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IndieView with Bob Marsocci, author of You Exhaust Me – A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage

While I am wholly unqualified to give professional marital advice, I honestly believe my book can help guys once they enter a whole new world after saying “I do.”

Bob Marsocci – 1 July 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Aurora Thornton, author of Wildflowers, Part I: Allaha of the Mountain

I have to say Tamora Pierce is probably one of my biggest inspirations for being one of the earliest – I sometimes see people complaining about there not being enough high fantasy novels with female protagonists, and hers is still the first name I bring up. 

Aurora Thornton – 29 June 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Danica Davidson, author of Escape from the Overworld

The most important thing is the writing, whether you self-publish, go with an independent publisher or go with a large one. Write down whatever you want to say first and foremost, because it’s your voice.

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IndieView with Eva Vernae, author of If Her Walls Could Talk

I am always looking for opportunities to grow and develop entertaining novels for all.

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IndieView with Rosemary Hayward, author of Margaret Leaving

Characters can never be purely fictitious. They must necessarily be based on the author’s internal experience of her own thoughts and emotions and on her observation of other people. However, none of my characters mirror a person I know. Nobody I know has been “put in my book”.

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IndieView with Kelleen Silveira, author of Starved

I impulsively decided to self-publish all the books I had written until then on Amazon. It was shocking when the very next day they were getting purchased! People were reading them, I was getting feedback, people wanted to know what happened next! Having readers was hugely motivating to me and I haven’t looked back.  

Kelleen Silveira – 17 June 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Amber D. Tran, Author of Moon River

I always know the beginning and end of a story before I start writing it. Then I fill in the middle with some conflicts, rising action, falling action, and humor.

Amber D. Tran – 13 June 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with John Jack O’Brien, author of re: the wasps

It was only later when I heard back from an advanced reader with really positive feedback that I went back and looked at it again. I literally took it to a coffee shop and read my own book and thought – hey this is really good and I’m not going to let it not get read. That’s when I decided to self publish on Amazon. 

John Jack O’Brien – 10 June 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Dominic Adler, author of The Saint Jude Rules

It makes me chuckle when I see a writer who’s been toiling away for years lauded as an ‘overnight success’ when they get a best-seller. I know they’ve spent years of hard work getting to that point, just the same as people in the other creative industries.

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IndieView with J.D. Palmer, author of The Meek

And then I go and look him up and he wrote those books when he was 28. I think I had held onto this idea, at least in my subconscious, that authors were old. I don’t know why I thought that, but his books gave me the kick in the butt I deserved to finally sit down and get the story out.

J.D. Palmer – 3 June, 2017 Continue reading