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IndieView with Jay Nachlis, author of Never Trust a Grown Man with a Ponytail

I realized how much I love to write. Telling stories about moments that brought me such great joy brought emotions back, some of which had been suppressed for some time. I had a smile on my face every night I wrote.

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IndieView with M.T. Thomas, author of I’ll Rescue You

You really have to wear your heart on your sleeve when you write a novel and I am a shy person. The hardest part was knowing that people were going to be reading my work, seeing what plays out in my imagination, and I struggled with the fear that they were going to find my alien characters weird or find my fantasy story childish….They didn’t.

M.T. Thomas – 20 April 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Paul Fairbairn, author of Dark Places

The most interesting work I was coming across was all indie published, and I liked the idea of having complete control, both artistically, and in terms of the business aspects. Of course, at that stage, I had no idea how much work was involved!

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IndieView with Jo Linsdell, author of Gunpowder (KOSMOS Book 2)

I wanted to try something different, and had recently read a serial fiction. I got sold on the idea, and started brainstorming possible series of my own. I decided to write the series for my nine-year-old son.

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IndieView with JAKe Hatmacher, author of A Secret Lies Deep

I would go out to my deck, with or without drink in hand, and contemplate alternate scenarios. Sometimes a long hot shower would work magic, too.

JAKe Hatmacher – 13 April 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Evan Kail, author of Ubered: My Life As A Rideshare Driver

I wrote the first draft of Ubered entirely in my car between rides. While I was keeping my rideshare diary, as soon as something would happen, I would write it down the moment the passenger was out of the car.

Evan Kail – 11 April 2017 Continue reading

IndieView with Sarah K. Stephens, author of A Flash of Red

The initial idea came from preparatory reading I was doing for a new course on children’s development in an online world. I started reading research on the effects of pornography exposure on children and adolescents, which primarily indicates that children’s ideas of sexual behavior and relationships are negatively affected by the themes presented in porn. In a world where high-speed internet is so accessible, and where so many families do not use internet filters for their children’s devices, pornography exposure is incredibly common in even young children (keeping in mind that a big chunk of early porn exposure is unintentional as children search the Web).

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IndieView with Ben Jackson, co-author of The Day My Fart Followed Me to Hockey

The biggest problem we have with all our children’s books is words and space. We want the books to have a story, and be interesting, but you are always fighting the amount of words. You don’t want to end up with a novel, and you have to balance illustrations against words.

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BookView with Marie Lavender, author of Upon Your Love

I guess I learned to honor my book’s vision, to trust my writing instincts better. And I also found that no matter the length, the right publisher will accept the book. 

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IndieView with Stef Smulders, author of Living in Italy

I looked back on what had happened and thought it was worth writing a book about our hilarious and horrendous adventures.

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