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IndieView with Peter Wilkes, author of A Woman Called God

A Woman Called God

At 45 pages and less than 500 words, it’s literally a 5-minute read, but the questions it raises and the thoughts it leaves seem to be really quite extraordinary, at least according to the feedback I’ve been getting.

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IndieView with Tom Claver, author of Hider/Seeker

Hider Seekr

I like to read a book where the writer takes care of you. A good thriller is fairly obvious from the first sentence. It’s like getting into a sports car and being taken for a spin.

Tom Claver – 24 May 2015
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IndieView with Kalan Chapman Lloyd, author of Home Is Where Your Boots Are



Above anything, I’m a reader. And I cut my teeth on writers from the South. I love the descriptions of the zany characters and the sense of home. I wrote something I wanted to read.

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IndieView with Jon Ripslinger, author of The Weight of Guilt

Weight of Guilt


After reading the story, I thought “I can do that. I know about kids. My wife and I have six of them. I’m a high school teacher surrounded by kids every day. I can do that!” And so I did. But not without tons of failures and rejections. 

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IndieView with Jana Grissom, author of One Prince, Two Kingdoms

One Prince, Two Kingdoms ARC - Jana Grissom

I have a huge dream. I want to find a way to personally GIVE a copy of One Prince, Two Kingdoms to every teenager in foster care. Not only do I want to give it to them, but I want to sit down and spend time encouraging them to chase their dreams and use their choices to be powerful!

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IndieView with Cabrina Claire, author of Turn Me

Turn-Me-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


If you have a story inside you, write it down. What you do with it after that might take exploring a lot of options, but it’s worth it. Everyone’s different, just like every story is different. You owe yourself the privilege of finding out how best to share your story with the world.

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IndieView with Judi Moore, author of Is Death Really Necessary



So I write as much as I can of the bit where I don’t know enough, then find an expert to fill in the gaps. If you start with the expert (I have discovered) you end up with far too much information and (as you are NOT an expert) it can be hard to know what to cut out. 

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IndieView with Katrina Monroe, author of Sacrificial Lamb Cake

Sacrificial-Lamb-Cake-E-Book-Cover-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


Christopher Moore was the first author I read who really made me want to be a writer. He mixes humor and feeling in a way that tells a truly entertaining story and I strive to do something similar. 

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IndieView with Anne Louise O’Connell, author of Deep Deceit

Deep Deceit Book Cover 300-1 w review


The close friendship that evolved between the two main, female characters was easy to write because I’ve had similar experiences as an expat when a new friend takes you under her wing.

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IndieView with Tahlia Newland, author of Words within Worlds

Worlds within Worlds


As with all my books, scenes just began appearing in my mind, so I wrote them down. After a while, I saw that these apparently diverse scenes did actually belong to one story. 

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