Welcome to the IndieView

Welcome to the new site. Most of the things here are the same as the previous site, except added more functionality (and more on the way) for indie authors and readers.

For readers there will soon be a new section for Advanced Reader Copies (ARC’s) called ARC Angels. The idea behind that is you will sign up for genres you like and authors seeking early reviewers can send you their book.

More interviews, authors, reviewers (17 new reviewers in the queue) will be added over the coming days. Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Welcome to the IndieView

  1. Stanislav from Slovakia

    Great domain name to your new old site Simon.

    I am looking forward to the new ARC section.

    By the way, while we are talking about ARCs, how is your new novel coming?

    • Thanks Stano 🙂

      Currently building ARC section, hopefully ready within a week or so; and hopefully authors will take advantage of it. I know I did when I needed those first reviews for Tag. The new novel has been somewhat delayed with this site move, day job, and the floods that Bangkok, indeed Thailand has been dealing with. My house is situated next to a major canal which right now is filled to the brim. At any time residents angry with being flooded could destroy the watergates moderating the flow of water in the canal and therefore the height of the water in the canal. Having said all that I think the new novel is better that the last and is shaping up nicely. Still a ways to go though and I doubt I’ll hit my December 5th deadline but such is life.

      Stay dry my friend – I could use a kayak right now…