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Reviewer IndieView with Heena Rathore P. of The Reading Bud



Reading enables a person to visit a thousand places without leaving the comfort of home, live a thousand lives without missing out on the real one and relieves and relaxes one’s mind and soul completely.

Heena Rathore P. – 2 June 2015 Continue reading

Reviewer IndieView with Anela of Amid the Imaginary

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At last, democracy has reached the world of publishing! Yes, there are works that were published too soon and lack quality writing, revision or editing. But that issue will show itself in sales. Readers are the new agents of industry and the world is a better place for it.

Anela – 3 May 2015 Continue reading

Reviewer IndieView with Erin Henrikson of The Reader’s Hollow

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If a book doesn’t snag Joe-Schmo right away he’ll put it back on the shelf and never buy it.

Erin Henrikson – 24 March 2015 Continue reading

Reviewer IndieView with Adrean Messmer of Splatterhouse 5

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You can try to defend your story, but you can’t sit next to all of your readers and explain it to them.
Writing is hard. Getting reviewed is hard. It’s all part of the job.

Adrean Messmer – 20 March 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer No Labels Unleashed of The Review Board


Reading can serve as a welcome escape to any level of chaos taking place in the external surroundings. I love escaping to different worlds and learning new things along the way. 

No Labels Unleashed – 20 January 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Alexandra Unwin of The Bibliophile Princess


I think there is a new found respect for independent work. Personally I don’t mind independent or self published authors. I feel like when I read their books I’m discovering a hidden gem.

Alexandra Unwin – 13 January 2015 Continue reading

Indieview with Chase Blackwood, author of Tears of a Heart

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I would imagine it would be quite challenging to write a completely fictitious character without borrowing to some extent from people one has known.

Chase Blackwood – 21 December 2014 Continue reading

Allirea’s Realm, coffee and conversation with BigAl

Allirea's Realm

We setup camp in the back galley, passed around the jars of olives, mixed our own drinks, and generally made a party of it. People in coach avoided using the restrooms. But we had a heck of a party.

BigAl – 9 December 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer N.M. Sotzek of On Writing

Nichole Moser

If I ask for a specific format to read and you’ve sent me a different one, I’m not going to lie, I will immediately reject you. Reviewers have a policy for a reason, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a review if you respect that.

N.M. Sotzek Continue reading

Indieview with Reviewer Malka Ahmed of Contemporary Books

Contemporary Books


I honestly don’t understand why there is still such a stigma against writers who have decided to ditch the traditional route and self-publish. Those authors shouldn’t be scorned, they are being brave and should be lauded. 

Malka Ahmed – 1 November 2014 Continue reading