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IndieView with reviewer Don Grant of Gut Reaction Reviews

Gut Reaction


I will review what I want to review. While I read ebooks, I do prefer printed
books. I read both fiction and non-fiction. In fiction, I read most genres with the
exception of romance novels. If I read a book, I am blunt in my review as to
how that book resonates with me. If it is good I will say so, and if it is crap I will
say that, and it doesn’t matter how famous an author may be.
Don Grant, April 8, 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Mati Raine of Steampunk Sparrow’s Book Blog



I think people are understanding not all Indie’s are created equal. Self-published isn’t always bad, but quality is still the main thing I hear readers crying for. Whether it’s traditional or Indie, readers want clean, error-free books. 

Mati Raine – 18 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Amanda from Cozy Tea Corner reviews



 I try my best not to completely trash a book, because I know it’s a hard process, but they are seeking me out for my honest opinion, not just an advocacy piece.

Amanda – 11 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Ken Doyle, author of Bombay Bhel



The book is targeted at a niche market (international fiction) within a niche market (short stories), so finding a traditional publisher—especially for a debut book—was going to be pretty much impossible.

Ken Doyle – 6 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Melissa Bowersock, author of Burning Through

Burning Through iv


I write the stories that grab me and just know that there will be readers out there who will like them as well as I do. Ages ago I tried writing “commercially,” i.e. writing for the market, and it ended up being terribly uninspired; I threw it all away and never worked that way again.

Melissa Bowersock – 2 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Morgan Bell, author of Sniggerless Boundulations

Sniggerless Boundulations


. I am an extremely picky reader, and I don’t like filler. If you can say what you want to say in 500 words why write more?

Morgan Bell – 27 February 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with reviewers Shen and Michael of The Review Hart

About Reviewing

How did you get started?

Michael and I have both been avid readers since we were little kids. Michael is a professional editor and deals with a lot of indie authors, and I have been in the indie scene as a marketer and editor for years. We both saw how much reviews mean to authors and readers, so it seemed logical to go from being avid readers to reviewers. Continue reading

IndieView with reviewer Richard Peters of Military and Veterans Fiction: Sound Off!

profile pic_ Peters


Most authors expend far more writing and polishing effort on the first chapter than the last. Remember, the first 5 pages convince a reader to buy your book, but the last 5 convince them to buy the next one!

Richard Peters – 28 January 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Pam of Pam’s Nook

Pam's Nook


It is a joy to see parents and grandparents in the children’s section of a bookshop purchasing books for the young. It is an even greater delight to see children themselves selecting books for themselves.

Pam – 12 December 2013 Continue reading

IndieView with Ellen Plotkin Mulholland, author of Birds on a Wire

BOW Cover only


Fall in love with your characters. Find compassion for the evil, nasty ones. They, too, have a mother.

Ellen Plotkin Mulholland – 28 November 2013 Continue reading