Free Book Promotion for Quality Indie eBooks

This site is designed for three “types” of visitor. Readers, Reviewers and Authors. Hopefully, by creating a synergistic environment the site will grow.

The different types of promotion available:

Book Birthday

A post for the book on the day it goes out and then a permalink to the listing on the Book Birthday page.

Indie Book and Author Page

A listing by Title, Genre, Author, etc that includes your book cover, website and where to buy the book.


In depth interview with the author, covering the book they want to promote, writing methods and their ideas about Indie publishing.

All of the above are tweeted, put on Facebook, stumbled and promoted through various forums.

Some Statistics

Since it’s launch 21 October 2010, this site has generated over 25,000 page views from 61 countries, 40% from the USA.

As of now (23 January 2011) the site is getting between 65 and 80 unique visitors a day, average time on site 4 minutes increasing with new unique visitors 30% per week.

And it’s free. Just be sure to follow directions so that I don’t have to waste my time.



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  2. Free and it’s appreciated. Take care!

  3. Much appreciated. Thanks, Simon.

  4. Simon,

    Registered, but no email containing a password has arrived. What to do?


  5. Al,

    That’s it, exactly. I have four historical novels finished in a series.