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IndieView with Nick Hirst author of The Shape of Rain


I heard a story on the BBC while driving that sparked my imagination. Later, in California I saw a road sign that inspired me and gave me another idea and it all sort of gelled into one.

Nick Hirst – 27 August 2015 Continue reading

Indieview with Kimberley Gold, author of Dating Games

Dating Games - Greece


I watched the games involved in modern dating and how the search for Mr Right quite often went very wrong, and this gave me the idea for Dating Games. 

Kimberly Gold – 23 August 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Eric Henderson, author of Stranded in Sunshine



I started this crazy blog, The Frantic Flicker, where every week I’d take the title of a current movie and write an original short story with that title in a different genre that had nothing to do with the movie. 

Eric Henderson – 20 August, 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Bonny Capps, author of Deliverance for Amelia

Deliverance for Amelia


I believe as a writer, you give a little bit of yourself to any character that you write. So, there are definitely bits of me in each one.

Bonny Capps – 16 August 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Tom Conrad, author of That Semicolon Bitch had to Die

That_Semicolon_Bitch_Had_To_Die 391 by 625


I write hard and fast; I sometimes write fast whilst hard. But for all our sakes, I won’t describe my process any further.

Tom Conrad – 13 August 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Brian Bandell, author of Famous After Death

Famous After Death


I lock myself in a dark room (after the kids go to bed), pour a hot green tea, and blast music that fits the mood of the story. I’ll listen to the song until I can picture the scene and hear the characters in my head.

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IndieView with S.K. Kalsi, author of The Stove-Junker

Burned paper on white background with clipping path

I elaborated on the idea of what it means to lose someone and what hand you played in driving them away. It’s a powerful idea. But as Pablo Picasso once said, “An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought,” and I will add, by feeling. 

S. K. Kalsi – 8 August 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Lisa W. Tetting, author of The Mistreatment of Zora Langston

The Mistreatment of Zora Langston

For this particular book, I would like to target anyone who has suffered at the hand of an abuser and survived, or is trying to heal. I believe Zora can help with that.

Lisa W. Tetting – 2 August 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Jill Meniketti, author of Welcome to Groove House

WelcomeToGrooveHouse - JillMeniketti


As my guys returned to touring in 2003, seeing them up there, back on the big stages again playing arenas, the idea hit me to explore the twilight years of aging rock stars. Literally . . .

Jill Meniketti – 30 July 2015 Continue reading

IndieView with Michael J. Brooks, author of Exodus Conflict

Exodus Conflict


There is a little bit of me in Alex Mercer, but the characters are mainly fictitious. To me, it is much more fun to write about people you don’t know, including yourself, and people who don’t exist in reality.

Michael J. Brooks – 23 July 2015 Continue reading