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BookView with DV Berkom, author of The Body Market

Body Market

Things may have been harder this time around, but the flashes of insight I had while writing were amazing. I’ve learned to go with whatever comes up in my imagination, trusting my subconscious to know how to wrap things up in the end.

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IndieView with Nagendra Murti, author of Thar Express

Thar Express

I think the story has a plot with a “can’t wait to see what happens next” appeal that most age groups can appreciate. While I did find it hard to categorize my book, I believe it will be an enjoyable read for anyone who likes intrigue, adventure and travel.

Nagendra Murti – 22 February 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Brenda Vicars, author of Polarity in Motion

Polarity-in-Motion-Author Copy  50

When I worked with high school students who had been removed for disciplinary reasons, I always worried about what would happen if the student were innocent—if the system had failed and punished an innocent person.

Brenda Vicars – 19 February 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Suzanne Steinberg, author of The Endless Control of Madness

The Endless Control of Madness

I always assume when I am writing I am just writing down these common sense thoughts, or feelings. It isn’t until I have space that I realize how deeply engrossed I was in the emotional world of the book. I literally in some weird ways become the story, and one person’s hardships become doorways and tunnels into me expressing my own.

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IndieView with Sandra Hutchison, author of The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire


I was in an independent study with my favorite writing teacher, Fred Miller Robinson (at the time he was married to Marilynne Robinson, who hadn’t published her first book yet). I didn’t have the experience or the guts to handle the sexual aspects of it back then, though as I recall he tried to gently suggest that that it needed to go there.

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IndieView with Martin Roy Hill, author of Eden

Eden  Kindle Cover 100314

Oh, no. I can’t listen to music when I write. I’ll start singing and dancing, and never get any work done.

Martin Roy Hill – 8 February 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Paige Crutcher, author of The Odyssey of Falling


I lost friends when I was a teenager, and the loss never goes away. Loss is also a constant companion for every person on his or her life journey.

Paige Crutcher – 5 February 2015 Continue reading

Indieview with Kelly Stone Gamble, author of They Call Me Crazy


In order to write a book like this, a lot of people have suggested that I have to be a little crazy myself. I’m actually fairly normal. Well, sometimes.

Kelly Stone Gamble – 1 February 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Marta Tandori, author of Last Stop Klindenspiel

Last Stop Klindenspiel cover

Lebensborn children were conceived during the Second World War as part of a Nazi experiment to create a superior race. The children were fathered by high-ranking German officers and genetically-viable women of Scandinavian descent.

Marta Tandori – 25 January 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with John A. Heldt, author of The Mine


I know my books tend to do best with readers who favor clean romances and nostalgic views of the past, but I don’t write novels with any particular group in mind. I try to appeal to as many readers as possible by using timeless, universal themes and moving beyond the limits of genre.

John A. Heldt – 22 January 2015 Continue reading