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Allirea’s Realm, Coffee and Conversation with Jason Gurley

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I am very happy that Jason agreed to subject himself to this interview.  We grabbed our favorite beverages and discussed any and everything.  

 Jason Gurley is the bestselling author of Greatfall, among other novels and short stories. By day he’s a designer, and by night he writes and designs book covers. He lives with his family in Oregon, where he is currently writing a novel about a girl named Eleanor. He loves meeting readers, and often gives them free books via his newsletter:  Continue reading

Allirea’s Realm, Coffee and Conversation with S.L. Baum

Allirea's Realm

I am either getting really good at guilting authors into doing an interview with me, or they just feel sorry for me!  Anyway, up next is S. L. Baum.  Over a cup of coffee (well, I had coffee, you will find out in the interview about Sharon’s beverage of choice) we discussed anything and everything. Continue reading

Allirea’s Realm, Coffee and Conversation with Donna Fasano

Allirea's Realm


After my first interview, I was sure no other author would agree to do an interview, but after much begging and pleading, Donna decided to shut me up and just do it!  Over a cup of coffee, we discussed anything that popped into my head (that was G-rated). Continue reading

Allirea’s Realm, Coffee and Conversation with Imogen Rose

Allirea's Realm


In my continuing effort to suck as many friends as I can into “volunteering” for a role on one of my websites, we’ve got our first installment of what I hope will be a continuing series, with my friend Allirea sitting down over a cup of virtual java (possibly something stronger) and interrogating some of the indie authors she’s read and enjoyed. Here she takes aim at Imogen Rose, asking about her books with an emphasis on Rose’s most recent release, Uprising. Continue reading