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BookView with Elizabeth Corrigan, author of Raising Chaos



My characters are largely made up. I don’t know any immortal angels who embody virtues, after all. But there is one sort of exception to this. I created the character Siren as a kind of joke side character—me, if I were an angel.

Elizabeth Corrigan – 13 April 2014 Continue reading

BookView with Rebecca Forster, author of Keeping Counsel



Hopefully, any thriller reader will enjoy this book but I think fans of romance or women’s fiction will also find it intriguing.

Rebecca Forster –  10 April 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Tom Abrahams, author of Allegiance



Jump in.  Keep writing.  And never give up.  If the work is good it WILL find an audience.

Tom Abrahams – 3 April 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with M.H. Soars, author of The Prophecy of Arcadia

The Prophecy of Arcadia Cover SMALL


. I hear so many people say that they would love to write a book but then they list all the reasons why they can’t. I don’t buy that. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to accomplish it. 

M.H. Soars – 30 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Convergence

Convergence-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


By the time I decided to go all-in as author-publisher, I’d gotten some strong praise from Publisher’s Weekly, thanks to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, so, for me, this was a much stronger endorsement of authenticity as a writer than the long, long slog of finding an agent.

Michael Patrick Hicks – 27 March 2014 Continue reading

BookView with Jonathan Bennett & David Bennett, authors of The Teen Popularity Handbook


Yet, in spite of the huge need for teens to be popular and fit in, there is no book specifically devoted to teen popularity. We decided to do the research and create the tips to fill that need.

Jonathan and David Bennett – 23 March 2014 Continue reading

IndieView with Allen Houston, author of Nightfall Gardens



I enjoyed letting my imagination run wild and to push the boundaries of what is considered middle-school literature. I went about as dark as I could and the kids who have read my books haven’t batted an eye. 

Allen Houston –  20 March 2014 Continue reading

Bookview with Mary Fan, author of Synthetic Illusions

Synthetic Illusions - 800


Tip for new writers: never write a character who’s smarter than you.

Mary Fan – 16 March 2014 Continue reading

BookView with Stephen Kozeniewski, author of The Ghoul Archipelago

THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO cover - IndieView formatted


In a lot of ways I consider The Ghoul Archipelago a feminist book, or, at a minimum, an anti-patriarchal book.

Stephen Kozeniewski – 9 March 2014 Continue reading

#Free for your #Kindle, 2/24/2014

The author of each of these books has indicated their intent to schedule these books for a free day for the Kindle versions today on Amazon. Sometimes plans change or mistakes happen, so be sure to verify the price before hitting that “buy me” button.



Rockfall by Diane Winger

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Beasthood by A.Z. Green

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