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Indieview with Reviewer Malka Ahmed of Contemporary Books

Contemporary Books


I honestly don’t understand why there is still such a stigma against writers who have decided to ditch the traditional route and self-publish. Those authors shouldn’t be scorned, they are being brave and should be lauded. 

Malka Ahmed – 1 November 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Tony Riches of The Writing Desk

The Writing Desk


It’s great when I review a book I would never have normally chosen – and discover a whole new genre to add to my portfolio.

Tony Riches – 23 September 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Bee of Let Books Bee

Books Bee



Reading for me is really just an escape from my own life. Being able to lose myself in a good novel for a few hours really helps me get through my days. 

Bee – 2 September 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Kim Dyer of Arkham Reviews



At the end of the day, a reviewer is just another reader and no two readers are alike. 

Kim Dyer – 8 August 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with The Audiobook Reviewer



I read a lot of reviews and based on the reviewers reviews of titles I have liked I may pick up an unknown just because they liked it and I probably would too.

Paul – 19 August 2014 Continue reading

Indieview with reviewer Steve Liddick

Books Books Books


Now that anyone can publish anything there are far too many bad books out there. That has put prospective readers off. Readers invest their time and money carefully. If they are disappointed too often they won’t come back.

Steve Liddick – 22 July 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Martyn Coppack of Kafka’s Cage


The beauty of reading is that we all see different things in the story so to try and encompass everything would be a waste of time.

Martyn Coppack – 01 July 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Anna Marie of Reading Between the Lines



Reading is something I have done all my life. Even growing up you could and would find me with a book in my hand.

Anna Marie – 3 June 2014 Continue reading